Stockton Graham & Co. at First Friday

BREWING-GUYStockton Graham & Co. will be at Art Space on First Friday from 6pm-9pm on November 7th! Come by our table and see what our team has been working on, our latest blend! We will be serving our freshly roasted coffee to fuel the First Friday fun and debuting the latest project our team has been working on.

KIND Bars!

Stockton Graham & Co. is excited to announce our latest food product offering – KIND BarsKIND Bars are made with tasty ingredients you can see & pronounce, like nuts, fruits, honey and spices. This grab & go food product is perfect for our busy cafe customers looking to offer and healthy option they can trust.

There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. KIND believes you deserve both—they call it their brAND philosophy. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to high standards in the KIND kitchen.

All KIND Healthy Snacks are made from all-natural whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. No secret ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial here. Just a delicious way of getting your body essential nutrients like fiber, protein and antioxidants (to name a few).

Need another reason to choose KIND?

  • A recent study conducted by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center found that two KIND bars a day can curb appetite and even help prevent weight gain.
  • Made with All Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Kosher OU

Call 800 835 5943 to request your samples today!

 blueberry_vanilla_cashew_KIND Fruit & Nut bars are our all natural whole nut and fruit bars made from ingredients you can see & pronounce.
   peanut_butter_dark_chocolateKIND Plus bars are our all natural whole nut and fruit bars plus a nutritional boost
 dark_chocolate_nuts_sea_saltKIND Nuts & Spices bars are made with whole nuts flavored with delicious spices and have only 5g of sugar (or less)

Stockton Graham & Co. Labor Day Schedule

CUP-flagStockton Graham & Co. will be closed on Monday, September 1st in observance of Labor Day. Please allow an additional transit day as FedEx will not pick up or deliver on the 1st. All orders received after noon on Friday, August 29th will not ship until Tuesday, September 2nd. We invite you to head over to to calculate the transit days to your area from our ’27612′ zip code.

FOR LOCAL CUSTOMERS: All pick-ups must be made by 1:00 pm on Friday, August 29th. Pick-up orders must be placed by the end of the prior business day. We will resume our normal business schedule on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Stockton Graham & Co. hope you enjoy a happy and safe Labor Day!

Let Your Business Bloom With New Blender Equipment

Get your business blooming with real fruit smoothies and refreshing frappes!

Spring is here! That means it’s time to get ready for all that warm weather brings: flip flops, shorts and satisfyingly cool blended beverages. The warmer season means a huge opportunity for growth, selling just 10 frozen beverages a day can increase monthly sales by over $1000.  Stockton Graham & Co. is here to help you get “Blender-Ready” with a great blender package, spring recipes and big savings on Vitamix and Blendtec equipment.

Spring is the perfect time to update add frozen beverages to change up your menu, and ultimately increase customer loyalty. With warmer weather comes a huge opportunity to grow your business! Customers crave cool beverages, and after selling the free and rebated products we offer, the profits cover most if not all of the cost of the blenders.

To get your business blooming and booming, Stockton Graham & Co. vendor’s are offering a variety of rebates for smoothie and frappe products.

*Buy any Vitamix or Blendtec blender from Stockton Graham & Co. to receive 3 FREE CASES of Dr. Smoothie, Big Train, Monin, Torani or Mocafe smoothie and frappe products!* (EXPIRED)
*Products are preselected.
Call 800-835-5943 and talk to a Customer Care Associate for details.

Using our retail experience, Stockton Graham & Co. ® offers these blenders to provide the retailer the ability to handle one or many customer orders with speed, consistency and reliability for many seasons to come.

Our Customer Care Associates recommend the Vitamix T&G® 2 BLENDING STATION® as the best deal. For a quieter option, we suggest trying Vitamix’s THE QUIET ONE®, or Blendtec’s Stealth, which are 1/4 the noise of an espresso grinder.

Product Descriptions:

Vitamix – Stockton Graham & Co.® and Vitamix® present the Blender Series for specialty coffee retailers: DRINK MACHINE ADVANCE, T&G 2 BLENDING STATION and THE QUIET ONE. These commercial Vita-Mix® blenders have been designed to blend luscious, mouthwatering frappes and delectable smoothies consistently drink after drink and customer after customer.

Blendtec BlenderBlendtec – Stockton Graham & Co.® and Blendtec® present the Blender Series for specialty coffee retailers: STEALTH, Q-SERIES and EZ. Offering industry-leading power and performance, Blendtec® blenders have been a staple in many specialty beverage shops for years.


More Recipe Options

Blended Matcha Mint Beverages

Soda Fountain Inspired Shakes

Blended Frozen Drink Recipes

Other Blended Beverage Ingredients

Our 20th Year In Business:
Celebrating Employee Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary Brad and Debra!

