Offer Your Guests A “Healthy Hybrid” Between Tea and Coffee with Caffeine-Free, Antioxidant-rich red espresso® Rooibos Tea

Lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that health-conscious consumerism has become more than just a trend. As Americans are losing confidence in their ability to pay for healthcare even as the economy shows signs of turning around, there has been a shift toward an increasingly health-conscious attitude, making the need for more healthy alternatives on your menu greater than ever!

Earning respect from the health community for taking Rooibos (and health) to unprecedented levels of sophistication and good taste, red espresso® is an easy off-ramp onto the healthy highroad if you want to offer your guests a healthy drink that won’t cramp their style, or their fun. This South African product was first introduced to the US market in 2007, with Stockton Graham & Co. as the first distributor, and we’re excited to announce that we have recently been named the exclusive Master Distributor for red espresso ® in the United States.

red espresso® is the world’s first Rooibos tea espresso. Made from 100% premium espresso ground Rooibos tea which has been refined under patent for use in espresso machines, red espresso® is the first tea to play by coffee’s rules! Offering a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee and a sophisticated twist on tea, red espresso® fuses – for the first time worldwide – café culture and health in a product that is as delicious as it is different.

Naturally caffeine-free, naturally sweet (red espresso® is low in tannin) and loaded with 5 X more antioxidants than green tea and 10 X more antioxidants than a regular cup of Rooibos tea (per ORAC measurements), red espresso® replaces caffeine’s kick with a vital health punch! Like coffee espresso, red espresso® is the basis for a range of delicious ‘red drinks’, including the popular red latte®, red cappuccino® and fresh red® natural iced tea. 100% natural, red espresso® contains no preservatives, additives or colourants.

A uniquely South African innovation, red espresso® was created by Western Cape farmer and former coffee addict, Carl Pretorius when he was seeking a healthy alternative to caffeine. The product is perfect for coffee drinkers who want the coffee experience without the caffeine (at all, or in the afternoon), tea drinkers looking for a more sophisticated, coffee-style alternative to tea; health conscious people who want to participate in café culture while looking after their health; pregnant women, nursing moms, athletes and even kids. It’s also popular with people who are interested in new, innovative products.

red espresso® offers a healthy alternative to coffee without compromising on taste or style – and satisfies my need for an authentic espresso experience. I didn’t want to give up on the ritual and sophistication of coffee, but I also didn’t want to drink an ordinary cup of tea,” said Pretorius. “Delicious, full-bodied, caffeine-free and even coated with crema, red espresso® is my solution to having the best of both: good health and espresso style.”

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is enjoying global attention and popularity for its health benefits and is fast becoming renowned as a drink that tastes delicious, is versatile and rich in antioxidants. Expressing the pure essence of Rooibos, red espresso® is a super-powerful free radical fighter. With no caffeine and enough antioxidants to meet your daily quota, enjoying red espresso® – as a red cappuccino®, red latte®, fresh red® or red frappe® – is a delicious, effortless way of looking after your guests’ greatest wealth: their health.

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