Spice up the Holidays in your Coffee shop with Gingerbread Recipes!

It’s almost December, and that means it is time to start thinking about introducing that special holiday flavor that all your customers will be asking for, Gingerbread! When these holiday treats are added to your menu, your shop will be filled with cheer!

Gingerbread Latte/Cappuccino: The essential specialty creation of the season! For a 12oz latte or cappuccino start with 2 pumps of gingerbread syrup, add 2 shots of espresso and top it off with velvety steamed milk! A delicious variation on this drink is to add chocolate, white chocolate or even caramel sauce, as Gingerbread goes well with any of these flavors. Allow your customers to get creative by picking their favorite one. The recipe is the same as above, just add one pump of the chosen sauce before pulling the espresso shots. Then give the mixer a slight stir, add the steamed milk and serve!

Gingerbread brewed coffee: Possibly the easiest holiday beverage you can create! Simply add 2 pumps of gingerbread syrup to a small cup of brewed coffee and voila! You have a delicious and inexpensive holiday treat that adds festive flavor to your already delicious coffee!

Gingerbread Steamer: A child and adult friendly concoction that has all the flavor of the holiday, without the caffeine and coffee! For a 12oz steamer, add 3 pumps (to get achieve maximum flavor potential) of gingerbread syrup to smooth steamed milk! This can be topped with whipped cream and garnished with sprinkle of cinnamon sugar!

Gingerbread Chai: For a 12oz gingerbread chai, we suggest adding 3 pumps of gingerbread syrup to your shop’s chai-of-choice! The strong spice and flavor profile of chai tea requires a touch more gingerbread syrup to get the full holiday effect, but it is a phenomenal wintry beverage! Chai sales have been on the rise, so offering a seasonal option of this beverage is a great idea!

Gingerbread syrup can also be added to your whipped cream for even more festive drinks! Just add 3oz of Gingerbread syrup to a 1/2 pint of whipped cream and you have more gingerbread flavor to share!

For more information on gingerbread ideas or other seasonal flavor recipes call Stockton Graham & Co. at 800-835-5943! Happy holidays!