Coffee Roasting Re-org Brings More Customer Focus

June is an exciting month in our Raleigh coffee roasting facilities with the addition of several new coffee production staff and the promotion of Head Roaster Brad Kirby to Director of Coffee & Coffee Operations.Raleigh Coffee Roasting

Beginning June 17, Brad takes over leadership of the coffee roasting operations for both Stockton Graham Coffees and Dilworth Coffee. He’ll lead green coffee buying, serve as our roastmaster and manage day-to-day coffee production for our customers.

In addition, Brad will manage the equipment and facility maintenance, manage coffee related inventories, assist with purchases, manage daily roast batch quality control, and coordinate shipping and receiving functions.

polaroid-bradBrad Kirby started as Head Roaster at Stockton Graham & Co. in 2003. He has proven himself as an exceptional roaster and leader of cuppings both internally and with customers to ensure that the coffee product meets the highest standards. He is a Roaster’s Guild member who has passed both the beginner and intermediate barista training and has passed the Sensory Skills Test administered by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. (Click ­here for Brad’s bio.)

Brandon Riggs, who served as roastmaster from 2002, will be leaving Stockton Graham & Co. to pursue other opportunities in the coffee industry.

“This is all part of a long-term strategic initiative we started several months ago to envision how to grow our roasting department to enable us to continue growing as the company grows,” said Jeff Vojta, President and CEO of Stockton Graham & Co. “To enable this to happen, we realized that we needed to add to our group of talented roasting team members and have our coffee team work more closely with our sales and customer-focused teams.”

poleroid-bennettAs part of this re-alignment, a former Customer Care Associate Chris Bennett has moved to the roasting team as a Coffee Roasting Associate. A former barista and graduate of North Carolina State University, Chris will supplement the customer-centric approach that our roasting team is known for. He will also put his Specialty Coffee Association of America training to work by participating in roasting production, production QC and blending/packaging.

Rob SchuetzChris is joined by a second new hire in roasting, Rob Schuetz. Rob has been working with us on a temporary basis over several months as he finished his B.S. in Food Science from North Carolina State University. As a Coffee Production Associate, Rob’s will have additional duties of regulatory compliance, record keeping and standards. This will help ensure that our coffee product complies with the FDA’S Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), as well as all other regulatory requirements.

Steele PompilioSteele Pompilio, a Coffee Production Associate who joined Stockton Graham & Co. in 2015, will assume additional coffee roasting duties; in addition to blending and packaging, he will be involved in equipment and facilities maintenance and assisting with QC and coffee training. These new responsibilities provide Steele the opportunity to grow his love for coffee; on the weekends, you’ll also find him donning is barista hat at Raleigh’s Cafe Helios in downtown Raleigh.

Brad Kirby looks forward to the coffee opportunities for both customers and the entire Stockton Graham & Co. team as a result of these changes.

“The re-alignment of our coffee roasting staff will also allow us to develop a more robust coffee training, certifications, content, delivery systems and work with our coffee programs, including growing our distribution channels for coffee,” said Brad Kirby, Director of Coffee & Coffee Operations. “These efforts require an increased level of knowledge and commitment from our coffee roasting team. I’m excited by the team we have in place today and a commitment to helping us attain these goals.”

For more information about our coffee roasting capabilities, please contact us at 800 835 5943.

Introducing our new Colombia Supremo Pitalito

Colombia, the second largest producer of coffee in the world, is perhaps the best recognized source of specialty coffee. The town of Pitalito, which lies in the Valley of Laboyos in the Huila region, produces superior graded Supremo. The Colombia Supremo Pitalito shows off one of Colombia’s richest coffee micro-regions—its perfect blend of weather, altitude and soil producing some of the best coffee in the country.Colombia Supremo Pitalito Stockton Graham & Co craft roasted coffee

Our new single-origin Colombia Supremo Pitalito is a blend of beans from several farms, each averaging about 6 hectares and 5,000 trees per hectares. Because the farms are so small, the coffee is blended together at the source and exported as one type. The quality control at source is outstanding. These smallholder farms are known for their commitment and dedication to the craft of growing great coffee. Beans are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, wet processed using traditional fermentation and sun-dried on patios.

