Batch 0995: Craft coffee in convenient portion packs

When it comes to restaurant coffee, the tide turned in June. That’s when Matthew Kassel, the highly revered writer and editor for The New York Observer, published an opinion article titled “Stop Serving Bad Coffee at Fine Restaurants!” If that wasn’t enough, he admonished restaurant owners to stop serving coffee altogether unless, of course, the coffee was good.Batch 995 portion packs coffee from Stockton Graham

The beef with bad coffee wasn’t only his. Kassel’s article quoted Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman, who equated most restaurant coffee to an Oscar Meyer charcuterie. “If you served Oscar Meyer for charcuterie at a fancy restaurant people would stone you in the streets,” Kassel quoted Michelman as saying.

So it’s good to see that smart, trend-conscious hospitality leaders have taken note. Nation’s Restaurant News reported that “coffee is at a tipping point” with millennials driving the trend toward higher quality restaurant cups. “Tastes and preferences within the coffee category are shifting, as many coffee drinkers — particularly millennials — are looking at the brewed beverage in a new way. They are gravitating toward authenticity and quality,” Restaurant News reported.

Today’s customers don’t mind paying for quality. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association, one out of every two cups of coffee sold in the United States is premium coffee. According to the research firm Packaged Facts, foodservice operators sold $36 billion of coffee in 2014. In 2015, foodservice coffee sales rose another 5% to $37.8 billion.

Data from Technomic support a shift toward higher quality. The firm in its recent Bakery & Coffee Café Trend Report found that 39 percent of bakery-café patrons would order a premium coffee instead of a regular blend if one were available. That percentage jumped to 47 percent among consumers aged 18-34.

Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses that don’t offer quality coffee have a lot to lose. Currently coffee represents more than $24 billion in restaurant beverage sales, and this total is growing.

“More and more customers want high-quality coffee,” Thom Swain, director of business development for Stockton Graham & Co. “If they don’t get it at your establishment, they will buy it somewhere else. Do you want that sale to go to the folks down the street?”

Introducing Batch 995: Craft Coffee in Convenient Portion Packs

Stockton Graham Dilworth Coffee Batch 0995 Portion PacksTo help foodservice operators capture this lucrative market, Stockton Graham & Co. just launched Batch 0995: craft roasted specialty coffee in convenient portion packs. Batch 0995 is part of a full-spectrum branded coffee program including coffee carafes, airpots, airpot racks, sales support and training to help operators be successful.

Download the brochure with our complete lineup: (Printable PDF of Batch 0995 Flyer)

The new coffee brand commemorates Stockton Graham & Co.’s entry into craft roasting 20 years ago; the company started small batch roasting coffee for customers in September 1995, and the name Batch 0995 reflects that date.

Batch 0995 is artisanal coffee. It starts with high-quality 100% Arabica beans, craft roasted in small batches to achieve the fullest flavor. Once cooled, Stockton Graham & Co. artfully blends and packages the coffee in consistent, perfectly measured portion packs.

Batch 0995 Coffee From Stockton Graham & Co. in Convenient Portion PacksThe new portion pack format is part of a full-spectrum branded coffee program designed to help restaurants, hotels and other foodservice operators serve specialty-grade, coffeehouse-quality coffee without the fuss of weighing and grinding beans for every pot.

“Consumers’ interest in premium coffee is at an all-time high, and Stockton Graham & Co. is making it easier for operators to offer specialty-grade, craft roasted coffee to their customers,” said Jeff Vojta, CEO of Stockton Graham & Co. “Batch 0995 gives operators the opportunity to offer coffee shop quality coffee without the hassle of weighing and grinding whole beans. The result is flawless and delicious coffee for every customer every time.”

Batch 0995 launches with nine natural and flavored coffees

Batch 0995 launches with five natural coffee options including the ever-popular Colombia Supremo. Customers can also choose portion packs from top-selling flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Jamaican Me Crazy®. Seasonal and limited time only coffees will also be available.

“We’ve translated our two decades of expertise in sourcing, roasting and blending superior tasting specialty coffees into a convenient, pre-measured format,” said Stockton Graham & Co. roast master Brandon Riggs. “Batch 0995 is small batch roasted to bring out the nuanced flavors, aroma and body that each bean was born with.”

