Wishing You A HEALTHY New Year

SGC-specialty-beverage One of the top New Year’s resolutions, year after year, is to lose weight and be more healthy. Give your customers’ health kick a boost by providing them healthy options from Dr. Smoothie! This line of purees is the perfect solution to the yearly health craze, and each whole fruit or veggie smoothie includes a full FIVE servings of fruit in a 20 oz. beverage. Free of gluten, dairy, preservatives and artificial flavors, Dr. Smoothie purees are sure to satisfy most diets your customers are trying to stick to through the New Year.

Order the Dr. Smoothie products mentioned in the recipes below by calling 800 835 5943. 

cherry_gone_wildCherries Gone Wild
2 oz. water
3 oz. Dr. Smoothie Wild Cherry Cranberry Concentrate
3 oz. Dr. Smoothie Acai Plus Concentrate
16 oz. Cup of ice
Add the ingredients in the order listed above and blend.


caramel_appleCaramel Apple
2 oz. water
3 oz. Dr. Smoothie Northwest Red Apple Orchard Concentrate
2 oz. – 3 oz. caramel sauce
15 oz. cup of ice
Add the ingredients in the order listed above and blend.



Peach Pumpkin Pie
2 oz. water
4 oz. Dr. Smoothie Peach Pear Apricot Concentrate
1 oz. pumpkin pie filling
2 tbsp. Café Essentials Chai Original
2 tsp. Café Essentials Vanilla Cream
16 oz. cup of 3/4” ice
Add the ingredients in the order listed above and blend.

Building Your Business with Frozen Blended Drinks!

frappeSmoothies and frappes are among the fastest growing segments in the specialty beverage industry.  According to our product vendors, frappe sales bloomed to $4.3 billion in 2012 alone. Smoothies are also on the rise… they are increasing at a sales rate of $2 billion per year and expected to reach the $9 billion plateau (worldwide) by 2015. There is money to be made with these blended specialty drinks, and Stockton Graham & Co. is here to help you!

Frozen coffees and frappes first hit the stage in the late 90’s when Starbucks introduced the “Frappuccino®”. From then on massive franchises and independent, locally owned shops alike have implanted these frozen treats into their beverage menus with tremendous success. The flavors available are endless, drinks can be blended with milk alternatives for those with dairy aversions, and health supplements can be easily added to every drink! Frappes also appeal to coffee lovers when the weather is warm, and hot drinks, like drip coffee or espresso, seem less appealing. With leading industry brand names such as Big Train, Caffe D’ Amore, Dr. Smoothie- Café Essentials and recently Torani Real Cream, adding frappes to your menu can nearly quadruple your margin per ounce.

Fruit smoothies are nothing new to this industry, but in the past few years, their sales have reached all-time highs. Fact is, only about half of the population in the U.S. claims to be “coffee drinkers”, so there is still a large market for alternative specialty beverages.  Smoothie sales are sky rocketing, not only due to the fact that smoothies are so delicious, but also because of the diversity of their market. The smoothie market appeals to children, adults, the health conscious, customers looking for a sweet treat, or those needing a meal replacement to get through their day. Nearly every fast food franchise has made smoothies a permanent fixture on their menu, showing how valuable they are to the specialty beverage menu. Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we offer leading smoothie brands such as Dr. Smoothie, Torani, Jet, Monin and more, so be sure not to miss out this smoothie season!

Dr. Smoothie is offering a promotion right now to show you how well supplements fit into your smoothie business. If you buy 2 cases or more of Dr. Smoothie concentrate, you will receive a 3lb jar of Whey protein for free. Read more about this promotion and the benefits of supplements in our recent blog. DaVinci and Jet are also offering a promotion to show you how blended drinks can be easily flavored with syrups to add a special touch. Click here for more information. Our vendors know that blended drinks are a big seller, and they are looking to meet all your needs in this market.

If one or both of these drinks are missing from your shop’s menu, this is the perfect time to add them. For the rest of this month, Stockton Graham & Co. is INSTANTLY giving away several FREE cases of frappe powder or smoothie concentrate with ANY purchase of a Vitamix or Blendtec blender. The sales generated from the free product will cover the complete cost for multiple blender packages, so be sure to check this promotion out if a blender is (or will be) on your shopping list! For more information on our blender/free product promotion, visit our blending equipment page.

