New Year’s Promotions for your Coffee Shop

New Year’s can be an easily overlooked holiday with all of the excitement of Christmas ending. As a coffee shop owner, it is very important to stay on top of promotions this time of year, so you don’t see post holiday sales drop. Drops in sales can be related to the annual influx of dieting or personal financial budgets brought on by New Year’s resolutions. This year, most holiday sales may also be impacted by the expiration of the payroll tax credit, which may put further pressure on customer spending. By having New Year’s events and promotions, you can keep your sales level up until the time when resolutions take affect.

Offering more health conscious menu items is a profitable idea to help your customers keep their resolutions. Read our blog on adding these products to your store. It can be as easy as supplementing your normal syrups for sugar-free and offering soy or almond milk choices. If you do make these little changes, always let your customers know about them by having signage promoting your new options, and don’t forget social media. Stockton Graham & Co’s Thom Swain says, “Keeping your barista in the know can go even further than signage, discounts or coupons. They know the customers and can suggest sugar-options to save upwards of 200 calories, to those wishing to “cut back” this time of year.”  You will be helping your customer keep their resolution and drawing in new customers interested in your healthier options. It’s also a great idea to plan an open house night where you showcase your new menu items and let customers sample them.

Try targeting local gyms with your new healthier items. Gym-goers love smoothies after their workouts to replenish their electrolytes, so let your shop be the place they refuel. Talk to the manager about hanging signs or flyers where their customers can see or having special discounts for their members. They will enjoy being able to give their members something special, and you will enjoy their members becoming patrons of your shop! If they have an open house or special event, see if you can set up a sampling table for your coffee or smoothies. You could do a raffle for 4 months free gym membership from your shop, every time they purchase a specialty beverage their name goes into the pot. Also, consider adding supplements to your smoothies or Frappes. Whey protein and energy boosts are just a few of the options you can include for an extra price to help the healthy conscious get their energy back.

Another idea is to have a special “happy hour” on December 31st with promotions on coffee to help people make it to midnight for the ball drop. For example buy one latte get an extra espresso shot for free, doubling the caffeine so they can celebrate the New Year right!

It’s another year to sell and promote specialty coffee and beverages, so have fun with your ideas, and we at Stockton Graham & Co. will keep offering more tips! We wish you and your business the best in the New Year!

Best Practices for Giving Back to the Community during the Holidays

Building strong community ties is a necessity for all business owners and there is no better time than the holiday season to give back and spread some good cheer to your neighbors and those less fortunate.

For some, this year has been tougher than any other, so giving up your profits might not be an option. There are, however, ways to help that can benefit various charities while helping you grow your customer base and sales numbers.

Becoming a drop-off point for items such as canned goods, winter clothing, toys etc. would be a hassle-free and helpful addition for all parties involved. Calling your local food bank or chapter of the American Red Cross is a great place to start. You could also sponsor a family for the season, encouraging customers to donate food and gifts for Christmas.

A current customer of ours previously coordinated a ‘Giving Tree’ after teaming up with a local non-profit in their area. The shop’s customers would pick from various paper ornaments with gift items on them for a neighborhood family. In the mix of various toys and food, the owners also placed coupons for free drinks and price discounts throughout so a customer could have a shot at getting a nice treat for wanting to give.

If you do decide to become a collections area for a charity, you might consider offering folks coupons for beverages when donations of items are made. For example, for every four cans of food a customer brings in, they receive $1.00 off a specialty beverage item. If you bring a guest and eight cans, receive a ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ drip coffee or latte.

Holding an event and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity would be a great idea. Contact other local businesses and offer to be a site for a holiday social with discounted drinks as an incentive and offer to donate $1.00 for every $5.00 spent to the businesses’ charity of choice.

For links, information and further assistance on how you can best reach out and help this year, give us a call at (800) 835-5943 to speak with your Customer Care Associate.

Michael Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.