Pumpkin Latte and Beverage Recipes

Now that the fall weather has set in, pumpkin flavored beverages are in high demand!  Make sure your menu is up to date with some of these delicious seasonal recipes perfect for the brisk, fall temperatures!

Frozen Pumpkin Pie Frappe:
Layer 1 shot espresso, 5 oz. Torani Real Cream Frappe Base, 1/2 oz. Torani Pumpkin Pie Sauce and 2 cups Ice in blender pitcher and blend to desired consistency. Garnish with whipped cream and ground nutmeg and or cinnamon.  For extra appeal, drizzle with Caramel or Pumpkin Pie Sauce.

Pumpkin Latte/Cappuccino: A staple café beverage for the fall season,  all that is required is 2 pumps of pumpkin syrup (or one pump of pumpkin sauce) 2 espresso shots and velvety steamed milk. This will create a 12oz latte or cappuccino.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte: A great concoction for the pumpkin-loving sweet-tooth! Add ½ pump of white chocolate sauce, 1 ½ pumps of pumpkin syrup (or 1/2 pump of pumpkin sauce), 2 shots of espresso and steamed milk for a 12oz serving!

Pumpkin Chai: This is the fall variation on a drink that is popular year round!  Depending on the type of chai you use, the ratio of chai to milk may vary for a 12oz serving, but all you need to do is add 2 pumps of pumpkin syrup to the cup. Then you just finish off with the correct ratio, steam, and serve!  You can always garnish  this one with cinnamon or nutmeg!

Pumpkin and English Toffee Latte: Often times referred to as the “pumpkin brittle” latte, this beverage combines two great syrup flavors in one drink!  For a 12oz latte, add 1 ½ pumps of pumpkin syrup (1/2 pump of pumpkin sauce!) and ½ a pump of English toffee syrup, 2 shots of espresso and steamed milk!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Latte: An even mix of 1 pump pumpkin syrup, 1 pump cheesecake syrup in addition with 2 shots of espresso and enough steamed milk for a 12oz serving creates a decadent beverage perfect for fall!

Also note that any of these drinks can be created without espresso for a kid-friendly treat, and can always be topped with whipped cream! For a special fall treat mix 3oz. of syrup with your whipped cream to add more flavor to your drink! Maple flavored whipped cream is a big hit with pumpkin beverages.