Mix It Up This Spring

A business suit and flip flops? Short-shorts and high heels? A military-style jacket with nautical accents? Spring’s the time to start mixing it up. And when it comes to beverages at your store, spring’s the best time to plan for cold blended beverage sales.2015_Blender Specials

Last year alone, sales of cold blended beverages increased more than 166%, with fruit smoothies leading the pack. Adding cold blended beverages to your menu can help your business grow. Selling just 10 frozen drinks a day can increase store profits by $1000 a month!

Save up to 55% on Commercial Blenders from and VitaMix.

Stockton Graham & Co.® has partnered with VitaMix® and BlendTec® to help your store get ready for warm weather with savings of up to 55% on popular blender packages.

From the Vitamix Drink Machine Advanced to the Vitamix Quiet One, Stockton Graham & Co. has assembled these blender packages to provide the ability to handle customer orders with speed, consistency and reliability for many seasons to come.

If maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere is important at your store, Stockton Graham & Co. offers several low-noise blender options, such as the Quiet One from Vitamix and the Q-Series from BlendTec.

All of our blender packages come backed by the resource and expertise of over 100 years of specialty beverage experience to help your business succeed.

Bonus: Receive Enough Free Product to Pay for the Blender!

For a limited time, Stockton Graham & Co. is offering up to three FREE cases of blended beverage mix and powders with the purchase of a commercial blender package.* Mix and match select products from some of your favorite brands: Dr. Smoothie, DaVinci, Jet, Caffe D’Amore, Big Train, Monin, MoCafe and Torani.

The free cases will allow you to significantly offset the price of a new commercial blender. For instance, a single case of Dr. Smoothie can generate sales of at least $200 when you sell smoothies at a very modest price of $4.00 for 12 oz. Three cases can lead to $600 in sales—more than covering the cost of a new blender.

Contact a Stockton Graham & Co. Customer Care Associate at 800 835 5943 to discuss your blender needs and free product options. 

* Receive three free cases of select product from brands listed above with purchase of blender package from Stockton Graham & Co. For Dr. Smoothie only, receive two free cases with purchase of blender package under $500 and three free cases with purchase of blender package over $500. Not all products are available for free case promotion. Discuss available options with a Customer Care Associate. Purchaser pays all shipping on blender and free cases. Offer valid until 8/31/2015.


PLEASE NOTE: As of June 1, 2015, Stockton Graham & Co. is no longer taking orders for BlendTec blenders.

Preparing for Back to School

With the school year rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning on how to get students/faculty members near your café to become your customers and increase sales.  One important and easy preparation for this is to make sure your store is stocked on all of the items you regularly offer!  This could also include making sure you have adequate help on the schedule for peak hours, thus keeping the flow of customers moving comfortably and reducing waiting periods that may create a bad experience for people short on time that want a quick cup for the road.

Offering student discounts is a great way to create traffic in your café. Use the student’s ID as an identifier for the discounts. The students will let their peers know about the great savings and tastes your shop has to offer!

Another helpful strategy would be to make your presence known at nearby schools, as some people may not know your cafe is close.  A couple proactive suggestions are to drop off brewed coffee at the school along with coupons, drop off branded traveler mugs that can be used as prizes for events/giveaways, offer to host PTA meetings or other after school programs and if the opportunity arises take out an ad in the year book or school paper!  Although this may increase traffic in your  café it is most important that these new visitors become repeat customers which is done with great customer service, knowledge of your product and of course preparing your product in a way that puts yours above the rest!