Limited Edition Special: Ethiopia Limmu Natural

Stockton Graham & Co. has a lot to be excited about. But this week one thing in particular has been causing a lot of buzz around the roastery – our amazing Ethiopian coffee, Limmu Natural.

Stockton Graham & Co. Ethiopia cut paper hutThis single farm coffee is a limited edition, small batch that our roasters have masterfully nailed on the head. Fighting the urge to keep it all for ourselves, we are happy (maybe a little begrudgingly) to finally share this coffee with you. We have a feeling it’s going to go fast.


A Bean Unlike Any Other

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in our first Limmu Natural tasting the day after the beans were roasted. Let me tell you, I haven’t seen this kind of anticipation from our roasting team in a long time. Roastmaster Brandon Riggs, Head Roaster Brad Kirby, and resident Barista Alex Jeans huddled around the heating kettle like it was Christmas morning.

Stockton Graham & Co. Limmu Natural pouroverThe first, most striking detail about this coffee is the aroma. Before the beans are even roasted, they have a powerful bouquet of sweet fruit with floral undertones. As Alex started to brew the freshly ground coffee the room began to smell like a berry orchard, with balmy aromas of ripe strawberries and jam.

“Because this coffee is natural processed, it has a more substantial body and slightly lower acidity than its wet processed counterparts,” said Roastmaster Brandon Riggs. “What’s great about the Limmu Natural though, is that it still produces an exceptionally clean cup in which the berry notes carry through from start to finish.”

Head Roaster Brad Kirby added, “This was processed perfectly. It’s more earthy and spicy than a Yirgacheffe, with a satisfying tartness at the end.

Stockton Graham Ethiopia Limmu NaturalCupping Attributes
Aroma: Watermelon, Ripe Strawberries
Body: Substantial, Juicy
Flavor: Strawberry, Raspberry, Rosehips
Acidity: Subtle and Lingering
Aftertaste: Clean, Sweet

A unanimous and resounding approval was obvious as everyone silently sipped and savored. Something familiar makes this coffee comforting and approachable, but it is simultaneously and undeniably unique.

“I would recommend brewing this using either the V60 or Kalita Wave pour over method to really highlight the fruit flavors and produce the cleanest cup,” said Alex. “That being said, this next-level coffee will be excellent no matter how you prepare it.”


Coffee in Ethiopia

Stockton Graham & Co. Ethiopia countrysideNot only is Ethiopia the birthplace of Arabica coffee, but it is undoubtedly one of the most popular coffee origins in the world. Many of its regions are well known for their coveted varietals and sought-after flavor profiles. Its high altitudes, ideal climates, and diverse landscapes make it somewhat of a coffee growing paradise. In fact, there is so much possibility for different coffees that finding a unique, exceptional, and traceable coffee in Ethiopia can be a challenge. Luckily, many of the farmers throughout the country are actively building strong relationships with coffee buyers and continuing to improve their crops year after year.

Stockton Graham & Co. Ethiopia Jimma mapOur Ethiopia Limmu Natural comes from one such farm in the Limmu district, near the Kebena Forest about 30 miles north of the city Jimma. It is harvested between August and October at altitudes between 5900-7000 ft. The large Jimma region of Western Ethiopia is home to some of the most diverse varietals, cup profiles, and processing styles in the country. The Limmu Natural was a unanimously high scoring standout at the 2014/2015 Ethiopia Taste of Harvest competition, recognized by cuppers and judges alike.

Stockton Graham & Co. Ethiopia cherriesArabica coffee grows wild in many of Ethiopia’s lush mountain forests, and covers about 400,000 hectares (988,422 acres) of land throughout the country. It is Ethiopia’s most important export, directly affecting the lives of over 15 million people. Ethiopia produces roughly 220,462 tons of clean coffee each year, 98% of which is thanks to workers on small farms. Fortunately, more and more cooperatives and partnerships are forming that give these small scale farmers increased equity and access to services and compensation that they haven’t received in the past. At Stockton Graham & Co. our hats go off to these efforts that recognize value in every step of the process and continue to make phenomenal coffees like Limmu Natural Kossa Geshe possible.

To order our Ethiopia Limmu Natural, contact a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943.

Twenty Years Tell Us… Training Never Ends!

Coffee CollegeThe industry is not the same as it was in 1994. Starbucks was not a household name, “cappuccinos” came from machines at the gas stations, and espresso was something only serious coffee drinkers would attempt. Today, you can get reasonable facsimiles of true espresso beverages almost anywhere. Even novices say “espresso” without an “x.” As the industry has changed, so have the standards and the trends.

Staying on top of the newest trends, and training your staff accordingly, helps keep you relevant and up-to-date. Anticipating customer desires before they ask is one of the highest levels of customer service you can provide. Use your new found knowledge to educate your customers, thus raising the bar for your competition who may not be so savvy. For example, do you offer a featured espresso such as a single-origin option? Do you offer single-cup brews? Does your menu include tea lattes? Your Stockton Graham & Co. support team is a great resource for suggestions and guidance on these and many other topics.

Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee CollegeWhile trends are important, updating and ensuring consistent standards is paramount.  Staff calibration, or “retraining,” is a great way to ensure that your customers enjoy the same drink no matter who makes it. We found this to be a particular problem for a client with several locations. After some intensive “Train the Trainer” sessions, followed by in-store recalibrations, this client reported a substantial growth in beverage sales at the end of the fiscal year. Consider sending your trainer to our Coffee College to get updated, recalibrated and refreshed. Coffee College is offered several times a year and is conducted by our own industry professionals who bring many decades of combined experience to the table for you.

