Tips to combat diet resolutions

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight. Visit a gym during January – it’s always packed during peak hours. Come back in February and some of the crowd is gone. Come back in March and it’s back to business as usual – the crowds and waits for equipment are gone.

Because some of the higher-margin beverages your business offers are indulgences, you will see people steering away from treating themselves. This temporary switch from a flavored latte with whipped cream to a regular drip coffee will negatively impact your bottom line, if you let it. Instead of seeing margins shrink for two months, market your business as the place to get a guilt-free reward!

Keep these concepts in mind and look to do more during what is considered a slower time for business:

-Sugar-free syrups & sauces. Many of the basic syrup flavors are available in sugar-free varieties. Pair that with no added whipped cream and skim milk, and you cut out much of the caloric content, along with the fat.

-Nutrient supplements. We carry workout-boosting nutrient supplements that are high margin and require very little overhead.

-“Lite” & “skinny” base mixes. Frappe options are available without added sugar, containing a lower calorie count, etc. Call (800) 835-5943 to see all your options!

Put up signage and point-of-sale material now. Make sure your customers know they can have other options, too.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.