Easy Idea: Mug Amnesty Day

Feelin’ the heat from a big competitor breathing down your neck? Every month or so promote an event which encourages potential customers to come in and trade a competitors mug or tumbler for a free one of yours, filled with your cafe’s specialty coffee.

By implementing this strategy you not only pull customers away from the competition, but gain loyal customers for the long haul. Additionally, offering “Mug Amnesty” provides incredible value to the customer while at the same time is cost-effective for the owner/operator. It also doesn’t hurt to have a logo seen around town, in the workplace and at home.

In doing a little research, many branded mugs and tumblers can be purchased from anywhere between $2.00 – $4.50, depending on the volume of the order. Some higher end versions can be a little more costly.  When you consider how much quality direct mail advertising costs, etc. five-ten bucks spent to get one regular customer is a steal.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.