STG513-ID-stickerOur industry continues to grow and evolve with new innovations emerging all the time. To remain on the cutting edge, know that you can rely on Stockton Graham & Co. keeping up with the newest products and keeping your staff well-trained is just aspect to ensuring great customer service and the vitality of your business.

Give us a call at 800.835.5943 today to schedule your staff recalibration or click here to view our Coffee College event calendar!

January 2014 Featured Single Origin
Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate

Single Origin - Costa Rica La Candelilla EstateDirect from the La Candelilla Estate in the Tarrazu region, our Costa Rica offering possesses sophistication sought out by specialty coffee fans. This 100% Arabica coffee contains all the bright acidity one expects from a high grown Costa Rican coffee. After the initial rush of brightness, the sweet, creamy body envelops your mouth offering you glimpses of fruit notes. Juxtaposed with mild spices, the clean finish proves you have found a truly wonderful coffee – full of tasting adventures and uniqueness rarely found from this origin. This coffee farm has existed since the early 1900’s when the Mora family began planting coffee seedlings on the property. Mr. Mora’s daughter and husband began fully investing and running the farm in the 1940’s, and only as recently as 2000 did a wet mill appear on the property. Today, under the family’s watchful eye, only the top quality, sun dried beans are exported. Truly this coffee is a work of love and dedication that can be experienced with each sip.

Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Sweet, Chocolate/Cocoa, Honey/Dried Nuts     BODY: Light, Smooth     FLAVOR: Pronounced Sweet Citrus Fruitiness
ACIDITY: Medium     AFTERTASTE: Finishes Tangy

Click here to read about our other Single Origin coffees.


NEW Single Origin Coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica!

SGC-coffeeStockton Graham & Co. is pleased to introduce a new Single Origin coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which is AVAILABLE NOW… and we also will introduce our new Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate later this month!

Ethiopian coffee  has a distinct fruity flavor that significantly brightens the drink. This year, our choice is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which offered the best flavor and cleanest taste in cuppings of Ethiopian beans, including a zest fruitiness combined with hints of spice. Click here for our full Single Origin listing.

Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Fruity – Sweet – Hints of Spices
BODY: Medium – Soft and Velvety
FLAVOR: Herbal – Lemon Zest – Sweet Chocolate
AFTERTASTE: Clean – Crisp

Sulawesi Single Origin Coffee is Available!

sulawesi-beanStockton Graham & Co. is pleased to have delicious Sulawesi Toraja back in stock and available to order! Due to a smaller than usual crop last season, this coffee was unavailable to us for a year. We recently received our first shipment from the October through December harvest period! Our Roastmaster, Brandon Riggs, compares Sulawesi to Sumatra, “It’s not as chocolaty as Sumatra, but it’s almost as if they are cousins. Sulawesi is roasted a bit lighter than the Sumatra.” Our Roasters are looking forward to incorporating this new varietal into more blends, because it works so well with other coffees.  We believe this is a stock we will have all year, so you can expect it to be available!

This Sulawesi comes from the Toraja region, offering you a great quality cup of coffee. Sulawesi is an island that is part of the nation of Indonesia. Sulawesi coffee fits well within the confines of traditional Indonesian coffee with its chocolate and earthy tones, and its soft acidic notes. What is unique to Sulawesi coffee is a spicy aftertaste.

Call your Customer Care Associate today at 800 835 5943, to get samples of Sulawesi or any of our delicious coffees!

Cupping Attributes:
AROMA: Spicy – Peppery
BODY: Heavy – Smooth
FLAVOR: Citrus, Bright, Sweet, Balanced
ACIDITY: Dry – Subtly Tangy
AFTERTASTE: Complex, Spicy, Slightly Sweet

Stockton Graham & Co. offering a new Brazil single origin!

We are now offering a new Brazil single origin coffee: the Alta Mogiana  (click here to download a PDF).

Our Brazil Alta Mogiana was chosen from the Fazenda Sao Francisco farm. The coffee was selected over numerous alternatives in favor of its unique complexion.

The Alta Mogiana region lies at the southern tip of the Espinhaço Mountain Range just north of São Paulo, where more than 400 species of reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians rely on this region’s lush rainforest for habitat.

Coffee that originates here is almost always associated with the Cooperativa de Caficultores e Agropecuarists (Cooperative of Coffee Cultivators & Cattle Ranchers), which was established in 1985 in order to protect and organize small farmers and ranchers in the region. The movement also helped farmers in the region compete in a global market. Alta Mogiana coffee has been cultivated and exported for hundreds of years, but the initial development of the region can be attributed to the advent of the railroad which reached the area in 1872.

Fazenda Sao Francisco is owned by Nilton Messias de Almeida Jr., whose parents started the farm. Since Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, there are any varieties to choose from. What makes this farm different is the extra care given to natural processing of the beans. They really sort out the beans and deliver only the highest quality of bean.

The best beans really add to the complexity of the coffees flavor. This is a very approachable and well-rounded coffee that can be appreciated by even the novice coffee consumer.

New Single Origin – Costa Rica Tarrazu

Costa Rica TarrazuWe chose this year’s Tarrazu because it is a little unusual for Costa Rica. It has more nuances, but still contains the vibrant and clean acidity you expect in a high grown Costa Rica bean. The Tarrazu region also received much cooler temperatures at night during this year’s harvest cycle, thus creating a more complex and sweet flavor in the bean… read more

AROMA: Sweet Fruit and Vanilla, Hints of Spice
BODY: Cream, Silky
FLAVOR: Citrus Fruit, Sweet and Juicy
ACIDITY: Clean, Bright
AFTERTASTE: Lingering Balance of Sweet and Spice Notes

*PDF Flyer