Teaching Coffee Technicians to be Expert Brewers

Brady Butler at Coffee Technicians GuildOn July 20-22, the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit, an event dedicated to educating coffee technicians from around the world, was held in Greensboro, NC. One of the instructors at this important coffee industry gathering was our very own Brady Butler.

Brady, field liaison for Stockton Graham/Dilworth Coffee is a passionate member of the coffee community. He has helped plan and run coffee events for the local barista community and served as a former Chapter Representative for the Barista Guild Association (BGA). He enjoys teaching others about coffee and earned his Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lead Instructor Certificate in 2011, followed by his Golden Cup Technician Certificate in 2012. Brady began volunteering as a Lead Instructor at SCAA Expo in 2013. As past Chair of the SCA’s “Brew Crew,” he has played a key role in developing the new SCA Professional Brewing curriculum.

At the CTG Summit, Brady taught the course entitled Brewing: Foundation Level, which was designed to introduce the novice to the core skills and equipment required to produce outstanding brewed coffee.

“After a year’s worth of hard work and multiple trips across the Atlantic, the global SCA Brew Crew was finally ready to present our new and improved Brewing Foundation course” says Brady. “We combined the best elements of the SCAA’s Brewing and Extraction Principles class and the SCAE’s Brewing Foundation course, and created some great new elements as well. This is an excellent starting point for understanding the brewing process, and the first step towards the Brewing Professional Certificate. Since so much of our work was done here in North Carolina, I’m thrilled that this first offering of the class was in Greensboro.”

“We had 50 people from all over the country and even a couple from Europe,” continued Brady. “There were a lot of great events, a mix of fun and educational, including team challenges. My favorite had teams race to see who could fix an intentionally-broken espresso machine the quickest.”

“Since our audience was mostly equipment techs, we did a deeper dive into equipment-related aspects of brewing. These folks already know how to fix brewing equipment. We wanted to help them go beyond that to understand how to make coffee that tastes great. That’s the most important thing.”

The Coffee Technicians Guild (CTG) is an official trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) dedicated to supporting the coffee industry through the development of professional technicians. The CTG was created to build a community of technicians who can provide mutual support and knowledge, as well as provide opportunities to develop skills and learn best practices. In order to bring together the coffee industry’s most knowledgeable and inspiring professional technicians, the Guild strives to offer events year-round. For more information, please visit: https://coffeetechniciansguild.org/.

For more information about coffee or how to brew it properly, please call 800 835 5943 or email customerservice@stocktongraham.com