Your New Blender Could Be Free!

Smoothie season is on the horizon, and there is a wide variety of new products. The current trend indicates that customers are looking for more healthy versions of the products they already buy. Tofu smoothies aren’t in style just yet, but low-fat and all-natural products are thriving. Jet has recently introduced a Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothie program and Torani has produced their brand new Real Fruit Smoothies. Manufacturers are becoming more adept at maximizing nutrition without sacrificing taste, and the result is an increase in sales. This sales jump can be very profitable, but many cafes are already maxing out their blenders. Smoothies often play second fiddle to coffee in the café, but that doesn’t mean that your old blender can’t have an upgrade.

Stockton Graham & Co. and smoothie vendors have partnered with equipment companies in order to bring you a complete listing of blender rebate programs. The chart below provides insight on the discounts and free product available with blenders. If these rebates are employed properly, many of the blenders available at Stockton Graham & Co. are practically free. Take for example the Dr. Smoothie rebate program. It states that any new blender purchase will be accompanied by two free cases of smoothie. If you figure that each case of Dr. Smoothie contains 48 – 16 oz. drinks, and those drinks are sold for $4.00 each, then those free cases will yield $384 of profit. If you consider that the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance costs $425, then a brand new blender will cost you only $41. To access our rebate program guide or our blender catalog, please visit our link library and choose from the appropriate brands.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.