Earth Day Promotions for Your Cafe

EarthdayThe spring season brings beauty to our surroundings, creating a sense of renewal, restoring color and life to plants and livening spirits. Show your appreciation for nature with some environmentally friendly promotions this Earth Day: Monday April 22nd!

If you don’t already offer discounts for people who bring in their own mugs or other reusable beverage containers, Earth Day is a great day to consider doing this promotion. Not only does this decrease paper waste but it also saves you money on the cost of cups! Have a sale on your personalized tumblers or ceramic mugs to promote decreasing your waste output. This also gets your brand more exposure as your customers continue through their day.

Offer discounts on coffees, signature beverages or smoothies for cyclists who visit your cafe during April. This could range from your road-riders to your daily commuters who choose to be environmentally conscious, and reduce their carbon footprint! Make sure you let your customers know about these promotions with flyers and a social media campaign.

Collaborate with your roaster to promote an organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance or other specialty coffee in your cafe. Not only does this benefit the environment and coffee farms, but it would also give you an opportunity to educate customers on the significance of these coffee options. Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we offer a few sustainable coffees that your customers would love!

Contact your local ecofriendly groups and see if you can sponsor one of their Earth Day events with your coffee! This is a great way to show your community, not just your customers, that you are helping out. Many groups do park and river cleanups, planting trees events and educational festivals to promote environmentally friendly thinking. Your coffee would be a welcomed contribution, and could open the doors to new customers for your shop!

Coffee is a plant that needs a healthy environment to grow strong and produce the delicious beans we brew into our cup. Here at Stockton Graham & Co. we encourage you to make this delicious beverage available for years to come by helping to take care of our world. Promoting your environmentally friendly ways within your community can bring in new ecofriendly customers into your shop and give you a sense of joy for doing good. It’s not easy being green, but taking care of our environment will offer so much more in the long run. If you are looking for more ideas to celebrate with this April 22nd give us a call at 800.835.5943 and our Customer Care Associates can discuss more options with you!

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Build Your Business: Go Green This Spring!

Green-cupOne of the perks of spring is spending more time outdoors. To say “Thanks” to Mother Nature, do the responsible thing and make an effort for your shop to be a little greener. Nowadays, an ecofriendly lifestyle can be found almost anywhere, even in your coffee shop. “Green cafes” are increasing in popularity all over the country, and it is a great way to attract customers by showing them that you are making an effort to help make the environment better for everyone.

For those who like the idea of going green but, think it will require a lot of extra time, effort and money, think again. Going green is not only beneficial to the environment, it can be done at little to no cost or extra effort to you. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep both the environment and your wallet green.

Offer Stockton Graham Coffees
Several of Stockton Graham & Co.’s coffees are roast-to-order sustainable coffees. Sustainable coffees are certified or verified by an accredited third party as organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, shade grown and more. Our sustainable single-origin selection is a great way to start exploring green coffees to add to your menu. We also offer blends that meet sustainable certifications as well, including a great organic espresso blend: Organic San Remo. To learn more about Stockton Graham & Co.’s sustainable coffees or inquire about samples, call your Customer Care Associate at 800.835.5943 today!

Switch to Paperless Invoices
Stockton Graham & Co. has been offering paperless invoicing for several years now, and it is a great way to cut down on paper use. We can send you a digital copy of your invoice, at your preferred email, with one click of the mouse. If you are not already signed up to receive your invoices via email, be sure to ask your Customer Care Representative the next time you place your order. They will be happy to update your information, and help you reduce your paper usage!

Keep your Equipment Clean
It may not be in your budget to purchase new high-efficiency appliances, but there’s no reason you can’t make sure the appliances you have are operating at peak performance. Keeping your grinders, blenders, brewers & etc. clean is not only safer, but it will allow your equipment to run much more efficiently. This also helps secure the longevity of your equipment, and to cut down on your power bill each month.

Reuse your Coffee Grounds
As a coffee shop owner, you know how much coffee grounds are left over every day. The question is, what do you do with them? If you are just throwing them away, you can make them useful! Coffee grounds happen to be very acidic, so they make for a great fertilizer for acid-loving plants. If you have plants such as roses or azaleas in or outside of your shop, coffee grounds will help your plants look better than ever! Let your customers know about these gardening benefits and see if they wish to pick up grounds from your shop. You can also use the bulk bags that your coffee comes in, as means to give grounds away to gardening customers. Coffee grounds in your garden are also an organic way to deter some types of plant-eating bugs.

Offer Recycling
With the amount of plastic and paper that you and your customers go through, make sure there are designated recycling bins in your shop. If you only have trashcans, you haven’t allowed your customers an opportunity to separate their trash from recyclables. Setting up recycling is extremely easy, and one of the most recognizable ways to show your customers that you’re doing your part for the environment. Make sure your recycling bins are clearly labeled so customers know exactly where to place their recyclables.

