Introducing Grounds for Health Blend Coffee

Nearly 70% of workers who farm and process coffee at its source are women, and too many are dying of cervical cancer. That’s why Stockton Graham & Co. has partnered with international non-profit Grounds for Health to offer Grounds for Health Blend coffee. Proceeds will help provide cervical cancer screenings and treatment to women on coffee farms In Africa, Central America and South America.

Grounds for Health Blend Coffee from Stockton Graham & Co.Launched in January in recognition of National Cervical Health Awareness Month, Grounds for Health Blend is available in 5lb wholesale and artfully labeled 12oz retail bags. $5 from the sale of each 5lb bag and $1 from the sale of each retail bag will be donated to Grounds for Health (

Stockton Graham & Co. plans to donate at least $10,000 to Grounds for Health in 2016. This donation will allow the non-profit to nearly double the number of women it can serve in coffee-growing communities. The 2016 goal is to provide cervical cancer screening and treatment to at least 15,000 women who work on coffee farms in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Peru.

Debra Dolan

“Cervical cancer is one of the most critical, undertreated health concerns of women in coffee-growing communities,” said Stockton Graham & Co. Director of Business Development Debra Dolan. “Since women represent 70% of the labor burden on coffee farms, investing in their health is essential to coffee’s future. As one of the nation’s leading coffee roasters, it is our responsibility to support women at the heart of coffee.”

About Grounds for Health Blend Coffee

When creating Grounds for Health Blend coffee, our roastmaster wanted to focus on coffee from the regions where Grounds for Health focuses their health efforts. The coffee is a smooth blend of Nicaragua Selva Negra, Kenya AB and Tanzania Peaberry.

“This crowd-pleasing blend features subtle fruit and sweet notes layered in a silky body,” Stockton Graham & Co. roastmaster Brandon Riggs said. “Since it was crafted with drip coffee in mind, the blend works equally well in a commercial auto drip and a Hario V60.”

Grounds for Health Blend Stockton Graham & CoCUPPING ATTRIBUTES

AROMA: Fruity, Floral, Honey
BODY: Soft, Syrupy
FLAVOR: Sweet Berry, Earthy, Nasturtium
ACIDITY: Bright, Shiny, Crisp
AFTERTASTE: Clean, Blackberry, Tart, Ginger

Grounds for Health Blend coffee is roasted to order in our Raleigh, NC roasting facility. it is available in 5lb wholesale bags and artfully designed 12oz retail bags. Point of sale material such as branded displays, info cards and table talkers are also available. For more information about the blend and to download an info sheet on the coffee, click here.

Coffee and Cervical Cancer

Grounds for Health co-founder Dan Cox is coffee entrepreneur who was shocked to learn of the prevalence of cervical cancer when visiting a coffee cooperative in Mexico and his late friend Dr. Francis Fote OB/GYN in 1996. From the beginning, Grounds for Health has worked to develop services not just for the women involved in coffee production but for all the residents of the communities, districts and provinces in which coffee is produced. Grounds for Health works in partnership with health authorities and coffee cooperatives in developing countries to train local doctors, nurses and community health promoters, and to coordinate screening and treatment services in communities most affected by cervical cancer.

Jeff Vojta

“Our commitment to superior coffee naturally begins with the health and well-being of the people who grow, harvest and process the coffee at its source,” said Stockton Graham & Co. President and CEO Jeff Vojta. “Grounds for Health’s proven track record of working in coffee-growing communities to provide life-saving cervical cancer prevention and treatment, reinforces a shared commitment to keeping women on coffee farms healthy. We are delighted to partner with them on this critical mission.”

Unlike many other health problems, cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable with low-cost screening and, for those who need it, preventive therapy. These services are taken for granted in the U.S. and Europe, but are rarely available to women in coffee-growing communities.

Guy Stallworthy Grounds for Health

“Cervical cancer is one of the most significant disparities in women’s health today,” said Guy Stallworthy, President & CEO of Grounds for Health.  “Unlike in the United States and other richer countries, cervical cancer often claims more lives in these communities than any other cancer.  And yet it is nearly 100% preventable.  Our partnership with Stockton Graham will help us continue to scale our efforts to provide life-saving health screenings and treatment to more women coffee farmers.”

