Stockton Graham & Co. Plans for Growth with Additions to Team

Jeff Vojta, co-founder and President of Stockton Graham & Co., has announced the promotion of Matthew Hogan to Customer Care Supervisor, as well as the addition of Joshua Hamilton and Katie Barnes as Customer Care Associates.

Matthew Hogan has been a Customer Care Associate for Stockton Graham & Co. since 2010, assisting coffeehouse owners in finding the right specialty coffees, beverage products and equipment to provide customers with a unique coffeehouse experience. In his new role as Customer Care Supervisor, Hogan will assist in coordinating, training and coaching the customer care group to help the company continue to deliver outstanding customer service to customers, as well as increase the company’s sales and profitability.

“Matthew has proven to be such a valued customer care team member, and I’m proud to be able to recognize him with these new duties,” said Vojta. “His strong business development and marketing background has helped strengthen our inside sales efforts, and we’re ready to take that to the next level. I’m looking forward to empowering him to take on the management responsibilities required in this new role.”

Joshua Hamilton has served as a manager in the beverage industry and barista since 2000, including roles at Bushiban Coffee Co. and Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. He holds an Associates in Science degree in Business from Louisburg College.

Katie Barnes was the owner of Leapin’ Lizards coffeehouse from 2009-2012. Previously, she worked there as a Barista and then Manager. Barnes holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management from East Carolina University.

As Customer Care Associates, Hamilton and Barnes will be responsible for assisting customers in finding the right specialty coffees, beverages, equipment and accessories to provide a unique coffeehouse experience to their guests.

According to Vojta, “Josh and Katie bring a variety of skills that will be of great value to our customers and enhance all of our skills as a team. I’m confident these new hires will position us for a prosperous 2013.”

For more information about Stockton Graham & Co.® and its products, or to place an order, call 800.835.5943.

Stockton Graham “Pinning”

You can now find Stockton Graham fully engaged in the world of Pinterest. Why you may ask? Comscore claims Pinterest was the fastest growing social media site in June 2012 for visitors and search engine clicks, and we want to get the word out about our great coffee! Second of all, it’s just plain fun; we can post recipes with allied products, promote our coffee, interact with some gorgeous photography, show coffee art and share news from the industry. The main reason we at Stockton Graham see the value in using Pinterest is, it’s just another outlet to show our expertise and passion for specialty coffee. We have latte art from our associates, we interact with allied products pages and just celebrate the joys and fun that is coffee and the coffee industry.

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