Specialty Beverage Price Change

Stockton Graham & Co. is committed to providing our customers a wide selection of the industry’s top specialty beverage products. We work with our suppliers, vendors and transportation companies to ensure pricing of these products is competitive and stable for long periods of time while ensuring you a great selection and variety of products ready to ship.

Unfortunately there are factors, beyond the manufacturers’ and our control, that impact the pricing of these quality products. These factors include increase commodity pricing of products, transportation, packaging, and vendor increases. During April, three of our larger vendors have announced price changes to many of their products which will be reflected in our pricing. Changes in climate and growing conditions for many food stable crops, fruits, vegetables and cocoa have led to price increases and changes in the underlying food costs of many products. Increasing demand for cocoa and tropical oils in the developing world is causing the costs of these items to escalate.

For items where our purchase costs from the manufacturer have increased, we will have to increase our wholesale prices as well. Typically, the increases on the items with manufacturer increases range from 3 to 5 percent with some, notably chocolate items increasing more. The good news is the price changes do not apply to all product lines and items, with many remaining at the same price.

To help our customers save money and time, we offer a variety of Everyday Savings Programs, from Free Freight to Volume Order Discounts. Call your sales or customer care associate at 800.835.5943 or visit https://www.stocktongraham.com/everyday-savings for more details and examples of how these programs have saved our customers thousands of dollars per year. Our customer care and sales associates can also provide updated Product Listings and Pricing Sheets.