How a Nicaraguan coffee farm is “Growing Green”

The Selva Negra in Nicaragua does things differently.

Selva Negra Coffee FarmNestled high in a mountainous region blanketed in rainforests, Selva Negra is well over 100 years old. Northeast of Volcan Momotombo, the farm is part of a larger resort that is entirely self-sustaining.

The resort provides ecolodging and includes: animal reserves, restaurants, eco-tourism and a newer wind farming initiative. The local Nicaraguans who work on the farm are providedwith housing, healthcare, schools for their children and scholarship opportunities. Selva Negra has earned international recognition for their sustainable efforts.

Selva Negra Coffee FarmThe estate is committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability through biodiversity conservation, reducing their carbon footprint and using alternative energy. In addition to these efforts, the estate recycles and reuses whenever possible and teaches other farms in the area how to be more sustainable.


Eddy and Mausi Kühl operate the estate with the spirit of Nicaragua in mind. Born and raised in the mountains of Matagalpa, Eddy is a leading historian of the region and country. He has authored the definitive history of coffee in Nicaragua and is passionate about preserving native culture. Mausi has devoted her life to producing one of the best-tasting coffees in the world through innovative and sustainable practices. She is continually improving the estate’s environmental practices by learning and exchanging new ways to save natural resources.

Selva Negra Coffee FarmWhile many coffee farms in Nicaragua utilize clear cutting techniques, Selva Negra farmers follow strict standards of shade growing; leaving the rainforest and Natural habitats intact. The award-winning farm produces delicious Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, which is available through Stockton Graham & Co.

The coffee is wet processed, highlighting a caramel and honey flavor which is balanced by moderate acidity and a full, creamy body. Find out more about this farm here.

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