The 10 Best Ways to Market to Local Schools As A Specialty Beverage Retailer

Your local school system is an excellent target for increasing sales. The opportunities for attracting repeat business are seemingly endless. Here are a few ideas on how your coffee shop could benefit:

-After receiving the proper clearance with administrators, focus on making one visit per month to a different local school. Come armed with airpots of your house blend, coupons and bakery items to give away and head straight to the teacher’s lounge. Chat up the teachers and don’t forget to leave behind some branded mugs at the coffee pot.

Cater a meeting of the Parent Teacher Association. Many times these meetings are held too early for attendees to have had dinner and not too late for a cup of coffee. Set-up a table in a high-traffic area for parents to grab a snack and a cup of coffee as attendees are meeting and greeting. Decaf and coupons should be in order, too.

Become a book donation drop-off point and give a discount to customers for bringing in used books.

-If you happen to be lucky enough to be near a high school or university, offer to host student organization meetings with group discounts to encourage purchases.

-Younger children are always selling something for school. Why not sell retail bags of your coffee for booster clubs? All of Stockton Graham and Co.’s coffee is available in retail, 12 oz. bags, which are ideal for an undertaking such as this. If you need pricing, be sure to contact your Customer Care Associate at (800) 835-5943. Based on your needs, we can customize a solution.

-Constant discounts for teachers and administrators.

What about grabbing attention to and from school? We always encourage our Stockton Graham & Co. customers to ask, Where are my customers coming from when they visit the shop and where do they go when they leave? Chances are, a large majority of patrons will be either heading to or coming from the school. With that in mind, ask yourself, What would I want and need if I was driving the car pool van? What would the kids need?

Revamp your kids menu. Think of every child in the car pool van as a potential customer. How many sales do you lose out on when mom or dad grabs only one mocha and splits? In the morning, juice boxes and naturally decaffeinated red espresso-based drinks make for nice add-on sales. Also, push hot chocolate, slushes made with your syrup and add lots of toppings to get kids to buy with their eyes.

-Offer discounts to students (and the parents of students) who have been named to the Honor Roll.

Add a healthier grab and go food item. Many parents don’t want to sacrifice health for quick service and convenience. One awesome option is Umpqua Oats. With Umpqua Oats, your customers don’t have to sacrifice anything…and you don’t have to sacrifice speed and consistency. For additional tips on how to position oatmeal in your location, check out this previous blog entry, HERE.

Hold a school supply drive. Pass out discounts to customers who bring in binders, calculators, pencils, etc.