Introducing New Tiered Pricing on Flavored Coffees!

Since flavored coffees represent over 10% of all US retail coffee sales and 30-40% of gourmet coffee sales, Stockton Graham & Co. is pleased to offer you more flexible pricing and savings on Stockton Graham Coffees and Dilworth Coffee™ flavors!

As studies continue to show, flavored coffee sales are increasing at a faster rate than non-flavored coffee sales, and we are pleased to be able to offer you even more variety of regular, decaf and Swiss Water Decaffeinated™ flavored coffee options.

The decaf offerings come just in time for fall and winter months with shorter daylight times, a time when consumers express desire for a late day cup of Joe to combat the chill without the effects of caffeine. Make a point to offer freshly brewed decaf options during the afternoon and early evening, and remind your team to market it throughout the day.

We are also introducing a new simplified tiered pricing structure for flavored coffees. With the tiers, we are able to offer some of our most popular and easily produced flavored coffees at a lower price point so you can stay competitive with grocery and other major retailers in your marketplace.

Don’t forget about our Everyday Savings Program, which saves you on coffee and other specialty beverage purchases! And, you can click here to access print-ready branded counter cards and shelf talkers, as well as self-service customizable counter cards (fillable.pdfs) and customizable airpot labels (fillable.pdfs) for our coffees. To request printed counter cards, shelf talkers or posters with an order, contact your CCA at 800.835.5943.

For more information, visit or give us a call at 800.835.5943 to request a current price list and catalog.

Dear Joe,

I’ve had a few customers request decaf tea, but there aren’t a lot of options out there. What solutions do you have?


Dear Donna,

Decaf Earl Grey is available from Mighty Leaf, which we do carry. Both Two Leaves and a Bud and Mighty Leaf have an extensive lines of herbal teas, which are naturally decaffeinated.

But if you’re not looking to lose sales from the customers needing decaf black and green varietals, try out this technique:

1. Let the tea steep in a full cup of water for 10 seconds and remove the tea bag.

2. Dump the water, add fresh hot water to the cup, and add the tea bag back in.

3. Allow for normal steeping time.

This process removes much of the caffeine because caffeine is one of the first things that is extracted from tea. I always present this option to customers who are looking for a decaf tea. It’s much more cost-effective; you don’t have to add another SKU to your inventory.

Yours in coffee,

Josepheius A. Graham