Valentine’s Day / Mardi Gras Coffee Drink Recipes!

valentinesdayFebruary is one of the most festive months of the year hosting both Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras! Consider adding these drinks to your seasonal menu to help celebrate these great holidays in your café!

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha (12oz)
• 1 Pump white chocolate sauce
• 2 Pumps raspberry syrup
• 2 shots espresso
• Steamed milk
Pull the shots directly into a cup containing the sauce and syrup, stir gently and add the steamed milk!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mocha (12oz)
• 1 Pump chocolate sauce
• 2 Pumps cherry syrup
• 2 shots espresso
• Steamed milk
Pull the shots into the cup containing the sauce and syrup mixture and stir gently before adding the steamed milk! For festive variation, substitute strawberry syrup instead and enjoy a chocolate covered strawberry concoction!

Sweet Strawberry Latte/Cappuccino
• 1 Pump vanilla syrup
• 2 Pumps strawberry syrup
• 2 shots espresso
• Steamed milk
Add the shots to a cup containing the syrup mixture and finish off with steamed milk!
*This beverages can all be made over ice or as a “steamer” that doesn’t contain coffee!

Bananas Foster latte
• ½ pump cinnamon syrup
• ½ pump vanilla syrup
• 2 pumps banana syrup
• 2 shots espresso
• Steamed milk
For a sweeter recipe, use 1 pump of white chocolate sauce, 1 pump cinnamon and 1 pump of banana syrup! Pull the espresso shots directly into syrup/sauce mixture and stir before adding the steamed milk! Top this drink with caramel drizzle and you’ve created a Mardi Gras favorite!
**Torani manufactures a ready-to-use Bananas Foster syrup! Simply add 3 pumps of this syrup to a cup, pull 2 shots of espresso and finally add the steamed milk!

The Big Easy Steamer
• 1 pump Bananas Foster Syrup
• 1 pump Butter Pecan Syrup
• 1 cup milk – steamed
Steam milk and syrup together. Pour into a tall glass and a stir gently.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day-Check out these recipes!

Here are a few recipes to bring the luck of the Irish to you and your customers from Stockton Graham & Co. Order the DaVinci Gourmet, Monin and Torani products mentioned in the recipes below by calling 800-835-5943. Look for upcoming posts with more recipes for upcoming holidays! As always, adding your favorite SGC espresso always makes for a great specialty beverage.

Emerald Isle Cocoa
1 oz Monin White Chocolate Sauce
¾ oz Monin Green Mint Syrup
Steamed milk

Directions:  Combine Monin White Chocolate Sauce  and Monin Green Mint Syrup in cup.  Stir while filling with steamed milk.  Garnish with whipped cream and a drizzle of Green Mint Syrup.

St. Paddy’s Steamer
Tbsp. Torani Irish Cream syrup
1 Tbsp. Torani Vanilla syrup
1 cup milk

Steam milk and Torani syrup together. Pour into glass and stir gently.

Irish Cream Steamer Au Natural
¾ oz DaVinci Gourment Irish Cream All Natural Syrup
Steamed milk

Directions:  Combine ingredients in cup.  Mix well.