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to frozen beverage sales and the profits they can generate. Here at Stockton Graham & Co., we can help outfit your store with the right frappes, smoothies and blenders. We even offer a Specialty Beverage Basics Coffee College course to assist your shop in learning to prepare these blended beverages. Adding these drinks to you menu now can be fast, easy and most importantly, profitable, so be sure to call us at 800.835.5943 to get your frozen beverage program started today!

Offer Your Guests A “Healthy Hybrid” Between Tea and Coffee with Caffeine-Free, Antioxidant-rich red espresso® Rooibos Tea

Lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that health-conscious consumerism has become more than just a trend. As Americans are losing confidence in their ability to pay for healthcare even as the economy shows signs of turning around, there has been a shift toward an increasingly health-conscious attitude, making the need for more healthy alternatives on your menu greater than ever!

Earning respect from the health community for taking Rooibos (and health) to unprecedented levels of sophistication and good taste, red espresso® is an easy off-ramp onto the healthy highroad if you want to offer your guests a healthy drink that won’t cramp their style, or their fun. This South African product was first introduced to the US market in 2007, with Stockton Graham & Co. as the first distributor, and we’re excited to announce that we have recently been named the exclusive Master Distributor for red espresso ® in the United States.

red espresso® is the world’s first Rooibos tea espresso. Made from 100% premium espresso ground Rooibos tea which has been refined under patent for use in espresso machines, red espresso® is the first tea to play by coffee’s rules! Offering a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee and a sophisticated twist on tea, red espresso® fuses – for the first time worldwide – café culture and health in a product that is as delicious as it is different.

Naturally caffeine-free, naturally sweet (red espresso® is low in tannin) and loaded with 5 X more antioxidants than green tea and 10 X more antioxidants than a regular cup of Rooibos tea (per ORAC measurements), red espresso® replaces caffeine’s kick with a vital health punch! Like coffee espresso, red espresso® is the basis for a range of delicious ‘red drinks’, including the popular red latte®, red cappuccino® and fresh red® natural iced tea. 100% natural, red espresso® contains no preservatives, additives or colourants.

A uniquely South African innovation, red espresso® was created by Western Cape farmer and former coffee addict, Carl Pretorius when he was seeking a healthy alternative to caffeine. The product is perfect for coffee drinkers who want the coffee experience without the caffeine (at all, or in the afternoon), tea drinkers looking for a more sophisticated, coffee-style alternative to tea; health conscious people who want to participate in café culture while looking after their health; pregnant women, nursing moms, athletes and even kids. It’s also popular with people who are interested in new, innovative products.

red espresso® offers a healthy alternative to coffee without compromising on taste or style – and satisfies my need for an authentic espresso experience. I didn’t want to give up on the ritual and sophistication of coffee, but I also didn’t want to drink an ordinary cup of tea,” said Pretorius. “Delicious, full-bodied, caffeine-free and even coated with crema, red espresso® is my solution to having the best of both: good health and espresso style.”

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is enjoying global attention and popularity for its health benefits and is fast becoming renowned as a drink that tastes delicious, is versatile and rich in antioxidants. Expressing the pure essence of Rooibos, red espresso® is a super-powerful free radical fighter. With no caffeine and enough antioxidants to meet your daily quota, enjoying red espresso® – as a red cappuccino®, red latte®, fresh red® or red frappe® – is a delicious, effortless way of looking after your guests’ greatest wealth: their health.

Click here to learn more healthy facts about red espresso®: The Stylish Way To Be Healthy

More info:
red espresso®: Source to seed to cup.
The Future of Espresso is Red.
red espresso®: Join the revolution.

To offer red espresso® in your coffeehouse or cafe, please contact us at (800) 835-5943 today!

Need a healthy beverage for dieters? Try tea…

Tea has been consumed throughout its history, not only for its refreshing, energizing and soothing taste but originally for its important healing properties which now are backed up by scientific evidence. Research shows that drinking up to 5 cups a day of tea offers many health benefits. But why is tea so healthy?

Brewed tea contains a high level of polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins (found in higher quantities in higher quality teas), more commonly referred to as antioxidants. These compounds are found more abundantly in white and green teas. Another antioxidant, called theaflavin, is found after the processing of black teas. All of these antioxidants attack the cell damaging “free radicals” which are linked to cancer causing genes and heart damaging plaque and cholesterol.

In addition, tea contains many important vitamins, minerals and essential oils including Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Thiamin, Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, Manganese, Potassium, Fluoride and Folic Acid.

Two Leaves and a Bud tea is available through Stockton Graham & Co. Both retail and foodservice packaging is available. Call (800) 835-5943 to request a sample or to receive more information on their line.