Roastmaster Brandon Riggs and Head Roaster Brad Kirby cupped six Colombian offerings this season before choosing the Pitalito Colombia Supremo. “They were all very good Colombians,” Brad Kirby said. “But the Pitalito shined through more. The entire roasting team decided pretty quickly that this would be our new single-origin Colombian.”

The Colombia Supremo Pitalito had both the flavor and the balance that the roasting team was seeking. “Of all the Colombians we cupped this season, this one was a bit more balanced,” Brandon Riggs said. “I like the fruitiness, sweetness. It is a good, solid Colombian that could stand on its own as a single origin or could work well as a blend with other varietals.”Colombia Supremo Pitalito Cupping Attributes Stockton Graham

The flavor is complex, Brandon noted. “It has a sweet, caramel flavor upfront and a dry, malty spiciness on the back end.”

The aftertaste is long and lingering, Brandon added. “The aftertaste is similar to an East African in that it stays with you. That’s a good sign of a well-processed Latin America coffee.”

Learn more about cupping protocols from the Specialty Coffee Association of America here.

Investigating New Latin America Coffees

Our new Colombia Supremo Pitalito was selected after an extensive process our roasting team is undergoing to investigate new Central and South American coffee crops from Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Stockton Graham & Co. tries to purchase coffee with the harvest cycles so that it is as fresh as possible.

But, of course, as coffee is an agricultural product, its quality and availability changes from season to season. “That’s one of the things I personally love about coffee,” said Brandon Riggs. “It’s agricultural so it is constantly changing. So we never know exactly what’s next.”

To help ensure the coffee we purchase for our customers is of the highest quality, the Stockton Graham & Co. roasting team undergoes extensive cuppings of each crop before we commit to bringing it in. “A good coffee roaster is never done researching, adjusting and refining the coffee,” Brad Kirby said. “We use regular cupping as a tool to assess the quality of the coffee, and refine the roast levels, to ensure that the roasting process is bringing out the very best that a coffee can be.”

The roasting process happens in our Raleigh, NC coffee facility where we craft roast coffee for our own Stockton Graham Coffees brand, as well as for Dilworth Coffee and for hundreds of private label customers around the nation.

For more information on our Colombia Supremo Pitalito or to order samples, please call our customer care team at 800 835 5943.


Nicaragua Selva Negra. Truly. Sustainable.

Nicaragua Selva Negra Coffee From Stockton GrahamWhen you step off the bus onto the Nicaragua Selva Negra coffee estate, you’ve reached an amazing place.

Lush rainforest landscapes are vibrant with mums, gladioli, lilies, baby breath, daisies and roses. Cows, goats, turkey, quail and chicken roam through grassy pastures. These are the creatures that Selva Negra’s 300+ year-round workers tend, cultivating them for meat, milk, cream and eggs for the estate’s restaurant and in the workers’ kitchens. Farm-generated methane and hydro-electric power from ponds fuel lights, stoves and classrooms.

“Our goal is to be self-sufficient in everything,” Eddy Kühl, who owns and oversees the estate along with his wife Mausi, told me. “We produce green coffee for export, roasted coffee, milk, cheese, hams, vegetables, poultry and eggs. We produce methane gas for cooking and have solar heaters. Our bottleneck was the expensive, national energy power, but recently we finished building our own hydroelectric power turbine, and we are looking forward to a wind-powered energy system.”

Selva Negra Coffee Community Foundation Stockton GrahamA leader in sustainable farming since 1975, the Selva Negra Estate is recognized for producing exceptional Rainforest Alliance coffee and for its work to spread sustainable farming practices around the world through its not-for-profit Selva Negra Community Foundation. The foundation, headed by Mausi Kühl, has been working with farmers in Nicaragua to reclaim land laid to waste by toxic pesticides, deforestation and unsustainable farming practices. To date, the Selva Negra Community Foundation has made a significant impact by providing free education, resources and on-site training. Visit to learn more.

Stockton Graham & Co. began working with the Selva Negra community several years ago. In 2013, our roasting team spent some time on the estate, where they explored organic farming, the estate’s milling process and the vast social, medical, educational, professional and cultural services Selva Negra provides estate workers and their families. During that visit, we provided estate management with insight on the US coffee market and consumer preferences, as well as donated computers, school books and more.