Batch 995 portion packs are available in these varieties:

Breakfast Blend Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton GrahamCinnamon Hazelnut Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton Graham
Colombia Supremo Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton GrahamFrench Vanilla Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton Graham
House Blend Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton GrahamHazelnut Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton Graham
French Roast Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton GrahamFlavored Coffee Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton Graham
Colombia Decaf Portion Pack Coffee from Stockton Graham

Download the brochure with our complete lineup: (Printable PDF of Batch 0995 Flyer)

Batch 0995 is part of a full-spectrum branded coffee program

As part of Batch 0995, Stockton Graham & Co. is offering foodservice operators a branded carafe and airpot program featuring an authentic Kraft paper design embellished with an artful watercolor painting of coffee cherries. The program also includes a branded wire rack for airpots, which easily integrates into most back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house operations.

To learn more about offering Batch 995 coffees to your customers, contact Thom Swain, Brady Butler or Debra Dolan at 800 835 5943.




Best Beans for Irish Coffee

Stockton Graham Coffees In March, fresh hot coffee gets an added “pick me up” with the addition of a jigger of whiskey and splash of cream. Whether you’re using a classic Donegal recipe or serving a modern iced twist, the trick to great Irish Coffee is picking the right beans.

What’s the right bean choice for Irish Coffee? According to Brandon Riggs, the Roastmaster for Stockton Graham Coffees, it’s best to choose beans with a dark roast profile that can stand up to the decadent flavors of St. Patrick’s Day drinks.

Brandon recommends crafting your Irish Coffee recipe with these Stockton Graham & Co. beans:

Sumatra Silimakuta
This coffee varietal, Sumatra Silimakuta, has been selected by Stockton Graham & Co. for its medium body, cocoa and soft hints of tangerine. Because this coffee is wet-hulled, a unique process that combines elements of both wet and dry processing, it has a distinctive flavor. To bring out the unusual flavor of sweet spices and cocoa with a twist of tangerine, Stockton Graham & Co. roasts Sumatra Silimakuta at a medium-dark level.

French Roast Blend
Coffee drinkers have come to expect French Roast blends wherever they go, so it’s key that your French Roast has a je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. Our French roast is a dark-roasted blend of Central American coffees. This blend has a smooth, inky body and subtle flavor. Though a dark roast, its notable acidity resonates through the flavor profile, brightening towards the end of the tasting experience.

To learn more about our craft-roasted coffees or to place an order, call our Customer Care Associates at 800 835 5943

Twenty Years Tell Us… Training Never Ends!

Coffee CollegeThe industry is not the same as it was in 1994. Starbucks was not a household name, “cappuccinos” came from machines at the gas stations, and espresso was something only serious coffee drinkers would attempt. Today, you can get reasonable facsimiles of true espresso beverages almost anywhere. Even novices say “espresso” without an “x.” As the industry has changed, so have the standards and the trends.

Staying on top of the newest trends, and training your staff accordingly, helps keep you relevant and up-to-date. Anticipating customer desires before they ask is one of the highest levels of customer service you can provide. Use your new found knowledge to educate your customers, thus raising the bar for your competition who may not be so savvy. For example, do you offer a featured espresso such as a single-origin option? Do you offer single-cup brews? Does your menu include tea lattes? Your Stockton Graham & Co. support team is a great resource for suggestions and guidance on these and many other topics.

Stockton Graham & Co. Coffee CollegeWhile trends are important, updating and ensuring consistent standards is paramount.  Staff calibration, or “retraining,” is a great way to ensure that your customers enjoy the same drink no matter who makes it. We found this to be a particular problem for a client with several locations. After some intensive “Train the Trainer” sessions, followed by in-store recalibrations, this client reported a substantial growth in beverage sales at the end of the fiscal year. Consider sending your trainer to our Coffee College to get updated, recalibrated and refreshed. Coffee College is offered several times a year and is conducted by our own industry professionals who bring many decades of combined experience to the table for you.

STG513-ID-stickerOur industry continues to grow and evolve with new innovations emerging all the time. To remain on the cutting edge, know that you can rely on Stockton Graham & Co. keeping up with the newest products and keeping your staff well-trained is just aspect to ensuring great customer service and the vitality of your business.

Give us a call at 800.835.5943 today to schedule your staff recalibration or click here to view our Coffee College event calendar!