Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend Now with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Stockton’s newest Iced Coffee Blend now features our delicious Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, a coffee bean with a blend of sweet and bright notes that is perfect for those hot and humid peak summer months.

“The Yirgacheffe is a lighter roast that has a sweet floral taste with refreshing lemon notes,” says Alex Jeans, Customer Care Associate and resident barista here at Stockton Graham & Co. “This makes it a refreshing treat for those hot days. This is such a versatile bean with its complex flavors that it is great for both hot and cold beverages.”

YirgacheffeOur obsession with finding the finest beans to make your coffee taste even better pushes us to try new blends and brews. Using our passion, we set to work on finding the perfect coffee for the climbing temperatures coming soon.

At a recent tasting, our roasters, baristas and coffee enthusiasts tried several beans and roasts, brewed in multiple formats, and decided that the Yirgacheffe was a better bean to craft the perfect iced coffee selection for the hot, humid summer.

Our previous Iced Coffee Blend, introduced in March, featured the Brazil Alta Mogiana Peaberry. This is a great coffee with a sweeter finish that is perfect for those early spring days. It’s also a great transitional choice as customers move from hot coffee to cold coffee throughout the day.

“Fine coffees, like fine wines, carry flavors and other attributes that seem to be more enjoyable in certain seasons, and so we wanted to focus the flavor of our Iced Coffee Blend for the summer season,” said Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster for Stockton Graham & Co. “The Yirgacheffe was chosen for its lighter floral taste that we thought would be more refreshing for the coming warmer months.”

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe has a soft body with a zesty lemon note that is combined with a nice floral taste. This makes it perfect for iced coffees because of the light nuanced flavor.

A lot of the flavor of the coffee has to do with how it is processed. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is processed using the wet method. After the fruit is sorted, the berry covering the bean is removed with water before it is dried. This leaves a bright, crisp flavor.

As coffee drinkers are looking for more diverse flavors, demand is being filled with more specialty roasts from all over the world. This has caused Ethiopian coffee to become even more popular. Ethiopia is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world with a production capacity of 379,500 tons exported a year. The government intends to quadruple that number within the next four years, making this special bean more easily accessible than ever before. And this is good news for the coffee drinkers!

A bean this special requires care in brewing. Our Stockton Graham & Co. tastemakers recommend brewing the coffee over ice, which preserves its flavor profile and allows you to refine the extraction.

The brewed coffee when immediately introduced to ice, stalls the oxidation process and preserves the flavor that was created when brewed hot.

These are our two recommended brewing techniques:

Pour-Over Method (20 oz Serving)
20 gr coffee: 180 gr water: 100 gr ice

Brew Method

  1. Grind 20 grams of Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend fine (about the coarseness of table salt).
  2. Fold filter, place it into filter holder, pre-wet it and discard wetting water.
  3. Add coffee to filter and tare.
  4. Place 100 grams of ice and place in carafe on which the filter can rest.
  5. Using water just off a boil, add a small amount of water to the coffee grounds, allowing them to bloom and begin to drain. Slowly add water in small increments.
  6. Brew time should be approximately 3.5 minutes.
  7. Swirl mixture until all ice is melted to ensure uniform dilution.
  8. Pour coffee over ice in a 20 oz cup and serve.

Airpot Brewer/Double-Strength Method (3.8 Liters/1 gallon)
250 gr coffee: 2400 gr water: 1500 gr ice
Yield: 1 gallon

Brew Method

  1. Grind 250 grams of Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend. Grind slightly finer than drip setting.
  2. Add coffee to filter basket.
  3. Get ½ gallon of ice and place in 1-gallon container.
  4. Place container under coffee brewer.
  5. Brew coffee on ½ gallon-batch setting
  6. Once brewing has stopped, add clean, fresh and filtered water to mixture to 1 gallon.
  7. Swirl mixture until all ice is melted to ensure uniform dilution.
  8. Store in refrigerator to maintain optimal flavor. Discard daily.
  9. To serve, pour over ice.

To discuss brewing techniques with our master brewers or to order Stockton’s Iced Coffee Blend ($7.95/lb.), call 800 835 5943.