As we set our sights on Earth Day 2016, which is on Friday April 22, we’re appreciating truly sustainable coffees like our Nicaragua Selva Negra. “This is truly the most sustainable coffee farm I have ever visited,” said Brandon Riggs, roastmaster for Stockton Graham Coffees and Dilworth Coffee. “The Kühl’s commitment to the land, their coffee, and their people is inspiring and serves as an excellent example of what coffee culture can be – both at origin and for the end consumer.”

Sustainability in Coffee Stockton Graham Nicaragua Selva Negra is Sustainable












Truly sustainable coffee

Rainforest Alliance CoffeeIt is grown using time-tested pesticide-free native Nicaraguan growing methods and boasts a Rainforest Alliance certification. Because the coffee is shade grown in the Matagalpa highlands, it is also bird friendly although it does not carry the official certification. However, it has been recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association for its sustainability practices, has received a Q Auction rating and the Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality Award.

Nicaragua Selva Negra Stockton Graham Coffee RoastersStockton Graham & Co. directly imports the coffee through Atlanta-based JavaVino. This small, independent business is run by Eddy and Mausi’s daughter, Heddy, her husband Steve and two sons. As the name suggests, JavaVino specializes in coffee and wine; but it also runs a café that serves breakfast, sandwiches and desserts, as well as event space for meetings, weddings and parties.

The care that everyone puts into growing, processing and importing Nicaragua Selva Negra Estate Coffee shines in the taste. Right from the start, brewed coffee emits the mouth-watering aroma of honey and caramel. Drinking the coffee is just as pleasurable. The cup’s creamy body is the perfect foundation for its milk chocolate flavors. As the coffee cools in the cup, you’ll begin to taste the depth of flavors from toasted caramel to sweet berry undertones.

Cupping Attributes: Nicaragua Selva Negra

Aroma: Honey, caramel
Body: Medium, creamy
Flavor: Sweet, chocolate, toasty
Acidity: Mildly bright, balanced
Aftertaste: Pleasant, sweet, smooth

Grounds for Health Blend Stockton Graham & CoThis fine example of Nicaraguan coffee is also featured in our Grounds for Health Blend, which raises money for vital healthcare for women who work on coffee farms in Nicaragua, Peru and Ethiopia. Created in partnership with Grounds For Health, money raised from sale of the blend will provide cervical cancer screening and treatment to 15,000 women worldwide.

Download the one-pager on Nicaragua Selva Negra.

To order Nicaragua Selva Negra or Grounds for Health Blend, please call 800 835 5943.

Boost Your Brand with Private Label Coffee

When the dynamic, multi-talented jazz saxophonist Marcus Anderson sought to launch his own private label coffee, he turned to Raleigh coffee roaster Stockton Graham & Co. to develop the coffee and assist with packaging that reflected his unique musical and coffee experiences.Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee for Marcus Anderson Jazz Musician AND Coffee

“As a working musician, I travel to different places, and when I go there I usually visit local coffee shops,” said the world-renown musician who lives and works in the Triangle area. “While I’m there, a song may hit me.”

“While I was touring in Europe, Germany, California, I’d write songs,“ said Marcus Anderson, who has toured the world with his own ensemble and as a member of Prince’s New Power Generation. “Before I knew it, I had an album. And of course, I had to create the coffee that went with it.”


Out of that experience and a partnership with Stockton Graham & Co. AND Coffee was created ( Fans of AND Coffee can enjoy four different varieties with the same titles of four magical tracks on Marcus Anderson’s CD of the same name. The songs and coffee are Cappuccino Strut, Cup of Joe, Hazelnut and Passion Blend. The CD is available online as is the coffee, which will also soon be available in retail stores.

Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee Craft Roasted for AND Coffee Marcus ANderson“Coffee is a beverage that is enjoyed all over the world,” Marcus continued. “People share the experience of drinking a cup of joe with a stranger and begin to relate to one another. I love being part of products that bring us all together.”

