How to Stay Current on Industry News

As a member of the specialty coffee industry, it is important to stay abreast of all coffee related news. Prices, trends, customer habits and international phenomenon all affect the success of your business. Of course you can read newspapers and watch commodity prices, but it can be difficult to form a complete view of the coffee industry with so many different sources of information.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America makes it easy to stay on top of things with a quarterly update of industry news and trends. At the beginning of each financial quarter, the “SCAA Quarterly Sector Report” is released, and valuable data is organized into one, easy to chew document. Information about sales trends, pricing trends and even a breakdown of drink popularity in the United States is included in this report. Stockton Graham & Co. utilizes this report to keep our company current and to ensure that we are meeting the requirements that our customers set. Stockton Graham & Co. has also been a proud member of the SCAA for many years.

“The SCAA is pleased to be partnering with Cleveland Research Company, an independent research firm specializing in proprietary channel research with a goal to identify trends and inflections that impact the financial performance and outlook across multiple companies and industries. This partnership has allowed us to deliver more timely information and a consistent stream of reports to our members and other industry professionals. The analysis is deeper and more specific, bringing you the essential data that you need to run a successful business in the specialty coffee industry. We offer this survey in quarterly installments, with an extensive overview published at the end of the year.”

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