Sneak Preview of Monin Spring/Summer 2011 Merchandising Kits

The new Monin Spring/Summer Merchandising Kit for core coffee clients is currently being built. Look for this new kit to arrive around April 1st.

The featured drink recipes are:

Sunshine Mocha: Iced Mocha, featuring Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce and Candied Orange Syrup
Chocolate Mint Frappe: Frozen Frappe, featuring Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce and the option of Monin Frosted Mint, Peppermint or Green Mint Syrup
Spiced N’ Iced Praline Latte: Iced latte, featuring Monin Spiced Brown Sugar and Praline Syrup
Peach Melba Latte: Iced latte, featuring Monin Strawberry, Vanilla and Peach Syrups
Chilled Mango Chai: Iced Chai Tea, featuring Monin Mango Syrup and Chai Tea Concentrate
Strawberry Cream Soda: Iced Cream Soda, featuring Monin Vanilla and Strawberry Syrup
Caramel Toffee Frappe: Frozen Frappe, featuring Monin Caramel Sauce and Toffee Nut Syrup
Iced Crème Macchiato: Iced latte, featuring Monin Vanilla Syrup and Caramel Sauce. Also available in a light version using Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
& Flavored Whipped Cream: Flavored whipped cream recipe, suggested flavors: Monin Vanilla, Frosted Mint, Peppermint, Green Mint, Spiced Brown Sugar, Toffee Nut and Praline Syrups

If you aren’t already signed up to automatically receive the new kits, please contact Stockton Graham & Co. at (800) 835-5943 to enroll FOR FREE.


“La Passion de la Qualité”: A Brief History of Monin


The partnership between Monin and Stockton Graham & Co. spans the better part of the last two decades. Monin syrup first made its appearance in our retail shops back in the mid-90s. As we transitioned the business from retail to wholesale, Monin came along for the ride.

Stockton Graham & Co. is a long-time distributor of Monin syrups, sauces, sweeteners and purees because we share their commitment to provide uncompromising quality on each and every application they produce.

To place an order for Monin, please give us a call at (800) 835-5943.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.