Toffee for the Fall!

Toffee flavored coffees and specialty coffee drinks have been a perennial popular offering in coffee shops, especially for the fall and winter months.  To offer your customers mouth-watering toffee treats, Stockton Graham & Co. offers several options.

For flavored coffee drinkers, we have “English Toffee” , “English Caramel Cream”, and “Toffee Hazelnut” flavored coffees.  Use Monin’s “Toffee Nut” gourmet flavoring syrup to your coffee or lattes to combact those cool fall mornings.  Torani has a buttery “English Toffee” flavoring syrup and Da Vinci Gourmet’s “English Toffee” features sweet caramel notes. To make your latte even more special, top it off with whip cream and toffee bits from Cafe D’Amore.

For a true indulgence, offer your customers a Cafe D’Amore Coffee Toffee Frozen Crunch coffee, topped with whipped cream and toffee bits!  Big Train’s Heath Mocha Blended Ice Coffee is a cool, refreshing treat.

To help market these treats ask your Stockton Graham Customer Care Associate about available posters, table tents and other point of sale materials to build customer interest  Also make sure you get your staff to sample the new coffee and frappes along with your regular customers.

While you may not have doughnuts in your shop, you can offer other great toffee and chocolate options for your customers any time of day.  Call us at 800.835.5943 to order your Toffee for the Fall!

Toffee for fall