Stockton Graham & Co. New Year’s Hours!

PrintStockton Graham & Co. will be closed on Thursday, January 1st for New Year’s. FedEx will also not pick up or deliver on that date in observance of the holiday [read more]. We encourage all customers to order early and stock up, as FedEx’s normal shipping transit times are not guaranteed during this time of year due to tremendous increases in their overall package volume.

We will be conducting a physical yearly inventory on Friday, January 2nd and WILL NOT be processing any orders that day. Customer service will be available on Friday to take orders that will be processed and shipped on Monday, January 5th.

All orders received after noon on Wednesday, December 31st will not roast and ship until Monday, January 5th. FOR LOCAL CUSTOMERS: We request all pick-ups be made by noon on Wednesday, December 31st.

REMINDERCustomers, send email orders to: If you email an individual, be sure to copy This is to ensure your order is processed on time if someone is out traveling, visiting customers or away from their computer. Your emails should be confirmed. If you haven’t received confirmation within one day, call to secure your order.

We will re-open and resume our normal operating schedule on Friday, January 2nd. To track your packages, head over to All of us at Stockton Graham & Co. wish you a wonderful New Year!

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New Year’s Promotions for your Coffee Shop

New Year’s can be an easily overlooked holiday with all of the excitement of Christmas ending. As a coffee shop owner, it is very important to stay on top of promotions this time of year, so you don’t see post holiday sales drop. Drops in sales can be related to the annual influx of dieting or personal financial budgets brought on by New Year’s resolutions. This year, most holiday sales may also be impacted by the expiration of the payroll tax credit, which may put further pressure on customer spending. By having New Year’s events and promotions, you can keep your sales level up until the time when resolutions take affect.

Offering more health conscious menu items is a profitable idea to help your customers keep their resolutions. Read our blog on adding these products to your store. It can be as easy as supplementing your normal syrups for sugar-free and offering soy or almond milk choices. If you do make these little changes, always let your customers know about them by having signage promoting your new options, and don’t forget social media. Stockton Graham & Co’s Thom Swain says, “Keeping your barista in the know can go even further than signage, discounts or coupons. They know the customers and can suggest sugar-options to save upwards of 200 calories, to those wishing to “cut back” this time of year.”  You will be helping your customer keep their resolution and drawing in new customers interested in your healthier options. It’s also a great idea to plan an open house night where you showcase your new menu items and let customers sample them.

Try targeting local gyms with your new healthier items. Gym-goers love smoothies after their workouts to replenish their electrolytes, so let your shop be the place they refuel. Talk to the manager about hanging signs or flyers where their customers can see or having special discounts for their members. They will enjoy being able to give their members something special, and you will enjoy their members becoming patrons of your shop! If they have an open house or special event, see if you can set up a sampling table for your coffee or smoothies. You could do a raffle for 4 months free gym membership from your shop, every time they purchase a specialty beverage their name goes into the pot. Also, consider adding supplements to your smoothies or Frappes. Whey protein and energy boosts are just a few of the options you can include for an extra price to help the healthy conscious get their energy back.

Another idea is to have a special “happy hour” on December 31st with promotions on coffee to help people make it to midnight for the ball drop. For example buy one latte get an extra espresso shot for free, doubling the caffeine so they can celebrate the New Year right!

It’s another year to sell and promote specialty coffee and beverages, so have fun with your ideas, and we at Stockton Graham & Co. will keep offering more tips! We wish you and your business the best in the New Year!

Skinny Peanut Butter Cup

1/4 oz. Peanut Butter Syrup
1/2 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce
3 oz. 1% milk
1 shot(s) espresso
1/2 scoop(s) skinny vanilla frappe powder
2 cup(s) ice
fat free whipped cream

1. Combine ingredients, except ice, in blender.
2. Fill serving glass with ice and pour into blender.
3. Blend until smooth.
4. Pour blended beverage into serving glass.
5. Garnish.

Recipes that will make for a Happy New Year

Here’s a little help for your customers’ New Years Resolutions from Stockton Graham & Co. We hope these recipes for seasonal specialty beverages will be a great reference to help make the season special for you and your customers.  Order the DaVinci Gourmet, Monin and Torani products mentioned in the recipes below by calling 800-835-5943. Look for upcoming posts with more recipes for St. Patty’s Day!

Skinny Snowman Latte
1 oz Monin White Chocolate Sugar-Free syrup
¾ oz Monin Almond Sugar-Free syrup
2 shots espresso
Steamed milk

Directions: combine Monin White Chocolate Sugar-Free syrup, Monin Almond Sugar-Free syrup and espresso in cup.  Stir while filling with steamed milk.  Garnish with milk froth and slivered almonds

Sugar-Free Raspberry Mocha
1/2 oz. DaVinci Gourmet Raspberry Sugar-Free Syrup
1/2 oz DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup
1 shot SGC Espresso Milano
steamed milk

Directions: Combine ingredients in cup.  Mix well.

Torani Skinny Divinity Latte
1 Tbsp. Torani Sugar-Free Caramel syrup
1 Tbsp. Torani Sugar-Free Hazelnut syrup
1/4 cup SGC Midnight Lotus Espresso
1 cup nonfat milk

Directions: Steam milk and syrup together. Pour heated, flavored milk into a tall glass and add  espresso. Spoon a thin layer of foamed milk over top of beverage.