Introducing Guatemala Finca Flor del Rosario

This week, our coffee roasting team has been busy tweaking the levels on our new crop of Guatemala La Cascada. Although we’ve had this coffee for several years, the new crop comes to us from La Finca Flor del Rosario or “Flower of the Rosary Farm.”Guatemala La Cascada from Stockton Graham & Co. Fresh Roasted Coffee

Over the last several years that Stockton Graham & Co. has offered coffee from La Cascada, it has produced coffee that is consistently good with an exquisite roundness and pleasant mouth feel. The Finca Flor del Rosario is no exception.

Flavors of caramel, milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow dance in this smooth, round-bodied coffee. The acidity is bright with a subtle hint of sweet citrus. The aftertaste is crisp and leaves a lingering acidity on the palate.

The entire team at our Raleigh NC coffee roasting facility enjoys the La Finca Flor del Rosario so much that it is now on heavy rotation in our Taste Kitchen, as was last year’s Guatemala La Cascada.

Coffee from Guatemala La Cascada

Guatemala Guatemala La Cascada La Finca Flor del RosarioHacienda La Cascada, which translates to “The Waterfall Estate,” is named for the 100 meter natural spring waterfall that runs through the estate. La Cascada is located in the heart of the Alta Verapaz state in the north central part of the country. This is generally north of Guatemala City and part of the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes mountain range. The main city in Alta Verapaz is called Cobán.

Alta Verapaz is a popular coffee growing region in Guatemala. It is known for its lush jungle and picturesque pools of water that form off waterfalls in the Cahabòn River. A Google search of La Cascada Hacienda is rich with lush images of flowering native plants and rolling waterfalls. To locals, the area near the waterfalls is known as Rainforest Cobán and is almost permanently covered with a fog that locals call chipichipi.

The rich soils and high elevation once hosted abundant sugar plantations. In the 19th Century, most of those sugar plantations were replanted with coffee. Alta Verapaz turned out to be the the perfect growing region to produce exquisite coffee, which is now recognized as one of the finest in both Guatemala and Central America.
Guatemala La Cascada Flor del Rosario

Finca La Flor del Rosario was planted with coffee in 1988/1989 by farmer and owner Horst Spitzke. In addition to coffee, he raises orchids, cardamoms and Guatemala’s national flower Monja Blanca on the 1,400 acre farm. Images of the farm can be seen here.

“Like most coffees from Guatemala, coffee from La Finca Flor Del Rosario shines with citrus fruit and floral notes of the region,” said Brad Kirby, Director of Coffee at Stockton Graham & Co. “Another trademark of the Flor Del Rosario is its sweet caramelized finish. The aftertaste is lively and crisp.”

For more information on our new Guatemala La Cascada from La Finca Flor del Rosario, please call us at 800 835 5943 or email