2012 Seasonal Coffee Blends and Flavors are ready!

This year we are keeping it simple at Stockton Graham & Co., and offering only our best seasonal blends! They are all “top sellers” with our customers! There is no seasonal blend that will not please your guests.  As well, our flavored coffees are bigger sellers in the cooler seasons. Coffee customers really love those comforting tastes as the brisker months come in. These sweet and spicy combinations have guests begging for more and Stockton Graham & Co. has all the flavors you are looking for.

For Thanksgiving and the fall months we suggest our Autumn Harvest Blend and our Thanksgiving Day Blend. In the Autumn Harvest Blend you will taste the flavors of dried apricots, chocolate and caramel in a way that doesn’t overpower the essence of the coffee.  With this blend you can invoke the fresh cornucopia of the fall harvest.  The Thanksgiving Day Blend is about joining together to celebrate the best coffees. Darkly roasted, this blend is a mixture of the major coffee-growing regions of the world: east Africa, Sumatra and Guatemala.

With so many flavors to choose from for fall, it’s hard to say which one is “the favorite” since the race for top is so close. Pumpkin Spice is obviously one of the customer favorites, because of its rich spices like nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. These spices remind the consumer of their favorite autumn foods. Bourbon Pecan Pie is another top choice. It offers up just enough sweet to enhance the nutty pecan flavor.  Who can forget Apple Cobbler? Since apples are abundant this time of year, the mix of apple and cinnamon makes this one a fall staple coffee.

With the winter and Holiday months we have some great seasonal coffees as well. Winter’s Comfort Blend is a heavy bodied coffee with, caramel and fruity hints. If you wish to have your customers heads filled with holiday delights, this is the coffee for you. Our Tis the Season Blend is popular for its berry flavor and balanced body, so popular in fact that some use this blend for much more than just a winter time coffee!

As far as winter flavors are concerned, there are some seasonal favorites also.  Who can resist the taste of gingerbread around the holidays? Our Gingerbread Spice captures it nicely. Hazelnut and cinnamon really make this flavored coffee a hit with most coffee consumers. Another cookie based option is Sugar Cookie. The buttery notes of this coffee paired with macadamia nut flavor, makes it another top coffee for the holidays.  Hazelnut, vanilla, caramel and coconut comprise the Winter Wonderland flavored coffee. Another great selection in the Stockton Graham & Co. line of seasonal flavors, this coffee is warm and inviting, and a must for the holidays.

Make sure you have the best seasonal coffees for your customers, by calling Stockton Graham & Co. today at 1.800.835.5943. Our customer care associates can tell you more about our coffees but if you want to see a full list of seasonal blends click here. To learn more about our seasonal flavored coffees, visit the webpage here! Some of our seasonal coffees have their own point of sale items as well, visit the web pages to learn more!

Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we are “roasting” you a happy holidays!

Prepare your shop for Fall!

Fall is just about here, and it’s a great time to be a coffee shop owner! Your regulars start to return from summer vacation, kids begin a new school year, and some of the most favored seasonal blends and drinks give people another reason to stop in your shop. There’s a lot going on, and a business owner can get overwhelmed quickly, so we have prepared a cheat sheet of preps that you should take into consideration in order to plan for a successful fall.

Revise your menu for fall drinks! As we move into fall, our industry shifts gears and we begin to prepare for coffee’s busiest season. It is time to consider promoting your seasonal drinks, beginning with pumpkin!

• Call Stockton Graham & Co. to pre-order seasonal syrups and sauces. Customers expect flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple to be on your fall menu. Pre-ordering these seasonal items ensures you are prepared to handle the demand. We highly suggest you order AT LEAST one case of pumpkin flavored syrup of your brand choice – it will sell. We offer it in DaVinci, Torani and Monin. To give you an extra boost with the fall transition Stockton Graham & Co. is offering a  promotion for pumpkin syrups and sauces pre-order! Click here to learn more.

• Determine what seasonal coffees you will offer. Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we have numerous fall-inspired flavors and blends to satisfy any customer. Click here for more details, and a list of our favorite fall-time coffees!

Apple cider is also a very common and popular drink for the colder months. Click here to learn great ways to incorporate cider into you menu!

• Don’t forget about Chai! Chai is always a big hit in fall and winter months, and it is a great way to pick up some of those smoothie and frappe sales that oftentimes slow down this time of the year. Check out this great chai recipe to get your chai program up and running!

• Just because the peak of frozen beverages has come and gone doesn’t mean you won’t continue to sell them now, and through the fourth quarter. Dr. Smoothie’s 100% Cherry Cranberry is always a fall-time favorite, and this year’s new fall smoothie hit is Torani’s real fruit Green Apple smoothie! This green apple smoothie mixed with caramel sauce makes an AWESOME caramel apple smoothie. To give it a try, check out a spectacular offer here.

• And finally, make sure you are well staffed. Remember, fall marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year, and you don’t want to be shorthanded when it comes to employees. If you do need to hire additional help, be sure to consider Stockton Graham and Co.’s Coffee College to make sure your baristas are the best that they can be, ultimately saving you money!

If this is your first season as a cafe owner, or if you’re a veteran looking for some new, spicy ideas, contact one of our customer care associates today at (800) 835-5943 for additional seasonal advice!