Perfect featured flavor for February & Valentine’s Day

Torani’s new LIMITED-TIME-ONLY flavor is Cinnamon Vanilla. If your customers love SGC’s Snicker-Dandy flavored coffee, this syrup will be a tremendous hit in your cafe when added to lattes, steamers and more! Torani Cinnamon Vanilla balances sweet bakery cinnamon with creamy vanilla in a taste reminiscent of freshly-baked snickerdoodle cookies.

Torani also has some really attractive point-of-sale material to help sell this beverage (and others) as a part of their Winter & Spring marketing kit. If you aren’t already registered to receive these directly from the manufacturer, head over to & sign-up. This piece, which include recipes, promotional materials, latte art stencils, etc., is totally free of charge.

Sugar & Spice Mocha

1 oz. Torani Chocolate sauce
1/2 oz. Torani Cinnamon Vanilla syrup
8 oz. milk
2 shots Midnight Lotus Espresso

Add espresso to syrup & sauce in 16 oz. cup. Add steamed milk.
Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Serve.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.