Apple “Chai-der”

So it’s inevitable… summer will soon be long gone. While this may bring the end of some traditional summertime drinks, it opens a door for new recipes, and it’s also an excuse to just be creative! Earlier this week, I got ahold of some fresh apple cider, and I was eager to hit the demo room so see what I could come up with! While some concoctions turned out better than others, there were a few that I was very impressed with. Apple cider naturally has a zesty taste to it that can be used to your advantage while creating a new drink for you menu.

One of my favorite drinks is what we here at Stockton Graham & Co. like to call “chai-der”. The name says it all… just combine chai and some apple cider, and you have a surprisingly tasty beverage. The spices between the two mix well and really hit the spot on a cold fall morning. Chai-der can also be made with apple and caramel syrup instead of apple cider if cider is not one of your in-stock ingredients.

– Liquid or Powdered Chai
– Apple Cider

Stir equal parts chai and cider together, place whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon on top and serve.

Dear Joe,

I know there is going to be a high demand for Apple Cider very soon, but I don’t know exactly what to get or how to prepare it. It seems like I could miss out on some potential sales but I’m just not sure how to go about it. Is there an easy way to make cider, does Stockton Graham & Co. sell it?

– Paul


Cider is certainly a beverage that will sell if you offer it and market accordingly; however it is a seasonal drink. You are not going to be able to get rid of any “leftovers” as the holidays come to a close. Stockton Graham & Co. does not choose to sell cider mainly because you can get cider at great prices locally. Farmers markets and roadside stands will have plenty of cider to sustain the brief spike in demand however; I recommend that a large demand for cider be replaced by chai-der. Chai-der is simply chai with a touch of caramel and apple syrup. Chai-der was developed here at Stockton Graham & Co. to overcome the limits as well as the demands of apple cider. When the holidays (particularly Thanksgiving) end, chai is still marketable and apple syrup can be incorporated in to other beverages without waste. This of course saves money for you and your customers. Both cider from your local market and chai-der should do fine on your menu, you should simply look at quantity and decide if your local market will be able to sustain your needs.

Yours in coffee,

Josephius A. Graham
Stockton Graham & Co.

Our bestselling holiday coffee favorites (with a NEW edition)

At Stockton Graham, we have always had a wide variety of seasonal flavored coffees designed to appeal to even the most discriminating of guests. Over our 15 years in the business, we’ve seen flavor trends evolve, change, shift and move.  Our 2009 Holiday Flavored Coffee list is back and better than ever, refined and polished over the course of previous seasons.

We’re excited to introduce a new selection this year: Colonial Christmas!

Far from the frost-covered windows and settled ‘round a roaring fire, is where you might find a simmering pot of fresh mulled cider. In early American history during the colonial period, cider was often the main beverage of choice, consumed in lieu of water and for the warmth its spirits provided. Colonial Christmas coffee succeeds in accomplishing both of those reasons for drinking, while peppering the palate with a unique flavor combination of harvest ripe apples, sprinkled in a mélange of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Our holiday themed blends are always popular, too. If you haven’t tried our Winter’s Comfort, you are in for a treat! It continues to be my personal favorite SGC blend year after year. In fact, it was previously only offered seasonally until, after numerous customer requests, we made it a permanent offering.

All our holiday flavored coffees are available in 5 lb bulk, or 12 oz retail bags. Give us a call at 800.835.5943 and add five pounds to your order today! We can assist you with tips on how to ramp up your retail coffee sales.

Mike Adams
Stockton Graham & Co.