Perks @Belk

Shortly after helping Marcus Anderson launch AND Coffee, Stockton Graham & Co. worked on a private label program for a visionary of a different kind for the Triangle-based restaurateur and businessman Payman Bazooband.

Perks at Belk CoffeeBazooband, who is behind such upscale eateries as Red Monkey, Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse and Tomato Pie, just launched a sophisticated coffee, wine and chocolate shop inside the Belk department store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh.

Stockton Graham & Co. designed the private label coffee program for Perks@Belk, which launched with four single-origin and three coffee blends, including certified organic Southern Style and a house espresso called Moda.

Stockton Graham Private Label Coffee for Perks at BelkLane Mitchell, creative and brand director of Stockton Graham & Co., said, “Our goal with the Perks@Belk packaging was to visualize the Belk brand identity, which is summarized in three words: Modern. Southern. Style.”

“Perks@Belk private label coffee features fresh, updated versions of well-loved fabric textures and patterns that resonate with the modern, Southern customer who has come to count on Belk for all her personal, home and family fashion needs,” Lane said. “The label appears on a Kraft bag that appeals to her classic sense of style.”

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

IPrivate Label Coffee from Stockton Graham Grounds for Health Blendn January, the non-profit organization that leads HPV and cervical cancer awareness across the United States worked with Stockton Graham & Co. on a private label coffee to raise money for prevention and treatment activities here and abroad. Their Grounds for Health Blend coffee, which is a sister to Stockton Graham Coffees’ blend of the same name, raises money for programs on coffee farms in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Peru, as well as local programs in places like Durham, Atlanta and Houston.

Created by Stockton Graham & Co. designer Chris Sim, the NCCC labels “bring the human element of this campaign to the forefront, where it belongs,” Sim said. “Using only the cervical cancer awareness color teal and showcasing two women candidly smiling back at you, these labels are a constant reminder that this is a very real cause involving real people, and that every purchase truly does make a difference.”

The same coffee is also sold at Dilworth Coffee in Charlotte, or online at Dilworth Coffee.

San Domingo Fair Trade Coffee & Goods

Stockton Graham San Domingo Fair Trade CoffeeThe St. Michaels, MD-based coffee shop San Domingo Fair Trade Coffee & Goods asked Stockton Graham to create a one-of-a-kind private label coffee featuring a custom blend of coffees and a package that featured the store’s location: an historic home in the center of a quaint town on the Chesapeake Bay. Sold both at its coffee cafe and music-infused late-night dessert cafe, San Domingo Fair Trade House Blend is a crowd favorite.

“We tried several ways to integrate the historic home into San Domingo’s packaging from photography to line drawings, expressionist paintings and stippling,” said Stockton Graham & Co. creative director Lane Mitchell. “We decided that the juxtaposition of a turn-of-the-century stylized image and bold, distressed typography captured the essence of the San Domingo Fair Trade experience.”

Leapfrogging the Competition

Private labels are becoming such a critical component of retail strategy that even massive global retailers like Amazon are jumping on the bandwagon. Once considered a “down market” alternative to more expensive national brands, consumer perceptions around the quality and value of private label offerings have increased significantly. Today, more than 80 percent of consumers feel that private label solutions offer as good or better quality compared to their national brand counterparts, according to a 2015 Food Institute report on private labeling trends.

Private Label Coffee for Your Business

Batch 0095 Private Label Coffee Portion PackAnd there are few food and beverage categories that have been more successful in private labeling than specialty coffee.

Stockton Graham & Co. has been providing private label solutions to coffee retailers for over a decade. We currently offer three solutions:

Customer-Supplied Labels & Packaging: You can choose to create, purchase and deliver your bags and labels to our Raleigh coffee roasting facilities for your brand’s exclusive use. We will warehouse them and help you keep track of inventory.

Customer-Designed Labels & Packaging: We can professionally print labels and/or bags based on designs you supply, and we will warehouse your labels and packaging in our Raleigh facility for your exclusive use.

Custom-Designed Packaging: Stockton Graham & Co.’s internationally award-winning creative team can provide a holistic private label solution including a custom-designed label and package. We will bulk print your items and store them at our Raleigh facility exclusively for your use.