Have Discounts for Reusable Mugs or Tumblers
To cut back on to-go cup trash, encourage your customers to bring in their own to-go mugs for filling with your coffee. Offer discounts on beverages for customers who re-use. This not only cuts down on your cup costs and water usage, it also helps reduce paper cups making their way into a landfill. Go further, and offer tumblers with your logo on them for refilling. Customers will be helping the environment and sporting your brand!

Save Electricity
Consider replacing the light bulbs in your shop with more energy efficient LED bulbs. While they may seem pricey at first, these bulbs prove to last 25 times longer. This reduces your shop’s energy usage and time spent replacing old bulbs! These bulbs also contain no mercury or lead, so they are all around better for the environment. To save more energy, look into programming the thermostat in your store to save on HVAC costs. There is no need for comfortable temperatures when the store is not occupied.

Purchase in Bulk
Buying products in bulk is a great way to reduce cost and your carbon footprint. Instead of having your delivery truck make two deliveries, save all your orders for once and reduce the carbon that is released from the trucks. Stockton Graham & Co. encourages this by offering Free Freight on large shipments. Cups, straws and other shelf stable products are great products to purchase in bulk and take advantage of this great deal.

These are just a few ways that you can make your café a little “greener”. To many people, a green business is a responsible business and those are often the establishments they choose to offer their loyalty to. With little effort and cost, you can really make an impressive change that will allow you to feel better about making a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line. We have implemented many of these practices and more at Stockton Graham & Co. to help reduce waste and our carbon footprint. Contact us at 800.835.5943 to learn more about cutting down on your normal costs, and bringing new customers in the door!

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The 10 Best Ways to Market to Local Schools As A Specialty Beverage Retailer

Your local school system is an excellent target for increasing sales. The opportunities for attracting repeat business are seemingly endless. Here are a few ideas on how your coffee shop could benefit:

-After receiving the proper clearance with administrators, focus on making one visit per month to a different local school. Come armed with airpots of your house blend, coupons and bakery items to give away and head straight to the teacher’s lounge. Chat up the teachers and don’t forget to leave behind some branded mugs at the coffee pot.

Cater a meeting of the Parent Teacher Association. Many times these meetings are held too early for attendees to have had dinner and not too late for a cup of coffee. Set-up a table in a high-traffic area for parents to grab a snack and a cup of coffee as attendees are meeting and greeting. Decaf and coupons should be in order, too.

Become a book donation drop-off point and give a discount to customers for bringing in used books.

-If you happen to be lucky enough to be near a high school or university, offer to host student organization meetings with group discounts to encourage purchases.

-Younger children are always selling something for school. Why not sell retail bags of your coffee for booster clubs? All of Stockton Graham and Co.’s coffee is available in retail, 12 oz. bags, which are ideal for an undertaking such as this. If you need pricing, be sure to contact your Customer Care Associate at (800) 835-5943. Based on your needs, we can customize a solution.

-Constant discounts for teachers and administrators.

What about grabbing attention to and from school? We always encourage our Stockton Graham & Co. customers to ask, Where are my customers coming from when they visit the shop and where do they go when they leave? Chances are, a large majority of patrons will be either heading to or coming from the school. With that in mind, ask yourself, What would I want and need if I was driving the car pool van? What would the kids need?

Revamp your kids menu. Think of every child in the car pool van as a potential customer. How many sales do you lose out on when mom or dad grabs only one mocha and splits? In the morning, juice boxes and naturally decaffeinated red espresso-based drinks make for nice add-on sales. Also, push hot chocolate, slushes made with your syrup and add lots of toppings to get kids to buy with their eyes.

-Offer discounts to students (and the parents of students) who have been named to the Honor Roll.

Add a healthier grab and go food item. Many parents don’t want to sacrifice health for quick service and convenience. One awesome option is Umpqua Oats. With Umpqua Oats, your customers don’t have to sacrifice anything…and you don’t have to sacrifice speed and consistency. For additional tips on how to position oatmeal in your location, check out this previous blog entry, HERE.

Hold a school supply drive. Pass out discounts to customers who bring in binders, calculators, pencils, etc.


Save Money 'Everyday'

With the current economic pressures, Stockton Graham & Co. is trying to help soften the blow to our customers and pass along any extra savings we can, which is why we developed the Everyday Value & Savings Program.

This program is designed to help save you money on the items you purchase the most. For example, if you buy six or more cases of Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit, you save $3.00 per case.  Purchase eight cases in those hot summer months and that’s an automatic savings of $24.00! It’s the perfect way to stock up on fast-moving SKUs when you need them the most and increase your profits at the same time.

Everyday Savings works in conjunction with our Free Freight program.

For more info on how Stockton Graham can save you money on all your specialty beverage needs, call us at 800.835.5943.

Mike Adams, Customer Care
Stockton Graham & Co.