Seasonal Flavored Coffees

Apple Cobbler – What big holiday dinner is complete without a home-style cobbler? There’s something about seeing the cobbler sitting on the table, atop a crisp red and white tablecloth, that brings back fond memories of family gatherings past. Our favorite recipe calls for a filling of fresh apple slices topped off with a flaky pastry sprinkled with cinnamon.

Bourbon Pecan Pie – This familiar blend of flavors will warm your home during the holidays. The bourbon notes bind with warm pecans and create a wonderful match. Serve this alongside some holiday cookies, and the rich oak flavors will resonate throughout your home for hours.

Chocolate Cherry Kiss – Chocolate covered cherries are a classic candy recipe usually reserved for special occasions; to be given to your special someone.  While the candy version is a tad messy, you can enjoy our version without the sticky mess!  Starting with our 100% Arabica beans, we then blend flavors of sweet, juicy cherries and creamy candy then surround it with sweet milk chocolate.  Chocolate and coffee go together naturally so well, and the added sweetness and fruit from the cherries makes for a delectable treat.  You can share this with your love, or enjoy it all by yourself.

Chocolate Peppermint – Remember the old candy commercials? When you take one sip of this flavored coffee it’s like…experiencing the sensation of biting into a peppermint paddy, with our own personal twist: Great specialty coffee! Bold dark chocolate coats refreshing, glacial mint nuances, creating a cup so hot, it’s cool!

Cozy Fire – Sitting by the fire in mid-winter is a great way to cope with the outside elements.  Wanting to create this experience in a cup, we blended bourbon flavoring, some traditional southern pecans and a touch of cinnamon with our 100% Arabica coffee.  The warmth resonating from this coffee selection is substantial enough to cause you to pause, sip and linger a bit longer.  Perfectly matched with the coldest months of the year, this flavored coffee selection that will keep you toasty and full of energy for the long, cold nights.

* Gingerbread Spice – The spicy-sweet confections of Eastern Europe inspired this coffee. We’ve captured the scent and flavor of warm loaves of gingerbread fresh from the oven and complemented it with our own blend of cinnamon and hazelnut for a uniquely snappy taste!

Lucky’s Pot of Gold - Traditional Irish Crème liquor is blended with subtle notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts to create this prefect treasure.  When combined with our 100% Arabica coffee, this flavor creation produces a creamy, sweet body balanced with hints of the Irish throughout the experience.  Discover this treasure today, and enjoy its balanced flavor.

Pumpkin Cheesecake – This flavor brings out the best of two delicious holiday desserts. Pumpkin pie spices mix with fresh cheesecake in a rich and savory brew. This flavored treat will bring joy to your home throughout the season, and you can drink as much as you want without the guilt of traditional cheesecake.

Pumpkin Hazelnut – Pumpkin Hazelnut is a perfect combination of pumpkin spice and hazelnut flavors. If you are looking to expand your flavored coffee offering for the fall season, this is great to keep in mind. The blend serves as the perfect transitional offering, and the wonderful autumn character will warm the hearts of your customers.

* Pumpkin Spice – This coffee is an aromatic blend of autumn favorites, including the taste of newly harvested pumpkin accented by a mélange of spices like nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and more. It’s sure to warm you up and get you in the spirit of the fall! It also makes for a great gift when given to your nearest and dearest. Forget the bottle of wine; bring a pound of coffee to your fall dinner party!

Red Velvet Cake – The classic staple in any Southern gathering is the Red Velvet Cake.  Although not originally created in the South, it has made its way into Southern folklore.  We wanted to add the inspiration behind this recipe to our 100% Arabica coffee, thus giving our customers another way to enjoy this sweet indulgence.  We blended creamy cocoa with hints of tangy cream cheese notes to produce this well rounded, and true to form flavor.  Enjoy it anytime of the year, and find out why this treat is as popular as ever.

Spring Fever – Seasonal changes are always exciting, especially when we move into warmer temperatures!  Celebrating the beauty of Spring with its sweet aromas and hopes of new life, we created this flavored coffee selection.  By adding bright blueberry and cherry notes to our 100% Arabica coffee, you can enjoy the flavors that are possible with the new season.

Sugar Cookie – Sugar cookies have been a longtime holiday favorite. Their simple, buttery goodness is hard to improve on, but we think our addition of macadamia nuts really sets our recipe apart. That classic cookie taste in our own specialty coffee is our gift to you!

Toasted Macaroon – A macaroon is a cookie made with a paste of ground almonds. Our macaroon recipe comes to coffee with a lightly toasted sweetness, cream notes and just a hint of cinnamon. It’s an excellent choice for breakfast or for dunking macaroons!

Winter Wonderland – In celebration of the holiday season, we’ve put four outstanding flavors together in an enticing medley: a winter wonderland of hazelnut and caramel blanketed by a powdery snow of vanilla and coconut. It’s guaranteed to keep the cold away and warm your spirit with holiday cheer!

Yule Nog – Egg Nog has been a holiday tradition for centuries with old family recipes handed down through the generations, so each family’s tradition has its own distinctive flair.  With our Yule Nog, we start with the classic creamy egg nog and add a cinnamon and nutmeg flavor spike. Combined with a slightly sweet finish, this coffee is sure to delight your family and guests this holiday season.

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