Stockton Graham & Co.® Offers New Tools to Coffee Shops

Stockton Graham Coffees POS materialsWe are pleased to introduce new packaging and point-of-sale materials for our four retail coffee lines: Stockton Graham® Coffees , NCompass®, Stockton’s Reserve and Dilworth Coffee™. Stock branded and private label options can help enable you to boost product recognition, increase sales and build brand awareness within your shop. You can click here to download self-service point-of-sale materials, or request printed materials with any order, including branded coffee, counter cards, shelf talkers, posters and airpot labels.

All our packaged retail coffees are suitable for grocery, supermarket and specialty retail environments. Whole bean and ground coffee is available in a variety of packaging sizes.

Stockton Graham ® Coffees roast-to-order specialty coffees are ideal for coffee houses, cafes and specialty food markets striving to provide guests with the best quality and freshness. Designed specifically for full-service specialty retailers, these offerings are versatile and work well whether brewed in small to large batches, or by the cup.

NCompass® craft-roasted sustainable specialty coffees were created in an effort to offer great tasting coffees that customers can enjoy now and for many years to come. These coffees are certified or verified by an accredited third party as organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, shade grown and more.

Stockton’s Reserve limited edition specialty coffees are so special that their presence and quantities are limited. Reserve coffees are smaller microlots available through established relationships with individual farms and auction lots in various growing regions.

Dilworth Coffee™, Charlotte’s original specialty coffee house, opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood in 1989, introducing fresh, locally roasted coffees to the Charlotte area. Today, Stockton Graham & Co.® is proud to uphold this long-standing Charlotte coffee tradition as the roaster of the Dilworth Coffee ™ brand.

“We have developed packaging and point-of-sale materials for four high-quality coffee brands to meet the needs of customers to implement a retail coffee program in their shops quickly and easily,” says Stockton Graham & Co. ® President, Jeff Vojta. “Whether you are looking for custom house blends, limited edition coffees or sustainable menu items, we have the perfect solution to help drive sales.”

2011 Stockton Graham & Co. Year in Review

With 2012 just days away, we reflect back on what has occurred in the world over the last year. We have seen our world change forever; from an opulent royal wedding to a devastating earthquake in Japan, from the introduction of the newest iPad to the loss of Steve Jobs and from the fall dictators and despots to our official withdrawal from a warzone. While these headlines certainly captured all of our attention, things have been busy here at Stockton Graham & Co., as well.

2011 was a year of growth and change for Stockton Graham & Co, and we would like to share some of our 2011 news with you in case you missed anything.

We announced officially that we acquired the wholesale division of Dilworth Coffee. Dilworth Coffee is Charlotte’s oldest coffee roaster and coffeehouse brand. Founded in 1989, Dilworth Coffeehouse is Charlotte’s oldest gourmet coffee roaster and coffee house supplier. Dilworth serves coffeehouses, espresso bars, specialty retailers and cafes throughout the Southeast. The company also has licensed stores throughout the greater Charlotte area.

Through a partnership with Red Espresso, we became the master distributor for the product for North America. We now directly import their rooibos tea, which is prepared and served much like espresso, but without the caffeine and five times the antioxidants of green tea.

We have also officially unveiled our new coffee branding. Stockton Graham Coffees is our flagship brand; these are the great, same-day, custom-roasted coffees that our customers have loved since our beginnings nearly 18 years ago. In addition to Stockton Graham Coffees, we also now offer NCompass, Stockton’s Reserve and Dilworth Coffee brands. NCompass is our line of sustainable coffees which includes organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance and shade grown coffees. Stockton’s Reserve is our new line of limited edition coffees, including very special finds that our roastmaster has decided to bring in. Stockton’s Reserve coffees can help differentiate your shop from your competition and are great for special in-store events. And, we’re pleased to uphold the longstanding tradition of Dilworth Coffee, Charlotte’s oldest specialty coffee brand. All of our coffees are now kosher certified, as well.

Be sure to ask for Point-of-Sale materials to help highlight your coffee offerings. We now offer counter cards and shelf-talkers for Stockton Graham Coffees, NCompass, Stockton’s Reserve, Dilworth Coffee and seasonal promotions. These colorful and simple displays are a great way to draw attention and help promote bulk or retail coffee sales.

It certainly was an exciting year here at Stockton Graham & Co. Please be sure to let us know if you missed out and need to know more, or if you wish to try any of our great new products.

A Guide to Understanding Sustainability

In today’s world, there are several different sustainability certifications, especially in terms of coffee. A specific type of coffee can be classified under one or many categories, including, but not limited to Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade, Bird-Friendly, Shade Grown, and Rainforest Alliance. Due to the fact that there are several different certifications, trying to remember or distinguish them can become very confusing, so consider this to be a guide of labels and definitions in the world of coffee sustainability certifications!

Organic: Organic products are developed with an approach that views the farm as an integral part of the global ecosystem. Emphasis is placed on recycling, composting, soil health and biological activity with the goal of long-term protection of the farm environment. Synthetic chemicals are rigorously avoided. In accordance with the 1990 Organic Foods Production Act, effective October 21, 2002, the US Department of Agricultural regulated which products can be labeled “organic,” “made with organic ingredients” or “100% organic.” Only products that meet the organic foods, production, processing and handling criteria are eligible to be labeled as USDA Certified. Stockton Graham & Co. is a certified organic handler per the USDA National Organic Program and we are inspected annually.

