New from Monin at Stockton Graham & Co.

This month Monin has released 2 great new flavors and has the Fall & Winter merchandising kits going out!

French Vanilla and Salted Caramel have now been added to the lineup of premium syrups from Monin. Salted Caramel combines the indulgence of caramel with a salt accent that is versatile in many applications. The French Vanilla Syrup is a bold and fragrant option for lattes and coffees. French Vanilla is a compliment to the popular Monin Vanilla line.

Monin supplies a complimentary beverage merchandising kit to promote specialty beverages made with their products in your business. The 2012-2013 Fall & Winter kit you can find 10 recipe cards featuring the three seasonal flavors in the box: Spiced Brown Sugar, Frosted Mint and White Chocolate.
The Promotional materials included are:

  • Counter Cards (8 themed with the recipe cards)
  • Acrylic Sign Holder for counter cards
  • 5×7 Window Cling “Flavor You Day with Monin”
  • The Poster Kit includes (optional order): 4 double sided posters matching 8 counter cards.

You can get the merchandising kit shipped with your next order, by requesting one from your Customer Care Associate. If you want to receive a Monin merchandising kit every time they come out , please visit and sign-up today.

Stockton Graham & Co.® Offers New Tools to Coffee Shops

Stockton Graham Coffees POS materialsWe are pleased to introduce new packaging and point-of-sale materials for our four retail coffee lines: Stockton Graham® Coffees , NCompass®, Stockton’s Reserve and Dilworth Coffee™. Stock branded and private label options can help enable you to boost product recognition, increase sales and build brand awareness within your shop. You can click here to download self-service point-of-sale materials, or request printed materials with any order, including branded coffee, counter cards, shelf talkers, posters and airpot labels.

All our packaged retail coffees are suitable for grocery, supermarket and specialty retail environments. Whole bean and ground coffee is available in a variety of packaging sizes.

Stockton Graham ® Coffees roast-to-order specialty coffees are ideal for coffee houses, cafes and specialty food markets striving to provide guests with the best quality and freshness. Designed specifically for full-service specialty retailers, these offerings are versatile and work well whether brewed in small to large batches, or by the cup.

NCompass® craft-roasted sustainable specialty coffees were created in an effort to offer great tasting coffees that customers can enjoy now and for many years to come. These coffees are certified or verified by an accredited third party as organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, shade grown and more.

Stockton’s Reserve limited edition specialty coffees are so special that their presence and quantities are limited. Reserve coffees are smaller microlots available through established relationships with individual farms and auction lots in various growing regions.

Dilworth Coffee™, Charlotte’s original specialty coffee house, opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood in 1989, introducing fresh, locally roasted coffees to the Charlotte area. Today, Stockton Graham & Co.® is proud to uphold this long-standing Charlotte coffee tradition as the roaster of the Dilworth Coffee ™ brand.

“We have developed packaging and point-of-sale materials for four high-quality coffee brands to meet the needs of customers to implement a retail coffee program in their shops quickly and easily,” says Stockton Graham & Co. ® President, Jeff Vojta. “Whether you are looking for custom house blends, limited edition coffees or sustainable menu items, we have the perfect solution to help drive sales.”

Cautious Consumer Behavior & Your Menu

Consumers in almost every market avoid risk taking as a habit, and coffee consumers are no different. Consult any parent who has tried to introduce a new food to a child, if there is not substantial evidence that the unfamiliar blob on the plate is not going to taste good, then most kids will not let it near their mouth. Human behavior is inherently non-risky; even as consumers grow older they hang on to those comfort zone instincts. More often than not, the customers you see every day are going to take comfort in, “the usual.” This behavior pattern is not a problem until it is time to introduce a new flavor or an exciting new seasonal drink. Without the proper marketing preparation, it would be easy for your customers to ignore their new options.

Another pattern that takes place in most coffee shops is the post-order meander. Due to the amount of time it takes to create specialty beverages, many customers follow the custom of waiting between order placement and service. This wait can last as long as five minutes, depending on time of day and the number of people on staff. A large majority of people are spending this idle time on a phone or talking with a friend, but even your busiest customer will manage a few moments of boredom during their wait. This wait can be considered a nuisance in the pursuit of perfect customer service, but unless your café plans on cutting quality, the short wait will almost always exist.

At this point the correlation between consumer purchasing behavior and wait time may not be clear, but if a new product is on the horizon, then consumer behavior and wait time are highly relevant topics. Consumers don’t want to risk ordering something that is unfamiliar and potentially unpleasant, so marketing techniques must somehow reduce that risk factor (see USC study), and the most effective window of opportunity for solving this problem is the waiting area. Probability suggests that the last time you visited the doctor you picked up a magazine or opened one of those silly pamphlets. You probably learned something that you would not have explored on your own, but because you were unoccupied you were more susceptible to new ideas. Cafés can take advantage of this phenomenon by placing point of sale materials in the form of posters, flyers and pamphlets around the café. These materials can help reduce the fear of buying something unfamiliar, in effect increasing the likelihood that people will accept something new.

Point-of-sale materials like this poster from Red Espresso, come in many forms, but for every item on your café menu, there is likely a poster or counter card to match. Large product manufacturers have the resources and time to produce professional advertisements that would cost a lot of money for a small business owner. Product manufacturers also know that individual cafés cannot hire their own advertising firm, so they produce posters, pamphlets and information cards for free. On your next order with Stockton Graham & Co., just ask for some POS materials and we will send you a toolkit for free. All you have to do is let us know what your goals are, and we will do the rest. Consider the potential costs versus benefit of introducing more product advertising in your cafe. You could spend at most thirty extra seconds of time placing your order over the phone, but the benefit of higher sales and an ability to introduce new products with ease is hard to ignore.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.