To help coffee businesses understand their private label alternatives, we have assembled a short booklet on label and packaging types, as well as information on how to embark on your own private label program.

Please contact a sales representative – Thom Swain, Debra Dolan or Brady Butler – at 800 835 5943 for more information on Stockton Graham & Co. Private Label Solutions.


A Bulaago Gem

We recently started cupping a new crop of our Uganda Bulaago at our Raleigh roasting facilities, and boy, were we delighted. As we brewed it in a V60, we expected the deep, fresh aroma of apricots and raisins to permeate our senses and make our Taste Kitchen smell like fresh-baked cinnamon bread. And still this new crop tickled our senses with something new: the zesty citrus aroma of candied lemon peel.

Stockton Graham Coffees Uganda Bulaago Fresh Roasted

Being a major fan of The Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt Cake, or any dessert made with fresh lemon for that matter, we couldn’t wait to take our first sip. We weren’t disappointed. Candied lemon flavors danced delicately on deeper flavors of raisin and apricot. While the essence of stone fruit caressed the flat of our tongue like silk, the sweet zest of lemon teased our tongue’s edges, creating a contrast of flavors that was both unusual and compelling.

We savored the sip for a moment, enjoying the way the coffee’s tangy acidity played with its deep fruit flavors. It immediately occurred to us that this Uganda Bulaago would make the perfect after-dinner drink. It reminded us of a well-aged port from the Duoro region of Portugal—a red wine fortified slightly with brandy, giving it a bit more sweetness and body on the tongue. That dreamy red wine flavor seemed to evolve further moments after we swallowed, and we were left with a lightly pleasant aftertaste of maple syrup.

Uganda Bulaago heading to Stockton GrahamIndeed, our ideal after-dinner coffee was the complete package. It was easy to see why the Bugisu region of Uganda and the Bulaago farms specifically grow the most sought-after washed Arabica coffee. In fact, those who know Ugandan coffee well know that Bulaago’s farmers known as the BuCoFa Farmer Group produce some of the best coffee in Uganda, as their coffees grown high on the slopes of Mount Elgon surprisingly exude the earthiness that is typical of the Indonesian coffees over the traditional flavors we know and love in African coffees.

Cupping Attributes
AROMA: Apricot – Candied Lemon
BODY:  Silky
FLAVOR: Raisin – Apricot – Candied Lemon
ACIDITY:  Tangy – Medium High
AFTERTASTE: Red Wine – Maple Syrup

Bulaago: A Secret Gem
Every sip of the Uganda Bulaago reminds us that this is a gem of a bean that few are privileged to enjoy. Although the BuCoFa farmers are never short of a reliable market, this is a high-quality, small lot offering that doesn’t get much attention outside the few roasters who are truly dedicated to exceptional coffees.Stockton Graham BuFaCo Uganda Bulaago

“To me, the Uganda Bulaago is a secret gem that I’m proud to share with our customers,” said roastmaster Brandon Riggs. “Not only do I love the flavor of this coffee, but I wholeheartedly support the work of the BuCoFa Farmer Group and our importer Crop to Cup to promote fair compensation, housing, medical care, education and high agricultural standards that are practiced on the BuCoFa farms. Together, we are helping to ensure good human and farming practices in the Bugisu region and beyond.”

BuFaCo Meeting Bulaago Stockton GrahamThe BuCoFa Farmer Group is part of The Bulaago Project, a system through which Bulaago farmers receive higher compensation and support from Crop to Cup and local agricultural partners. This support allows them to take extra steps to produce top-lot, high scoring specialty grade coffee. Stockton Graham & Co. supports them through educational initiatives that help the local farmers understand the U.S. coffee market so they can continue to grow, harvest and process product that is in high demand year after year.

“It’s neat that Crop to Cup takes our cupping notes to the BuCoFa and uses them to teach the farmers how we evaluate their product in the U.S. marketplace,” Brandon said.

For more information on our coffees or to sample our new crop of Uganda Bulaago, please contact us at 800 835 5943.

