Essentials of Brewing Coffee

When you stop to think about it, a great cup of coffee is pretty amazing. At least a dozen factors can seriously influence its taste as it traveled thousands of miles over many months from seed to cup. When considering the hours and hours of careful, sometimes backbreaking, work that went into growing and processing a specialty coffee and then roasting and packaging it for distribution, proper brewing can be the most crucial step in ensuring that a customer gets a delicious cup of coffee That’s because 100% of what a customer tastes in a cup of coffee is extracted through the brewing process.

Essentials of Brewing Booklet

Essentials of Brewing

We’ve put together this mini-booklet on the essentials of brewing great coffee, with advice on how to implement them in your store. The six essentials are based on Specialty Coffee Association of America standards and form the foundation of all Stockton Graham & Co.’s training programs for coffee shop owners, baristas and specialty beverage store operators.

Read the booklet online here.

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