We are celebrating our 20th year in the business of coffee by spotlighting employee anniversaries!

Stockton Graham & Co. Brad, our Head Roaster, wears many hats, and has a hand in everything from roasting and equipment maintenance, to ensuring our shipping is running smoothly. After starting in our warehouse in 2003, Brad’s role at Stockton Graham & Co. quickly expanded to coffee roasting and coffee education. He now holds the title of Head Roaster and has been an integral part of our growth. Brad keeps all of our production equipment operating efficiently, and teaches Stockton Graham & Co.’s Coffee College class on Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance. Kirby also travels the world with Brandon Riggs, our Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer, visiting coffee farms to learn more about the growing process and what it takes to cultivate the great coffees he roasts.

“Working alongside Brad for over 11 years has been a learning experience for us both and an honor for me.  I admire his hard work, dedication to and knowledge of coffee, among many other things.  His dedication to coffee excellence and expanding his and everyone else’s knowledge of coffee is a key part of our success and growth.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO

“Brad is an integral part of our coffee philosophy here at Stockton Graham & Co.  His knowledge and passion for our coffee has blossomed over the years and his competence at the cupping table is a tremendous asset.  His work ethic and dedication to our customers is unsurpassed, and his ability to switch roles when needed is effortless.  I am looking forward to working alongside Brad for many more years.” – Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer

Debra Dolan - Bio

Our Director of Business Development for the Northeast Region, Debra Dolan, has been in the specialty coffee industry since 2000. Dolan is celebrating her second year at Stockton Graham & Co. Debra has done everything from owning a coffee shop to directing a specialty coffee division at a food center. She uses her experience, skills and knowledge to go above and beyond for our customers.

Debra joined our team in 2012, bringing with her ten plus years of experience in specialty coffee. Dolan began her career as a specialty coffee business owner in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Stockton Graham & Co., she worked as a Director of Specialty Coffee and a Sales Representative. Debra is very experienced in the specialty coffee world with certificates from the SCAA, BGA, and Stockton Graham & Co. Most recently, she was chosen to serve as a judge at the 2013 Coffee Fest America’s Best Coffeehouse competition in New York City. Debra teaches some of our Coffee College classes; Brewing Fundamentals, Specialty Beverage Basics and Espresso Basics.

“Debbie is a tremendous asset to Stockton Graham & Co., our customers and to me.  She has unsurpassed coffee and café industry knowledge.  She has a desire and will work hard to find solutions to unique customer problems and opportunities so we all grow and prosper. Her enthusiasm on finding solutions and working with our customers is contagious to all and makes both us and our customers strive for higher levels of coffee excellence.” – Jeff Vojta, CEO

“Debbie is an amazing presence for our company.  With her vast history of how coffee shops function, the business of knowing the right products for the right customers, and keeping up with all the trends in the marketplace she has proven herself to be a valuable asset. She is easy to speak with, passionate about great customer service and an ability to decipher what the needs of her customers are. Debbie is an amazing person, and friend.” – Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer

The whole team would like to congratulate and thank you both for your valuable service!

March 2014 Marks 12 Years For Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer, Brandon Riggs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis month we celebrate the 12th anniversary of one of our key associates, Brandon Riggs. As our green buyer, roast master and director of operations, Brandon is an instrumental contributor to the success of both Stockton Graham & Co. and our customers. It is an honor and pleasure for me to be able to celebrate this milestone for all of us. Not only have his contributions been critical to our success, but he has become a personal friend. His skills, ideas and consul have helped me through the many cycles of business and life’s challenges and joys.

Like at any company, a lot can happen over the years, and we are proud to say a monumental step towards our success began the day that Brandon joined the team. Due to the fact that Brandon plays such an iconic role here, we wanted to take this opportunity to share Brandon’s journey, so you too can grasp the incredible milestone that he has reached!

Brandon’s story began in Kansas City, MO in 1999. As a young product out of the University of Kansas, he accepted a summer job at The Roasterie, a local, independent coffee roasting company. At that time, Brandon was not a coffee drinker and only had the intention of working in the coffee industry temporarily. After working there for a short time, an opportunity arose that allowed Brandon to serve as the assistant to the roastmaster at The Roasterie, and his career in coffee began. Brandon was taught everything from roasting to cupping to green coffee buying by one of the industry’s most skilled experts. With this experience, he not only quickly learned the skill of roasting high quality coffee, but also developed a deep passion for it.

