Ride the Green Wave with Organic Syrups from MONIN

Green coffee shops are a rising star in the specialty coffee industry, offering a wide variety of environmentally and socially responsible coffee options.

Fully organic shops are generally most successful in “mature” coffee drinking markets where customer taste and income levels tend to be higher. Stockton Graham & Co. offers a variety of sustainable coffee selections for organic shops.Monin Organic Vanilla Syrup

But even if you’re not in a market that can support a fully fair-trade or green business, adding certified organic syrups to hot and cold drinks on your menu could help your store ride this wave.

MONIN Organic Syrups are certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), certified Vegan, Kosher, Halal and are Gluten and GMO-free. A yogi’s dream. With all natural ingredients come heightened flavor profiles, and our customers typically find that less syrup is required to achieve the same flavor profile as the other syrups. MONIN Organic Syrups come in caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla. The top flavors include:

Vanilla: Vanilla is a prized spice of the tropics, with the preeminent producer being the island nation of Madagascar. Offering a pleasant, smooth taste, vanilla is an essential coffeehouse and foodservice flavoring with endless applications.

Raspberry: The most common raspberries are red, but originally all raspberries were white. Legend says that one day, the Nymph Ida tried to pick some wild white raspberries to calm the god Jupiter who was in a rage. While picking the fruits, Ida scratched her finger on the thorny raspberry bush. According to this Roman myth, her blood forever died the raspberries a bright red color.

Caramel: The word “caramel” refers to caramelized sugar, traditionally obtained by melting sugar in a sauce pot of water. The rich flavor and color of caramel derive from the process of heating and melting the sugar. Caramel is an ingredient in many popular confections, beverages and desserts.

MONIN also makes organic sweeteners. The Organic Agave Nectar Syrup is made with organically grown agave nectar with no additives or preservatives. Agave, a succulent plant native of Mexico, the southwestern US and tropical South Africa, is a flowering plant with many culinary and medicinal uses. Each agave plant will produce several pounds of edible flowers during its final blooming season. The stalks, which are ready during the summer, before the blossom, weigh several pounds each. Roasted, they are sweet and can be chewed to extract the aguamiel, like sugarcane.The nectar is produced by filtering and processing the expressed juice from the core of the agave plant. Agave has grown in popularity in recent years because of its low glycemic index. Similar to sugar yet sweeter, with honey-nutty notes, Organic Agave Nectar Syrup contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar.

For more information on MONIN’s Organic Syrups and recipe ideas, download their sales flyer.

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Tea Lattes Can Help Drive Non-Coffee Drinkers Into Your Shop

Everyone is vying for the coffee addict’s dollar, but what about the tea drinkers? Just over half our population drinks coffee daily, while the rest are left with a paltry and mediocre selection of processed or sugary options. A great way to drive more traffic among non-coffee drinkers is improving your tea options.

The tea latte category has been quietly growing for quite a while, with chai lattes as the leader. But, tea lattes can be made with all types of tea: black or green, and even exotic options like rooibos and matcha. The basic concept of a tea latte is very simple… Instead of espresso, use a concentrated tea mixed with milk. Tea lattes can be made hot, iced or frozen.  All forms offer the same health benefits as traditionally brewed tea and are great alternatives to coffee.

TeaLatteMasala Chai is the most popular tea latte.  It is made with black tea that is brewed with traditional Indian Spices, sweetened with honey, and mixed with milk.  The popularity has led to several different applications.  Chai can be found in a powder form, as a liquid concentrate, or a shop can make it from scratch, which allows the shop to cater the sweetness and spice level to their customer base.

