Tea Lattes Can Help Drive Non-Coffee Drinkers Into Your Shop

Everyone is vying for the coffee addict’s dollar, but what about the tea drinkers? Just over half our population drinks coffee daily, while the rest are left with a paltry and mediocre selection of processed or sugary options. A great way to drive more traffic among non-coffee drinkers is improving your tea options.

The tea latte category has been quietly growing for quite a while, with chai lattes as the leader. But, tea lattes can be made with all types of tea: black or green, and even exotic options like rooibos and matcha. The basic concept of a tea latte is very simple… Instead of espresso, use a concentrated tea mixed with milk. Tea lattes can be made hot, iced or frozen.  All forms offer the same health benefits as traditionally brewed tea and are great alternatives to coffee.

TeaLatteMasala Chai is the most popular tea latte.  It is made with black tea that is brewed with traditional Indian Spices, sweetened with honey, and mixed with milk.  The popularity has led to several different applications.  Chai can be found in a powder form, as a liquid concentrate, or a shop can make it from scratch, which allows the shop to cater the sweetness and spice level to their customer base.

946-1111_matcha-posMatcha and Matcha lattes may very well be the next big trend in tea.  Matcha is a powder made from the leaves of shade-grown tea bushes.  These leaves grow slower and are much higher in chlorophyll, accounting for the bright green color.  The antioxidants are equivalent to drinking many glasses of regular green tea, and dozens of times higher than blueberries and other so-called superfoods.  A matcha latte is best enjoyed sweetened with simple sugar, vanilla or complementing fruit flavors to balance its intense and distinct flavor.

redespressoRooibos is a red “tea” made from the leaves of the red bush of South Africa.  One popular adaptation of rooibos tea is red espresso®, which can be extracted similarly to a typical shot of espresso. A shot of red espresso® offers more antioxidants than a regular cup of tea, is naturally caffeine free and helps soothe digestion.  Rooibos tea has a pretty neutral flavor and can be used to create endless combinations.  Red lattes are a hit with tea lovers, especially when enhanced with different syrup options.

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Stockton Graham & Co.® and red espresso® Announce New Retail Packaging

Red Espresso Retail PackAs U.S. Master Distributor of  red espresso®, we are excited to announce the launch of a new 4.4oz red espresso ® retail pack in the U.S. market to meet unprecedented global demand and sales of the world’s first Rooibos tea espresso! This new product packaging introduction comes just in time for the holiday season and is the perfect size for consumers who want to prepare red espresso® at home, while they are away or treat a loved one with a healthy, exotic gift. Extensive trade and consumer research, pack evaluation and testing led to the new “mini” red espresso® retail pack, which features the same package format as the 8.8oz re-sealable pack.

red espresso® is 100% Rooibos tea (also known as red tea) produced in a very special, patented way for use in espresso machines – just like coffee! What’s even better is that it’s rich in antioxidants and naturally caffeine-free, so it can be enjoyed late in the day or night. Like coffee, red espresso® is produced for use in espresso and coffee makers. Expressed, it delivers a strong, rich-tasting, dark red shot of Rooibos tea that has a slightly sweet, earthy, full-bodied taste.

“The red espresso® product line was a world-first innovation and now is quickly becoming a globally recognized brand,” said Vojta. “The introduction of the new 4.4oz retail pack to the U.S. market is evidence of the brand’s dedication to maintaining and expanding a leading-edge product range.”

A brand new beverage category, red espresso® is the basis for a range of hot and cold, healthy red drinks, including the red cappuccino®, red latte® and fresh red® (Rooibos iced tea), to name a few. On menus in coffee shops and available on supermarket shelves to be enjoyed at home, red espresso® opens up the world of healthy café culture to those who seek it: coffee drinkers wanting to avoid or cut down on caffeine; tea drinkers; pregnant women; athletes; espresso lovers; as well as people who are conscious of and interested in looking after their health.

red espresso ® was first introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, with Stockton Graham & Co. as the first distributor. Today, red espresso® has distributors in NC, PA, NY, UT, NV and CA.

Introduction to Red Espresso

Throughout history, coffee has reached milestone after milestone, when it comes to creating a satisfying beverage. From a plant that was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder, to a diverse beverage that is enjoyed all over the world, it has become one of the most popular beverages in the world. One milestone that is perhaps in a league of its own is the ever so popular coffee espresso shot. If it is not the sheer taste of the espresso that makes it so remarkable, it is the creativity that comes along with it. Creativity is key when it comes to pouring this innovative shot, which also happens to be the base ingredient for cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and other specialty beverages. The creativity, however, does not stop there. This drink is so limitless, that the main ingredient of coffee itself can be substituted. With what, one might ask? The answer is Red Espresso tea.

Red Espresso is the world’s first espresso tea, made from all natural rooibos ground tea. It was created by a South African farmer, who designed its loose yet finely ground leaves to tolerate regular espresso machine portafilters, just like coffee, and can be made in the same amount of time. This idea of a tea based espresso has attracted coffee shop owners for many reasons, one of which is to add diversity to their espresso menu. Not only does Red Espresso take very little space to store, but this product offers a great change from the typical espresso, as well as offers a satisfying beverage without the effects of caffeine, which may appeal to mid and late day customers. Another advantage of Red Espresso, are the health benefits that come along with it. Red Espresso is 100% natural and caffeine free, as well as containing five times the amount of antioxidants as green tea in every serving. When it comes to creativity with Red Espresso, the sky is the limit. Cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and iced drinks are just a few of the possibilities one can come up with then creating a Red Espresso beverage.

Here at Stockton Graham & Co., meeting our customers’ needs is our number one priority, so when we saw the amount of interest and the rise in demand our customers showed in tea; we decided to get involved immediately. As an effort to shed more light on the subject for our customers, we have dedicated one of our blog topics specifically to tea lattes and other specialty beverages. Our employees have also had the opportunity to play around with Red Espresso in our demo room, and experiment with it in as many ways as possible. With positive feedback from both our customers and employees, we decided that this product is definitely worth investing in, as one of our allied products.

Matt Hogan
Stockton Graham & Co.

Turn over a new leaf this fall…


Red Espresso is the world’s first Rooibos tea espresso. It is naturally decaffeinated and is rich in antioxidants. This innovative new product can be substituted for espresso in almost any specialty coffee beverage.

To help increase sales during the fall, Red Espresso has released a poster for their Red Americano with a recipe, promotional tips for your staff and a cost calculator that will assist in determining your exact cost per drink.

red americano Poster
Recipe, Cost Calculator and Promo Ideas
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