In 2002, Brandon wanted to stay in the coffee industry but be closer to the coast, so he joined our team of coffee professionals. The past 12 years has been a time of growth and transformation for the specialty coffee industry and Stockton Graham & Co. Brandon has helped us hone our sourcing and roasting skills, while modernizing our production and equipment to meet the increased needs of our customers and the varieties of coffees we produced. Brandon has not only been instrumental in our production, but in developing and disseminating coffee knowledge to our team, customers and industry. He and Thom Swain, SE Director of Business Development, developed and instructed our first coffee college modules and industry events, including the Southeast’s first Barista Jam in 2005, regional barista competitions and the Southeast Roasters’ Group. In this time, Brandon has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients to develop custom and house blends, develop and lead onsite training at SGC’s Coffee College and even host special events.

Brandon is continuing to educate others about coffee and brewing techniques. He has played a major role in developing our Barista Certification Program and many internal staff training programs. He has participated in SCAA Roaster Guild Origin trips to further producer knowledge about specialty coffee quality and how to help improve their techniques to achieve higher average selling prices for their harvests.

Brandon has built many close business and friendship relationships over the last 12 years, and here are a few words those who he has had the opportunity to work with have said about Brandon:

“I have enjoyed Brandon’s commitment to the highest quality coffee and determination to satisfy customer expectations. His creative nature can turn a stated taste profile into an actual great blend of coffee. All of this is done in pleasant and fun style, making business enjoyable and productive. “–Don Keen, Dilworth Coffee

“Brandon is more than just a talented roaster – he is great friend and respected ally! Inman Perk Coffee is literally built on his patient guidance and gifted taste. We’ve been proudly runnin’ on Riggs’ Roast since day one!” -Guy Ettinger, Inman Perk Coffee

“Brandon is a roastmaster extraordinaire! In 2006, while at the beginning stages of opening my coffee lounge in Maryland, he worked with me for an entire day to come up with the perfect organic blend. We tried a myriad of blends. It was like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except it was coffee – not too strong, not too weak, and just right! My customers absolutely loved my coffee, and I was able to steal a significant amount of business from the local Starbucks. Although I have since closed my establishment, I can still count on Brandon to periodically roast up a few pounds of my More Than Coffee! Lounge house blend. Now, that’s customer service! Friends forever…congratulations! Luv ya….Michelle (aka Sybil)” – Michelle Wiggs, More Than Coffee

“I first met Brandon in Costa Rica on a buying trip when he was working for The Roasterie. I could see through Brandon’s quiet humbleness that he had quite a bit of coffee knowledge and a desire to learn more about coffee. I had no idea that a year later, he would be on our Stockton Graham & Co. team. It’s been over 12 years, and this short quote cannot express my admiration and appreciation for him as a friend, co-worker and coffee expert. Our success today is directly attributable to not only his coffee skills, but calm, humble manner of working with me, our customers and fellow team members. Perhaps the best evidence of my trust in Brandon is that I have entrusted the sourcing and roast development to him and am no longer allowed to operate his “roasters”. I am always confident that he will ensure that our customers have incredible coffee for their business. The past 12 years has been enjoyable and educational, and I am confident that our next 12 years will be even better. Thank you Brandon.” – Jeff Vojta, Stockton Graham & Co.

It is almost impossible to put into words the magnitude of the impact that Brandon has made on this company. Thousands upon thousands of hours put in, coming in early, staying late and even traveling overseas in search of the best of products, he has sculpted Stockton Graham & Co.’s coffee offering into what it is today.

When asked to reflect on the last 12 years, Brandon said, “I can still smell the coffee every morning when I come in and remove the lids from our containers, and it is as strong and as satisfying as it was on the first day. That is something I love so much, and I hope never changes.”

From employee, to customer, to friend, we would all like to congratulate and thank you on 12 years of a job well done, Mr. Brandon Riggs!

Jeff Vojta, Co-Founder & President
Stockton Graham & Co.

Twenty Years Tells Us… Keep It Fresh!

Spring CleaningIt’s that time of year again when we start our Spring cleaning and begin looking ahead at the warmer months. While keeping a neat and tidy business is important, so is changing things up a little. This can be done a number of easy and inexpensive ways.

Start by moving furniture and fixtures around. This can change the vibe of the store and can even highlight certain products. When we owned retail outlets this technique was especially helpful when certain retail items weren’t moving as quickly we liked. Older items began to sell better, and we didn’t even have to mark them down!

Spring CleaningYou can keep it fresh by adding new items to your menu. Offer seasonal or limited time only options. Customers really respond to new and interesting choices and will often spend more for them.  One of our customer’s introduced a cupcake latte once and sold more of those than mochas during the promotion period.

We’re keeping it fresh too. You can expect to see several new products this Spring (like Sweet Heat from Torani). So, be sure to call us at 800-835-5943 and ask our Customer Care Associates for ideas on what’s new, and what’s old that can be made new again.