What brings your coffee customers back for more? Its not super low pricing…

On the social networking site Barista Exchange, a member posed the question, “What brings your [customer’s back for more]?” In other words, what motivates repeat business? I thought this was an excellent question, but I also enjoyed the response from Chris Defario, Training Director at The Coffee Institute and champion latte artist.

He conducted a street survey in Seattle and posed the question, “What keeps you coming back to your coffee shop of choice?” Roughly 50% of those surveyed answered quality, 25% said service, 20% said atmosphere and 5% said price. Chris’ response to his results is something we can all take to heart, especially during these times:

My assertion was that quality, service, and atmosphere are the main things that influence loyalty.
In that order. Price rarely drives loyalty. People by and large prefer a quality experience when dealing with specialty coffee.

By focusing on offering outstanding service and quality, you can keep your best customers happy and expand your base. You aren’t going to gain a bunch of customers by having the “cheapest cup of coffee in town.” 

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Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.