Add Some Peach Flavor to Your Menu!

With fall just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the final weeks of summer than adding a little peach to your menu?  Peach smoothies and syrups can help create great variations on products you may already offer, and will help guests slow down and enjoy what’s left of summer!

With iced tea being such a big hit this summer, a great way to make it even better is to add some peach syrup!  If you’re already brewing traditional black iced tea (unsweetened), add three pumps of peach syrup to your 12oz cups for a delicious variation on a classic beverage.

Ever try a peach “french” soda?  Simply add three pumps of peach syrup to a 12oz cup of ice, fill it up with club soda leaving about half an inch at the top, and finish it off with half-n-half!  This slightly carbonated, creamy peach drink is perfect on these hot summer days. It’s also a great treat for children to enjoy and something a little different than the frozen drinks they may be getting tired of!

If it’s a frozen drink you’re looking for, create a 12oz peachy keen blended beverage by adding 3 pumps of peach syrup to a 12oz cup of ice, fill the cup nearly to the top with milk, add any blended beverage base you may carry, blend, top with whipped cream and enjoy!

We haven’t forgotten about you peach smoothie lovers, either!  For an awesome peach smoothie, simply add two or three fresh basil leaves to your smoothie product and blend!  It is really simple, delicious and will definitely have your customers coming back for more!