Retail Coffee Can “Fill in the Gaps”

Coffee prices are on the rise again and so are the number of people drinking coffee at home. Specialty coffee has become a regular part of the lives of millions of Americans and they can’t go without. This trend is one coffee shop owners should enjoy hearing about because while a customer might not come in five days per week, they might come in twice and buy a pound of coffee to take home for the rest of the week. Marketing will help draw people in, but successful cafés and businesses of all fields have learned to cope and adapt to their environment by analyzing trends and adapting. Those who are unable to cater to a tight economy will ultimately pay the price. So, at this point you may be thinking, “how can I adapt?” There is no simple answer to this question, but retail coffee is an avenue that shows a lot of potential.

Retail coffee has allowed big chain coffee shops to deal with the fact that people cannot spend as much, and because there is little-to-no overhead cost it is almost a no-brainer. Coffee sold as retail will allow your customers to stay hooked to your product and it will offer free advertising. A major element that coffee shops fail to account for is drink preparation. When coffee is purchased and consumed at your store it is relatively easy to maintain control over the variables that affect brewing. Your employees are hopefully well-trained and will be able to deliver a great cup of coffee. The problem arises when your retail coffee leaves the door. Suppose a customer takes a bag of your house blend home and prepares a batch of coffee for their guests in a percolator! This could have negative effects on your image and could even steer people away from your shop. The solution to this problem is to include an informational sheet with your coffee. Stress to your customers how important brew technique in regards to taste and include specific instructions that outline the consequences of not following those instructions. If your customers take pride in your coffee, you can bet that their house guests and friends will take pride in your coffee shop as well.

ALL Stockton Graham & Co. coffees are available in 12 oz. retail packaging. Choose our labels, or request unlabeled to use your own. Our retail cases offer an affordable and simple solution to best fit your business needs. Get prepared for the holiday season today by contacting your customer care associate today to plan your retail offerings at (800) 835-5943!

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.