946-1111_matcha-posMatcha and Matcha lattes may very well be the next big trend in tea.  Matcha is a powder made from the leaves of shade-grown tea bushes.  These leaves grow slower and are much higher in chlorophyll, accounting for the bright green color.  The antioxidants are equivalent to drinking many glasses of regular green tea, and dozens of times higher than blueberries and other so-called superfoods.  A matcha latte is best enjoyed sweetened with simple sugar, vanilla or complementing fruit flavors to balance its intense and distinct flavor.

redespressoRooibos is a red “tea” made from the leaves of the red bush of South Africa.  One popular adaptation of rooibos tea is red espresso®, which can be extracted similarly to a typical shot of espresso. A shot of red espresso® offers more antioxidants than a regular cup of tea, is naturally caffeine free and helps soothe digestion.  Rooibos tea has a pretty neutral flavor and can be used to create endless combinations.  Red lattes are a hit with tea lovers, especially when enhanced with different syrup options.

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Beat The Heat And Grow Sales By Incorporating Iced Coffee In Your Summer Menu!

Iced Coffee

With the rising temperatures, it’s about that time of year to start offering iced coffee and iced specialty drinks!  Iced drinks can be an integral part of coffee sales during the warm summer seasons, allowing customers to have an opportunity to escape intense heat and cool off while getting caffeinated, especially in the South!

There are several different ways to offer iced coffee these days, and many cafes have decided to utilize the “toddy” method of cold-brewing coffee.  However, there are other methods available that can be utilized using equipment you already own in your shop! 

Making concentrates is a popular way of offering iced coffee, having ultimately a concoction that is twice as potent as you would normally brew, then adding ice.  One of the unique benefits of iced coffee is that it has a lower acidity than that of normal coffee, and also has a lower amount of caffeine (especially appealing to the late night coffee drinker in all of us)!  Keep in mind that dark roasted coffee tends to yield a smoother and more enjoyable flavor than lightly roasted coffee. 

The toddy brewing process creates a concentrate that you can add to frappes, iced lattes, iced mochas, or just create iced coffee. 

The Japanese method is rapidly gaining popularity throughout cafes as the way to serve iced coffee.  This consists of any pour over device (Chemex, Hario V60, etc.) and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare.  This process produces an extremely smooth and flavorful cup of iced coffee, brewing  right onto ice so it is only hot for a couple of seconds.  You can also incorporate your drip brewer to produce larger quantities of iced coffee by using the amount of coffee that yields a full pot but only running the half-pot water cycle.  Of course you will still brew on top of a container that has the correct proportion of ice (the same ratio as for the pour-over method).

Iced Vietnamese-style coffee is another great method which requires a Phin filter and condensed milk.  Start by pouring a small amount of condensed milk into the vessel you wish to brew into and add coffee (1 rounded tablespoon per 6 ounces at a coarse grind) to the Phin filter.  Brew on top of the condensed milk, stir, and add ice!  The later two methods are not concentrations, so it is important to get the right proportions every time so you do not water down the coffee.

Iced americanos will also help increase coffee sales during the warmer months by adding a cool refreshing version of a classic coffee beverage.  Simply pull the shots of espresso directly into cool water and then add ice!

From a cost perspective, Toddy produces a larger quantity of iced coffee, running at about .21 cents an ounce.  The Japanese method is brewed by the cup which requires a little bit more time and skill, but runs at only about .04 cents per ounce. While the Japanese-method costs less, it does call for more time per cup whereas the toddy is already made and ready to be used.

Iced signature or specialty beverages can also help increase your profit margins during the warmer seasons while standard coffee sales tend to slow down, and also increase efficiency by adding profitable and sought after items!  The best way to prepare iced lattes or signature drinks involving milk is to add the ingredients and milk into a cup and pull the shots on top of the milk, leaving room for ice.  This keeps the espresso shots from melting the ice and becoming watery, thereby diminishing the full flavor of the espresso.  Then all that is left is to stir, add ice and serve!

Below are some links that may be of use when starting to get into the brewing processes:

Why Toddy? You Tube Video Series

How To Brew Toddy

Recipes Using Toddy 


2011 Stockton Graham & Co. Specialty Beverage Vendor News

Our partners and vendors were very busy in 2011 with new product and program introductions. Here are some of the highlights in case you missed anything.

