2010 Ethiopian Cupping Caravan

Stockton Graham & Co.’s Director of Coffee and Roastmaster Brandon Riggs is attending the 2010 Ethiopian Cupping Caravan through Harrar.  He will be one of 12 international coffee buyers to meet  with the farmers and producers of some of the world’s best coffees. It is designed to benefit the buyers and producers to exchange information about what the buyers are looking for in a cup and to understand how farmers impact the cup quality.

“I’m really excited to visit the birthplace of coffee,” said Riggs.

He will be in Ethiopia for about a week in March.

Using all-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles and mobile cupping units, the teams of buyers and guides will explore the Harrar region to visit farms, cooperative mills and cup in-person with the people growing and processing the coffee.  The goal of this 2010 Cupping Caravan is improve communications and understandings of the coffees to ultimately result in higher quality for the consumer and higher prices for the farmers.

We are honored to have Brandon participate in this endeavor to encourage relationships between Stockton Graham & Co. and Ethiopian farmers to provide great coffees to our customers and to help the farmers achieve higher revenues and lowers costs.

The 2010 Ethiopia Cupping Caravans are organized by Boot Coffee Consulting, with a grant from the United States Agency for International Development, and features the participation of large sectors of the Ethiopian coffee industry, as well as 24 leading coffee companies from around the world.

Jeff Vojta
Stockton Graham & Co.