Dilworth Coffee Anniversary Event

STG513-ID-DWCstickerOur sister company, Dilworth Coffee is celebrating their 25th anniversary of providing craft-roasted coffee to the Charlotte area. To celebrate this significant achievement with their customers, the four licensed stores hosted a Free Coffee Day on November 18th 2014 featuring their 25th anniversary coffee, Organic Willow Oak Estate Blend. Dilworth Coffee’s 25th anniversary coffee was roasted exclusively for the store by Stockton Graham & Co.’s team. Don Keen, founder of Dilworth Coffee, made appearances at three of the stores on the day of the event.

For the Dilworth Coffee event, a press release was sent to local media outlets, the event was promoted on social media and added to community calendars, posters were hung at the stores and “bounce-back” coupons were given out to guests. Customers across Charlotte were delightfully greeted with free cups of Dilworth Coffee on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Dilworth Coffeehouse. Don Keen, the founder of Charlotte’s original and enduring coffee brand along with Thom Swain from Stockton Graham & Co. visited area locations to meet and greet customers. Some life-long Charlotteans were sure to stop and thank Don for his contributions to the coffee community. One visitor recounted her childhood memories of the intoxicating smell of roasting coffee that floated in the air in the Dilworth neighborhood. The impact of Dilworth Coffee’s commitment to excellence and customer service is as evident today as it was when the Keens first opened their café in the Dilworth neighborhood twenty-five years ago.

Reviews of the new anniversary blend were glowing; Organic Willow Oak Estate blend harkens back to the origins of Dilworth Coffee at the former home of the Keens who once lived on Willow Oak Dr. The alluring aroma of this coffee, which blends Latin and Indonesian coffees and is matched by its seamless balance of mild chocolate and spicy notes drew customers in, and will surely have them coming back for more. For a limited time, area Dilworth Coffeehouse locations are still offering a free commemorative mug with the purchase of a pound of Organic Willow Oak Estate.

With the coffee market fluctuating within the recent months, many of our customers are cutting budgets, with marketing and events being the one of the first things to go. This can be detrimental to a business that needs to be constantly promoting itself to new customers while giving regular customers a reason to come back more often. By hosting or sponsoring an event, a coffee shop strengthens relationships with their customer base and the community. It is also a great way to garner media exposure by contacting local outlets and adding the event to online community calendars.

Events are great ways to promote your stores and bring customers back again and again. Read more about how to host an event for your business:

  1. Contact Local Media Outlets: Draft a press release to send to local media outlets. Make sure to cover WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY in your release. This gives any reporter you reach out to all the information they will need to cover your event.
  1. Social Media: Promote your event online with social media. Tweet or Facebook in the weeks leading up to the event and post reminders on the day of the event.
  1. Flyers/Posters: Put up flyers or posters in your store to promote your event to current customers. Make sure it is clear on the poster WHERE and WHEN your event is taking place.
  1. Coupons: Create coupons designed to bring any one who attends the event back to your business. This usually includes a coupon that expires within a month after the event.

For more tips about how to create an event to build your business, call us at 800 835 5943 or browse our blog archives.

Stockton Graham & Co. ® Launches New Website for Dilworth Coffee ™ Brand

dilworth-siteNew website at www.dilworthcoffee.com offers more brand history, retailer tools, licensee information and eCommerce

Raleigh, NC – Jeff Vojta, co-founder and President of Stockton Graham & Co., a specialty coffee roaster and wholesale beverage, equipment and accessory distributor located in Raleigh, NC, announced the launch of a redesigned website for the Dilworth Coffee brand.

The new Dilworth Coffee website tells the history of the brand, gives entrepreneurs information on how to become a Dilworth Coffeehouse licensee, provides marketing tools and other information to stores that sell Dilworth Coffee, enables users to map their closest Dilworth Coffeehouse, and offers an updated ecommerce platform for Dilworth Coffee lovers to be able to order their favorite Dilworth Coffee online to enjoy at home.

Longtime Dilworth residents, Don and Alyene Keen brought fresh, locally roasted coffees to the Charlotte area in November 1989 when Dilworth Coffee, Charlotte’s original specialty coffee house, opened in the historic Dilworth neighborhood. The Keen’s passion was to provide exceptional tasting coffees by sourcing the finest beans in the world and small batch roasting to highlight each coffee’s natural flavor, as well as ensure unparalleled quality and freshness. Today, Dilworth Coffee is Charlotte’s oldest specialty coffee brand, and Stockton Graham & Co. is proud to uphold this long-standing Charlotte coffee tradition.

“The new website tells a more comprehensive story of the Dilworth Coffee brand,” said Vojta. “We are proud to provide online tools to help coffeehouses and cafés that sell Dilworth Coffee build successful coffee businesses, and the site also give us an opportunity to offer more information to entrepreneurs about the Dilworth Coffee Licensee Program.”

For more information about Dilworth Coffee™, visit the new website at www.dilworthcoffee.com .

If you are interested in owning a Dilworth Coffeehouse find out more here. To add a Dilworth Coffee kiosk or cart to an existing business, send email to ownaDilworthcoffee@dilworthcoffee.com.

To purchase Dilworth Coffee for your coffeehouse, café or restaurant, call Stockton Graham & Co. at 800-835-5943.


Dilworth Event Recap

Last month, Stockton Graham & Co. held a “meet & greet” event with former Dilworth Customers in Charlotte, NC. The main purpose of the event was to bring Dilworth Coffee customers together with their roaster and vendors. At Stockton Graham & Co., we believe that face to face interaction is an essential part of understanding customer needs, and that interaction is not always convenient for busy cafe owners. For that reason, Torani, Big Train, Two Leaves & a Bud, Bunn, Vitamix, Taylor Freezer, Dade Paper and Carolina Espresso Services all came to Charlotte, NC. Representatives for these vendors contributed information and ideas to attendees, who in turn were able to communicate their needs directly to vendors. Don Keen and others from Just Coffee Inc. allowed us to meet at the old Dilworth Roastery.

The event was a complete success in that the cafe owners were able to meet with the Stockton Graham & Co. team and vendors. New promotions for 2011 were unveiled, cutting edge equipment was showcased, and recipes were swapped. With the amount of information and experience in the room, everyone seemed to benefit from the event.

In an effort to promote coffee education in the cafe community, Stockton Graham & Co. has made PowerPoint presentations from the event available on our website. Hopefully, this information will help to further build relationships between vendors and cafe owners, while promoting a deeper understanding of the potential versatility their products possess.

Reid Jackson
Stockton Graham & Co.