Peaberry Coffees

peaberryWhat we call coffee beans are really the pits of the coffee cherry. The “beans” are stripped of the fruit and dried before they become the green beans we use for roasting. The standard cherry has two coffee beans inside its fruit. Coffee trees produce a few undersized berries as a result of low sunlight and various other factors, and these berries have only one coffee bean inside. These smaller pea shaped coffee beans are called “Peaberry” beans.

Every coffee producing country grows peaberry coffee, as they normally appear at the tips of coffee tree branches. A special screen separates the standard berries from the peaberrys and they are collected for processing.  Since a peaberry has only one bean where there is normally two, that one bean absorbs all the flavor. Stockton Graham & Co. Roastmaster Brandon Riggs says, “There is so much flavor packed into the one bean. You will normally find intense and bright flavor notes in your brewed peaberry coffees.”

Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we offer several varietals of peaberry including: Tanzania, Kenya and Brazil. The Tanzanian Peaberry was selected because of its strong level of acidity. The fragrance of this brewed coffee, brings sweet honey like notes to you senses and entices one to enjoy this cup. The enhanced flavor of the peaberry makes the acidity and citrus notes amplified. With it’s bright flavor and creamy body, this coffee will delight a seasoned coffee connoisseur and intrigue your general coffee drinkers. The Kenya Peaberry has bright and peppery acidity, which adds a unique liveliness to your cup. The aroma of this coffee is full of berry notes and spice. This exceptional cup of coffee is smooth and has a long lasting aftertaste. Kenya produces some of the world’s best peaberry beans and this Kenyan is no exception.

If you are looking for an explosion of natural flavor in your coffee, we highly suggest sampling one of our peaberry options. Since peaberry is selected so carefully you can expect to have quality beans in your cup. A premium coffee, there is nothing to compare to the intense flavor notes that a peaberry will offer you. Because peaberrys are round they must be roasted with the utmost delicacy since they tend to roll around more in the roaster and here at Stockton Graham & Co. we are proud to be able to offer these elite and rare varietals of coffee to our customers. Contact our Customer Care Associates or your Sales Representative at 800.835.5943  to request samples to try these coffees in your coffee shop.

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Stockton Graham & Co. is now offering Sweetbird Smoothies

We have always made an effort at Stockton Graham & Co. to offer a wide variety of products in a convenient way. From coffee to smoothies, and training to equipment sales, we enable our retailers to serve fresh, custom-roasted coffees and create distinctive drinks for discriminating guests, enhancing their ability to bring people together in a comfortable atmosphere. With this philosophy in mind, we have decided to expand our smoothie selection to include the Sweetbird smoothie brand. With this addition, Stockton Graham & Co. will now offer seven distinct brand choices for smoothie customers, which will come in handy in the face of those discriminating guests. Furthermore, these smoothies will be on sale at 10% off for the month of July!

Sweetbird smoothies are available in twelve delicious flavors, some of which are currently unavailable in other smoothie brands. More popular flavors like Strawberry, Banana and Mango are well accounted for, but new flavors such as Raspberry-Blackcurrant, Mango-Passion Fruit & Lemon can help add life to a less exotic smoothie menu. Additionally, Sweetbird smoothies are more highly concentrated, which means that small quantities of smoothie puree will produce large amounts of final product. Combine high concentration with their smaller packaging, and Sweetbird can achieve the same results as the competition without crowding your refrigerator.

Sweetbird smoothies are totally fruity and fantastically refreshing. Made with real fruit, they’re bursting with natural goodness and tasty to boot. Four of the Sweetbird flavors are denoted as 100% pure fruit products, and all of the Sweetbird smoothie products are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Moreover, some of the flavors are 99% fat free, gluten free & GMO free, and all twelve flavors are approved by the British Vegetarian Society and for vegan diets by Viva!

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