“What Do You Taste?” – Ed. 1

Coffee as an industry is an exciting and innovative field in which baristas and roasters are constantly experimenting with various techniques in an effort to improve quality and taste. Since the advent of coffee as a beverage, it has been brewed, pressed, chilled, flavored, concentrated, blended, and more, but sometimes this progress and complexity creates a barrier between the casual coffee drinker and coffee experts. Today, coffee is found in so many forms, that the nuances that used to divide categories of coffee are often blurred, and one must learn to hone in on the characteristics that define coffee classification in order to truly appreciate a high quality cup of coffee.

As a recent graduate of East Carolina University I have found myself at the heart of the coffee industry in the Raleigh area with Stockton Graham & Co. Over the last few weeks I have been exposed to all sorts of new things regarding coffee, and with the help of my partner Matt Hogan, we set out to make sense of the whole thing by blogging from the perspective of neophytes. Our hope is that we can offer an accessible introduction to the field of coffee, and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way.

Our weekly blog series entitled “What do you Taste?” will begin by focusing on the details and flavors that are associated with various coffee growing regions as well as different brew methods. As Matt and I explore the industry we will attempt to share our knowledge in the hopes that more people will be able appreciate the world of coffee.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.