Soccer moms, Mandy and Sheri exploded onto the scene with Umpqua Oats, an all-natural and varied line of ready to go oatmeal. Simply add hot water and the customer has a healthy alternative to the usual café fare.

Jane Goodall has partnered with Rishi Tea to raise awareness for The Roots and Shoots program she found in 1991 to improve our world with youth-driven service projects. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Masala Chai Concentrate benefits this program. We are proud to be part of such an esteemed and worthy cause.

Monin Gourmet introduced new flavors for the fall, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie. All are great in hot and cold applications, and make great new additions to your current line-up or just a limited-time feature.

Big Train introduced “On Track Rewards,” a program which allows you to enter your Big Train purchases to earn points towards free product. As a new member, you get a free case just for signing up, and you will hear about new products and specials before anyone else.

Big Train launched Fit Frappe™ Protein Drink Mixes in a response to customers demanding healthier beverage options. Packed with 20 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar and 130 calories, a 16 ounce beverage can be a meal replacement or a refreshing mid-day snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free. Fit Frappe™ also has 19 vitamins and minerals, at least 5 grams of fiber, only 3.5 grams of fat and is gluten free.

Hello Sweetbird! UK based, Sweetbird Smoothies are a unique line of smoothie purees, featuring such flavors as raspberry-blackcurrant. This product not only features innovative flavors, but is a bit more whimsical than many of the more well-known brands. In additions smoothies, Sweetbird also produces a line of syrups, sauces and frappe powders.

The makers of Jet Smoothies brought us an extension to their smoothie line. Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothies are 100 calories per serving, loaded with Vitamin C and contain prebiotics to aide in boosting immunity.

Torani introduced a new smoothie line as well, the Torani Real Fruit Smoothie, is a delicious, nutritious and user-friendly product that you simply pour over ice and blend. They offer such flavors as Strawberry, Wildberry, Superfruit and more.

We also have the new and improved Mighty Leaf Tea Rack. This beautiful, new display is available a la carte or as a starter set. Of course, if you like the rack you have, we also have refurbish kit with bright, new labels. Simply ask for them the next time you order.

Be sure to let us know if you wish to try any of our great new products, and Happy New Year 2012!

Stockton Graham & Co. CEO Vojta to Speak at 3rd Annual Middle East Coffee & Tea Convention


Jeff Vojta, Co-Founder and CEO of Stockton Graham & Co. has been invited to speak at the 3rd Annual Middle East Coffee & Tea Convention in Dubai, UAE. As an expert in the specialty coffee industry, Vojta will discuss the effect of economic trends on American coffee shops, the growth of the coffee industry in the Middle East and business growth strategies with representatives of the coffee and tea industries from around the world. This is Vojta’s second year at the conference.

The speakers and events facilitated at the Middle East Coffee & Tea Convention are aimed at building a strong foundation in specialty coffee around the world. Defining standards, introducing new techniques and sharing experience with business owners in Dubai will help promote the specialty coffee industry in a part of the world where specialty coffee has not had a presence in the past. New markets are emerging as our world economy shifts, and the demand for higher quality is on the rise.

“I feel tremendously honored to have another opportunity to speak at the Middle East Coffee & Tea Convention,” said Vojta. “After having spoken once before in Dubai, I see the opportunity to build on interactions and relationships that were formed there. It is wonderful to see the specialty coffee industry grow internationally. This sort of trend indicates that the specialty coffee industry will continue to have a presence for years to come.”

The Middle East Coffee & Tea Convention successfully integrates all aspects of coffee and tea under one roof and features the best equipment, services and products from regional and international producers and suppliers. The event will deliver the world’s most progressive coffee and tea products and services to the region and provide exhibitors the exposure they need to generate qualified leads and develop long-term relationships. For more information, visit the event website or send an e-mail to info[at]icedvb.[com].

For additional information or to place an order, please contact one of our customer care associates at (800) 835-5943.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.