New Lot: Sumatra Lintong Triple Picked

The nation of Indonesia is composed of thousands of islands which serve as a partition between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. For centuries, Indonesia functioned as the center for trade in Southeast Asia, and the influence of the nation on the trade industry allowed coffee to flourish in places as far away as Western Europe. This coffee varietal has been selected by Stockton Graham & Co. for its full body and chocolaty profile which is a product of the rich soils found on the plantations of the Lintong Highlands.

The Lintong region is located just southwest of the city of Medan, which serves as port for coffee farms in the area. This region is not only an important part of the coffee industry in Indonesia, but the region is also home to Lake Toba. This giant crater lake was formed over 75 thousand years ago due to the volcanic activity that closely resembles the history of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Sumatra Lintong includes the description “Triple Picked,” which refers to a specific sorting process used in this region. Many coffee plantations employ their own method of sorting, but some berries found in Sumatra can over-develop and display very negative flavors. To ensure that these beans are completely eliminated, workers will sort their beans three times before the beans are exported. This extra attention to detail obviously attracts a roaster and will always produce a higher grade of coffee.

At Stockton Graham & Co., this coffee varietal is roasted at a darker level in order to omit winey flavors in favor of milk chocolate notes and a heavy body. Sumatra Lintong is also incorporated into many espresso blends because of its full body and intricate flavor. This sweet and mildly acidic varietal is perfect for drip brewing and can also be appreciated when pressed.