New Single Origin Espresso – Papua New Guinea Baroida Espresso

We are excited to now offer a single origin, single roast level espresso from Papua New Guinea!
Click here to download a .pdf about Papua New Guinea Baroida Espresso.

This espresso was born from a wish to offer a single origin espresso that we could pull from a single roast level and have the best espresso shot. We’ve been pulling shots of Papua New Guinea Baroida for a long time, and it works so nicely as a single roast level espresso. It is a naturally sweet, bright and complex espresso yielding rich, syrupy notes of dried cherry, apricot and spice.

Single origin espresso is a wonderful way to experience every flavor and nuance that a varietal has to offer. The smooth, tangy and fruity qualities of this single-origin coffee are magnified in this simple, single roast level espresso shot. The unique acidity produced by wet processing in combination with the natural body of a hand-cultivated South Pacific coffee, renders this easily approachable espresso irresistible. Because the beans are fully washed, this varietal also tends to yield a very clean, consistent cup quality.

The distinctive qualities of this espresso shine through as a straight shot. It’s acidity and aftertaste practically disappear in milk based drinks, which reflect the same soft, creamy, delicate body of the non-espresso version of the varietal. The unique flavor of Papua New Guinea is a wonderful addition to any cafe menu. Wet processing and Indonesian varietals rarely mix, and the flavors that are produced by the combination are equally as rare. If your customers demand a specialized experience, Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate will deliver.

Brandon Riggs, Roastmaster

Plant Ambiance with a Coffee Tree from Stockton Graham & Co.

Years ago, our roastmaster Brandon Riggs visited El Salvador on a routine trip to locate quality coffee. In addition to coffee, Brandon returned with some coffee beans that he planted soon after. Today, those coffee beans can be found in the front lobby of Stockton Graham & Co. in the form of an eight foot tree! Each year the company tree produces cherries which can be planted and cultivated very easily.

This year, our tree has produced so many cherries that we want to give our customers the opportunity to grow their own coffee tree. With the purchase of any of our Stockton’s Reserve coffees you will receive a free bag of coffee beans ready for planting (until we run out). Don’t worry if you aren’t the best gardener in the world, because coffee trees grow relatively easily indoors near a window. Simply water your seeds 1-2 times per week and watch your tree grow.

Having your own coffee tree in your café can also build customer understanding, and it adds a nice touch of ambiance that you don’t find in the big chains. As your tree grows it will eventually produce coffee cherries as well. Customers will love the hands-on learning opportunity, and having a tree inside is a great way to engage kids who travel with their parents.

We look forward to seeing full-grown coffee trees in your café!

Our current Stockton’s Reserve: Limited Edition Specialty Coffees include: Kenya AA Plus Iyego & El Salvador Co-op La Majada

ENERGIZE Your Sales with Torani Infused Red Bull

Your customers are looking beyond coffee to meet their energy needs.

-Energy drink sales are up 9% and are projected to almost double in size over the next 5 years
-Adults 18-34 are the biggest consumers of energy drinks and they are looking for a refreshing, non-coffee energy pick-me-up change of pace
-These young adults most often visit convenience stores to get energy drinks

Offer the infused Torani and Red Bull Energy Drink program to drive increased visits and profits.

-It’s an innovative drink option that commands a premium menu price
-Offers something truly different to the consumer that they can’t get anywhere else
-Appeals to non-coffee drinkers and younger consumers

Torani and Red Bull Energy Drink Infusions are easy to make and profitable to serve.

-Two innovative ways to serve, over ice or frozen.

-Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon
-Get creative with: Green Apple, Cherry Lime and Pomegranate
-For consumers looking for a lighter option, use Torani Sugar Free syrup and Red Bull Sugarfree

-Something new and delicious they can’t find anywhere else
-Lets them customize their Red Bull Energy Drink a new way every day
-Gives non-coffee drinkers a reason to come back later in the day

-Highly profitable
-Easy to execute
-Builds your afternoon business

-Order the Torani flavors you need from Stockton Graham & Co.
-Contact your customer care associate at (800) 835-5943 to find out how you can receive your FREE merchandising kit from Red Bull

We’ll be posting recipes next week!