Toasted Graham LTOs for your store

Folks call it a preschooler’s breakfast in a cup. It’s that big chain’s Toasted Graham Latte, or #TGL as the Twittersphere likes to call it. Besides tasting like milk left over in your kid’s cereal bowl after she’s slurped up all the soggy Cinnamon Toasted Crunch, what does a Toasted Graham Latte really taste like? And better yet, how do you make it taste better in your store?Toasted Graham Latte from Stockton Graham

We put Stockton Graham & Co.’s master taste testers to the task of describing the mermaid chain’s drink, and then we asked them to come up with something better. And since most of the latte and frappe recipes involved two shots of expertly pulled espresso made from beans just roasted in the back of our Raleigh facility, our taste masters where all too eager to oblige.

Based on actual sales of the other hot fall beverage — pumpkin spice lattes — provided by market research firm NPD Group, it is reasonable to expect 20% of your store’s customers will try a graham flavored beverage this season. And those customers’ average ticket will be slightly higher than your normal ticket in the critical fourth quarter. So let’s get your shop started selling your own custom version of a toasted graham beverage.

Describing A Toasted Graham Latte

When it comes to describing Starbuck’s Toasted Graham Latte, our taste testers identified cream, honey and graham crackers. Some of the more poetic descriptions include:

“Warm vanilla with hints of honey and chocolate, like if you dipped a s’more into warm frothed milk.” — Bennett


“I think of graham cracker pie crust…mmmm… now i’m hungry for pie and s’mores!” — Melissa


“A box of Teddy Grahams blended into a can of sweetened condensed milk.” — Mitchell


“Tastes like a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.” — Blair


“Sugary cardboard dissolved in lukewarm water with hints of cinnamon and sadness.” — Sim

Hyperbole aside, all our taste testers commented that the Starbucks Toasted Graham Latte was okay. But overall, they all thought there was something important missing: the rich, deliciousness of just-roasted high quality coffee. So we set out to craft our own coffee-based toasted graham recipes.

Making a Better Toasted Graham Latte

Our taste makers tried to create a better version of the drink using syrups, sauces and mixes from our partners like Torani, MONIN and Big Train plus freshly roasted beans from our own roasting facility. Some of their more delicious options included a simple Honey Graham Latte featuring MONIN cinnamon and vanilla syrup and their natural honey sweetener.

“I like that you can really taste the espresso in this version,” Mitchell commented after sipping the new Honey Graham Latte. “There are two shots of espresso for a smaller latte, which makes it coffee-forward. The espresso’s dark chocolate flavors contrast nicely with the creamy sweetness of the milk, cinnamon, honey and vanilla in the drink.” Click here for the recipe.

Teddy Graham Latte from Stockton Graham & Co.The most delicious cold beverage option that our taste testers created was our Toasted Graham Frappe featuring Torani Real Cream Frappe Base, Torani Brown Sugar and Vanilla Syrup, Stockton Graham Coffee and Honey flavored Teddy Grahams.

“The Teddy Grahams have a subtle honey flavor that don’t overwhelm the coffee,” said Melissa. “The Torani Brown Sugar Syrup adds a deeper, richer flavor than the version with their Cane Sugar Syrup.” Check here for the recipe.

Nutter Butter Latte from Stockton GrahamThe most surprising recipe created by our taste testers was the Nutter Butter Latte featuring MONIN Peanut Butter and Cinnamon syrups and a freshly made latte using Stockton Graham Coffee. The combination of peanut butter, cinnamon and honey created a pleasing, rich backdrop for the baker’s chocolate flavor of the espresso. Check the recipe here.

Just the Coffee, Please

Some of our taste testers wanted to enjoy the creamy honey, cinnamon and vanilla flavors of a Toasted Graham Latte without adding extra syrups, sweeteners and creams to their coffee. That group gravitated toward some of Stockton Graham Coffee’s custom blended flavored options, which they enjoyed with a splash of half and half. Here’s a list of their favorites:

Stockton Graham CoffeesSnicker-Dandy: This coffee features the flavors of vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon paired with a creamy butter flavor and hint of spice.

Winter Wonderland: Hazelnut and caramel sit lightly on a powdery snow of vanilla and and light coconut.

Crème Brûlée: The elegant flavors of sweetened cream, caramelized sugar and hints of vanilla taste like dessert without all the calories.

