Watermelon LTOs for Labor Day Weekend

Watermelon Limited Time Only Drink SpecialsWith the Unofficial End of Summer just around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to prolong the laid back feeling of the season. Watermelons are at their most flavorful this time of year, and the upcoming Labor Day weekend is a perfect opportunity for customers to chill in your coffee shop or smoothie store with a watermelon flavored beverage.

That’s because few other fruits scream “Summer!” like the thirst-quenching watermelon. Although watermelons can now be sourced throughout the year, in North Carolina where Stockton Graham & Co. is located, the season for watermelon starts in July and ends in September when the fruit is sweet and of the best quality.

From watermelon soda to watermelon sangria and watermelon smoothies, there are many options to consider as a Limited Time Offer over the Labor Day holiday. Some of our favorite come from Food&Wine magazine, including celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s Watermelon-Tequila Cocktail and a refreshing non-alcoholic Watermelon-Strawberry Agua Fresca.

“Late summer and early fall are great times to add creative Watermelon drinks to your menu,” said Customer Care Associate Chris Bennett. “Some of my favorite drink ideas are Watermelon Italian Sodas, Watermelon Milk Shakes and Watermelon Lemonades; all of which can be made by simply adding Watermelon syrup to drinks you may already make in your shop.”

Watermelon Limited Time Only Specials

There’s a psychology involved in Limited Time Only or Limited Time Offers (LTO) specials called Reactance Theory, which causes customers to make purchases they might not usually make to avoid the fear of “missing out.” As a store owner, you can use this customer tendency to drive sales over the often-slow Labor Day weekend by offering LTO watermelon specials.

That’s because LTO offers build excitement and create a sense of urgency, even if prices are not reduced. They tend to work on both new and current customers, and they are one of the few marketing offers that actually help BUILD customer loyalty rather than erode it.

Watermelon LTOs can work well for both your customers and your business because:

  • Customers are interested in trying new things, especially if they are staying close to home on a holiday weekend. They will tend to replace the adventure of travel with the adventure of treating themselves to a new restaurant or menu item.
  • It’s simple and inexpensive to add a splash of watermelon syrup to current menu items like iced tea or a berry smoothie to transform it into an LTO.
  • LTOs don’t need to be discounted. When customers get something that’s in limited supply, they feel special and walk away happy.
  • Limited time offers help create a sense of urgency. A three-day weekend is a perfect window to get consumers to act, rather than waffle and decide to go elsewhere.
  • When staff is excited and engaged with something new, sales generally increase. This is even more true for LTOs.

MONIN Watermelon DrinkA Bounty of Watermelon Options

Stockton Graham & Co. offers watermelon syrup options from both MONIN and Torani. Torani also offers a Sugar Free Watermelon Syrup sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Both feature natural watermelon flavor, and the MONIN syrup is labeled Kosher, Halal, GMO free, Dairy free, Gluten free and Vegan.

Big Train also offers a Watermelon Blended Crème Frappé Mix that makes a delicious creamy drink when blended with ice. This coffee-free gourmet mix powder produces a delicious and fruity beverage works well on its own or with additional fruit. It makes a terrific option on a kid’s menu.

To learn more about how LTOs can drive sales or to order Torani, MONIN or Big Train, call a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943.