The LA Coffee Business School & SGC Partnership

January 17, 2011 – Raleigh, NC – Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to announce its continued support of The Los Angeles Coffee Business School. Stockton Graham & Co.® is a coffee roaster as well as a wholesale specialty beverage, equipment and accessory supply company. With over fifteen years of experience in the coffee business, Stockton Graham & Co. finds an additional niche in industry education. The team at Stockton Graham & Co. makes a strong effort to share their knowledge through outreach programs such as “Barista Certification” and “Coffee College.” These programs ultimately introduce students to the fundamentals of café operation, but there is always a strong emphasis on business education. The Los Angeles Coffee School also teaches basic barista skills, but they place an even larger weight on business operation fundamentals. The common goal of both organizations proves to be the same, promote business education. For this reason, Stockton Graham will continue to show its support through sponsorship for 2011.

The Los Angeles Coffee School is an innovative institute dedicated to the promotion of business principles specifically developed for coffee shops. Students who attend are coached by Ed Arvidson, a well-respected member of the coffee industry for more than thirty years.

Arvidson, who is also a leader in café consulting, is unlike most of the café professionals I have come in contact with. Upon listening to his lectures at “Coffee Fest” in October, it is clear that Ed is a businessman first and a coffee enthusiast second. His ability to show highly skilled people how best to showcase their talents has enabled hundreds of new cafés to succeed. CEO and founder of Stockton Graham & Co. Jeff Vojta comments, “We have worked with Ed on a number of our accounts over the years and his insight and assistance have consistently enabled those accounts to perform at levels higher than they would have otherwise. His instruction is based on his first-hand knowledge and observations tested and proven time and time again. We consider it an honor to be involved with his operation.”

With such a common outlook on the industry, the cooperation between Stockton Graham & Co. and The LA Coffee Business School is a no-brainer. The positive results are beneficial for everyone in the industry.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.