Best Beans for Irish Coffee

Stockton Graham Coffees In March, fresh hot coffee gets an added “pick me up” with the addition of a jigger of whiskey and splash of cream. Whether you’re using a classic Donegal recipe or serving a modern iced twist, the trick to great Irish Coffee is picking the right beans.

What’s the right bean choice for Irish Coffee? According to Brandon Riggs, the Roastmaster for Stockton Graham Coffees, it’s best to choose beans with a dark roast profile that can stand up to the decadent flavors of St. Patrick’s Day drinks.

Brandon recommends crafting your Irish Coffee recipe with these Stockton Graham & Co. beans:

Sumatra Silimakuta
This coffee varietal, Sumatra Silimakuta, has been selected by Stockton Graham & Co. for its medium body, cocoa and soft hints of tangerine. Because this coffee is wet-hulled, a unique process that combines elements of both wet and dry processing, it has a distinctive flavor. To bring out the unusual flavor of sweet spices and cocoa with a twist of tangerine, Stockton Graham & Co. roasts Sumatra Silimakuta at a medium-dark level.

French Roast Blend
Coffee drinkers have come to expect French Roast blends wherever they go, so it’s key that your French Roast has a je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. Our French roast is a dark-roasted blend of Central American coffees. This blend has a smooth, inky body and subtle flavor. Though a dark roast, its notable acidity resonates through the flavor profile, brightening towards the end of the tasting experience.

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