Danish Pastry: The coffee tastes like a sweet, buttery pastry from the corner bakery topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

To get started with your own Toasted Graham Lattee, contact our Customer Care Associates at 800 835 5943.

Chefs, Restaurateurs Enjoy Stockton Graham Coffee

Hundreds of chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality executives poured into the Raleigh Convention Center to sample Stockton Graham’s craft roasted coffee.

Stockton Graham & Co. sampled several types of our coffee brewed using several methods at the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Expo (NCRLE) on September 21 and 22 in downtown Raleigh.Craft Roasted Coffee From Stockton Graham & Co.

Lead Barista Alex Jeans brewed our Kenya AB Lenana and Costa Rica Tarrazu in Hario V60 set ups for expo-goers who dropped by our booth to sample coffee. These are just two of the eleven single-origin coffees we roast regularly at our Raleigh, NC facility.

When sampling our Kenya AB, conference-goers were taken by the intoxicating floral and fruity aromas that are typical of coffee from Kenya. The Lenana goes a step further, though, with a dry acidity that reminds tasters of a fine champagne. Its taste of soft berries and sweet tangerine flavors are layered with a subtle flavor of tobacco and are resolved with a well-balanced, but gentle finish.

By contrast, our Tarrazu features the aroma of sweet fruit and vanilla with hints of spice. It has a creamy and silky body that most coffee drinkers find familiar and comforting. The aftertaste is well balanced, if a bit sweet, with some lingering spice notes.

“Our Tarrazu from the Don Roberto Estate is a little unusual for Costa Rica,” explains Roastmaster Brandon Riggs who was on hand to answer questions. “It has more nuances, but still contains the vibrant and clean acidity you expect in a high grown Costa Rica bean. The Tarrazu region also received much cooler temperatures at night during this year’s harvest cycle, thus creating a more complex and sweet coffee flavor.”

Expo patrons often commented on the coffee’s clean, fresh taste. All Stockton Graham & Co. coffee is roasted to order at our Raleigh, NC facility, which enables us to provide fresh and tasty coffee to every one of our customers.

Sneak Preview of New Coffee for Restaurants and Hotels

Those who stopped by our booth had the opportunity to preview our newest coffee uniquely designed for restaurants, hotels, bars and other foodservice operations.

The coffee, called Batch 0995, is craft roasted coffee in convenient pre-measured packs. Batch 0995 is artisanal coffee. It starts with high quality 100% Arabica beans, craft roasted in small batches to achieve the fullest flavor. Once cooled, we artfully blend and package the coffee in perfectly measured pouches for operator convenience.

Batch 0995 commemorates Stockton Graham & Co.’s entry into craft roasting (we started craft roasting coffee for customers in September 1995). It comes in nine popular options. At the expo, visitors had the opportunity to sample three options: Colombian Supremo, Colombian Decaf and our House Blend, which is rich, bold and exciting.

“Our House Blend has an inviting aroma and flavors that feature hints of cocoa and dried fruit,” said our Lead Barista Alex Jeans. “It is definitely a first choice for coffee drinkers that prefer a bold and dark cup.”

Since the portion packs are conveniently ground and pre-measured, we did not have to grind and weigh Batch 0995 on site, as we did for the Kenya and Costa Rica coffees we served. This allowed customers to enjoy “coffee shop quality” coffee with minimum fuss on the part of operators.

Batch 0995 is gently rolling out to customers across the United States and should be fully available to operators by the end of the year. Watch our blog for more details.

Why Craft Roasted Coffee is So Important to Restaurants

Two of our coffee experts, Thom Swain and Brady Butler, presented a roadmap to help restauranteurs upgrade their coffee to meet customer demand. The hour-long presentation featured case studies and ROI breakouts of both drip and espresso coffee options. Look for more detail on their presentation in the coming weeks.

The expo at the Raleigh Convention Center is open to all foodservice and hospitality professionals until 5pm tonight. Stockton Graham & Co. is joined by hundreds of foodservice companies, who exhibited everything from smoked fish to tequila.

As always, if you are interested in our coffees, contact a Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943.