Kosher: There are many different kosher certification agencies whose principal objectives are to ensure the ingredients used in a product; the processing methods; and handling of the product meets strict Jewish dietary guidelines. Kosher certified products offer assurance to the consumer about the purity of the ingredients used to make it. Stockton Graham & Co., based upon an annual inspection and records review, maintains a kosher certification on our coffees through the Atlanta Kashruth Commission.

Shade Grown: A coffee that is shade grown is one considered to be grown in the canopy of taller, shade trees. These trees can be a variety of species and with a variety of sparseness and heights. Not only does coffee thrive in shaded areas, but the acidic soil that the coffee plant grows in also acts as a natural fertilizer for these trees which provide ideal habitats for several native birds, bats and insects.

Bird Friendly: Coffees produced in a shade canopy that offers habitats for native and migratory bird populations are considered Bird-Friendly™. The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) has developed a set of strict criteria for evaluating shade coffee farms. An independent, third party inspector determines whether a farm meets these criteria or not. Only those farms that also meet organic certification standards are eligible to be certified as “Bird-Friendly”™ companies.

Fair Trade: In its simplest form, Fair Trade means that the producer of the coffee receives a price sufficient to cover their costs of production, and provides a reasonable return on their invested capital. The words “fair-trade” are used by several different organizations that may or may not be governed by FLO (the Fair Labeling Organization International) which provides guidance and audit trails to ensure the price paid to the producer is indeed fair.

Rainforest Alliance: The Rainforest Alliance (“TRA”) works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance works with people, whose livelihoods depend on the land, while helping them transform the way they grow food, harvest wood and host travelers. From large multinational corporations to small, community-based cooperatives, TRA involves businesses and consumers worldwide in efforts to bring responsibly produced goods and services to a global marketplace where the demand for sustainability is growing steadily.

Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we offer a selection of sustainable coffees in our NCompass line which contains coffees with one or more of the above certifications. With these coffees, your customers can feel good that with their purchase, they will help support a healthy environment and enhance the worldwide ecosystem. For more coffee information, please give us a call at 800-835-5943, and we’d be glad to assist you!

Matt Hogan
Stockton Graham & Co.

Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee Brands Offer More Choices to Coffeehouses and Cafes

Stockton Graham & Co. has provided high-quality, custom-roasted coffees, gourmet teas, specialty beverages and beverage products along with turnkey services and education to the United States coffee industry for over 15 years. As our organization expands, so does our menu and services. Most of our customers are in search of a great coffee selection, but some are also looking for customized blends and unique varietals, while others focus more on environmentally sustainable coffees. There is a broad range of needs that must be met, and in order to fully cater to every type of coffee customer, Stockton Graham & Co. is now offering Stockton Graham Coffees, NCompass Coffees and Stockton’s Reserve Coffees to satisfy three distinct categories of coffee consumers.

“No matter what your coffee needs, selecting a roaster can be a daunting task,” says Jeff Vojta, President and Co-founder of Stockton Graham & Co. “Our goal is to eliminate that challenge for our customers by offering a complete family of coffees sure to suit their individual needs. Whether you
are an urban espresso bar searching for that custom house blend or a quaint bookstore looking for a quality specialty coffee at a price that fits your budget, one of these brands is sure meet your operational needs and exceed your customer’s expectations.”

Stockton Graham Coffees are Roast-to-order Specialty Coffees that are ideal for independent coffee houses, cafes and specialty food markets demanding quality and freshness. Our wide variety of selection represents the top percentage of specialty grades from growing regions throughout the world. Stockton Graham Coffees offer not just quality single-origins, blends, espresso and flavors, but an experience for your customers to carry with them throughout their day. Because we pride ourselves on freshness, these hand-crafted beans are roasted to order and can be shipped to you within one business day. Do you want to tell your customers they are getting a cup they can’t get anywhere else? You can work closely with our Roastmaster to develop an Original House Blend, custom roast level or flavor tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Stockton Graham Coffees provide many options to diversify your menu and expand your business horizons.

In an effort to offer you great tasting coffees that your customers can enjoy now and for many years to come, we are also proud to offer NCompass Sustainable Specialty Coffees. These are roast-to-order “sustainable coffees” that are certified or verified by an accredited third party as organic, fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, shade grown and more. These classifications are used to determine the participation of coffee growers in various combinations of social, environmental and economic programs. NCompass coffees represent our commitment to these program standards and our desire to ensure that the specialty coffee farms we buy from, and their great coffees, will be around for future generations to enjoy. Your customers can feel good that their purchase of a cup of NCompass coffee will support a healthy environment and enhance the worldwide ecosystem.

Our Roastmaster and green coffee buyers are on a constant quest to find you the perfect coffee, and on journeys to coffee farms overseas they often stumble upon rare micro-lots of Stockton’s Reserve, Distinctive Limited Edition Specialty Coffees found in the most unlikely of places. Stockton’s Reserve coffees are so special that their presence and quantities are limited. Their serendipity is our reward! Stockton’s Reserve represents the most distinctive of specialty grade coffee available the world over, roasted to order to provide your guests with a unique experience that will keep customers coming back. Reserve coffees are available in smaller batches through our established relationships with individual farms and auction lots in various growing regions. Offering Stockton’s Reserve coffees in your shop will truly distinguish you from your competition.

These new brands were developed to help customers customize a coffee program to meet their guests’ ideals. Customers who seek environmentally friendly or extremely rare coffees are now able to sort through our offerings very easily, and our roasters have focused their efforts accordingly. We hope that our market specialization will enhance our ability to bring our customers a unique and valuable product in a more convenient way.