Most health conditions in the developing world have been improving: since 1990, child and maternal mortality rates have fallen by almost half. But cervical cancer is one of the exceptions. Worldwide, the number of women who die of cervical cancer each year is growing. The World Health Organization predicts that six million women will die from cervical cancer by 2020, despite the fact that it can be easily prevented. Nearly 90% of these deaths will occur in low- and middle-income countries, where few of the more than 700,000 women aged 35-49 benefit from the screening and preventive therapy services that have minimized risks in the rich world. Unlike many well-known but intractable health problems, this one could be transformed through catalytic investments by an individual company or industry that wants to make a strategic impact on an issue, rather than just provide charity to a few individuals.

Grounds for Health champions the Single Visit Approach, which combines appropriate, low-cost screening and treatment in a single visit at local health centers. Grounds for Health sees great potential for new technologies and delivery models, such as molecular screening, modern treatment devices, digital information systems, and mobile services. Their vision is of a world in which all women are protected from the threat of cervical cancer by timely and high-quality prevention services.

About Grounds for Health

Grounds for HealthGrounds for Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing deaths from cervical cancer among women living in developing countries. Considered one of the most significant global disparities in women’s health, the disease is nearly 100% preventable through simple and affordable procedures.  For the past 20 years, Grounds for Health has focused on reaching women living in coffee-growing communities in Latin America and Africa.  To date, Grounds for Health programs have resulted in more than 57,000 women screened, more than 3,800 women treated and 400+ community health providers trained. Click here for a two-page info sheet on Grounds for Health.

Call a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943 or send an email to to order Grounds for Health Blend coffee at your store.

Salted Caramel is Summer’s Biggest Flavor Trend

Salted caramel is busting out. Just yesterday, Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s announced a partnership with New Belgium Brewing Co. (which is not located in Brussels, but in Fort Collins, Colorado) to put its name on an ice cream-flavored beer. Not any ice cream-flavored beer, mind you. But a beer flavored with salted caramel and chocolate. The beer, which is called Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, is currently scheduled be produced at the end of the year, according to Sean Greenwood, who is head of communications for Ben & Jerry’s. That is, unless the ice cream-flavored beer backlash doesn’t cause a change of plans.Stockton Graham Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

That announcement, which generated a flurry of media coverage, comes only a few weeks after Skippy announced the answer to our salty-and-sweet prayers. They’ll soon be shipping Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Spread with the tagline “Good Never Tasted So Good” to a supermarket near you.

The Twittersphere was giddy with excitement: “Will your inner foodie scream SKIPPY YIPPIE for our new Peanut Butter Spread with Salted Caramel?” the Skippy people posted. Since the announcement, their Twitter feed has been, um, salted with salted caramel recipes like Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Brownies, Banana Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Frosting and Three-Ingredient Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cookies.

And then there’s celebrity chef and blogger Bren Herrera’s Salted Caramel Salted Caramel Popcorn with Honey Chipotle Jerky, which was inspired by the Today Show’s Al Roker and shared on the show’s food blog last month.

The other big celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, chimed in with a salted caramel mocha. According to Oliver, it is a marriage of rich, sweet chocolate and bold, bitter coffee with a hint of salty intensity that is “truly on another level.”

Perhaps the salted caramel trend was ignited in March at the 35th Annual Natural Products Expo West. No fewer than a dozen salted caramel options from brownies to bar snacks lined the booths at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Chobani showed Flip Creations with Salted Caramel Crunch and Kellogg’s offered a new Special K Chewy Snack Bars in a salted caramel variety.

Luckily, Torani gives your shop a simple way to profit from the salted caramel craze. Perfect for frappes, espressos and steamed milk, the syrup’s buttery caramel kicks things off and its touch of saltiness appears at the end.

Here at Stockton Graham & Co., Salted Caramel Iced Coffee has become the go-to drink of the month. Made with Torani Salted Caramel and Stockton’s Ice Coffee Blend, which is roasted by Stockton Graham Coffees in Raleigh, NC, the light saltiness complement’s the coffee’s natural sweetness.

Here’s the recipe:

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee
7 oz.    Brewed Stockton’s Ice Coffee Blend
¾ oz.   Torani Salted Caramel Syrup
(Or caramel with a pinch of sea salt)
16 oz.  Ice
Milk or cream to taste

Directions: Add ice to cup. Pour in coffee followed by syrup. Adjust amount if customer wants milk. Stir vigorously and serve.

Brewing directions for Stockton’s Ice Coffee Blend can be found here.

Call 800.835.5943 to order Torani Salted Caramel Syrup or Stockton’s Ice Coffee Blend today!