NEW! Stockton Graham & Co. Now Offering Paisley Brand Tea

PaisleyCatalog_headerTwo leaves tea company™ recently announced its new brand, Paisley Brand Tea — traditional paper tea bags packaged in vibrant colors that are “hotter than the average tea bag.” We love the concept and decided to offer our customers these beautifully packaged and great-tasting organic teas.

Case of 6 retail boxes – $21.99
Regularly $24.60/case
(Expires 11/30/2013)

Paisley-Org-ChaiThe Certified Organic and Fair Trade tea is positioned to be an attractive, high-quality tea at an accessible price point. Paisley Brand Tea is a more accessible entry for two leaves tea company ™ which is known for its whole leaf, organic tea sachets. The company calls Paisley “two leaves’™ slightly hipper, younger sister” that will appeal to a broad swath of tea drinkers.

The new line has tea lovers’ wallets at heart: Paisley proves that great-tasting tea can be an indulgence without being expensive. Tea drinkers will enjoy being able to affordably sample these new varieties before finding favorites.

Paisley Brand Tea comes in eight varieties that are most in-demand in foodservice and cafes, including its flagship Organic English Breakfast, that brews up dark and strong, standing up to milk and sweeteners. Other varieties currently available are Decaf English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, Ginger Green, Sencha Green, Peppermint and Chamomile. Each box of Paisley comprises 20 individually wrapped traditional paper teabags, and is certified Organic, Non-GMO and Fair Trade. More flavors are planned for the line to debut in 2014.

Paisley brews up fast and strong, particularly in a smaller cup (8 to 12 oz.) with a lower water temperature than full leaf infusions.

Call 800.835.5943 to learn more about this great new product line and place your order today!

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Some Tea With Your Cuisine?

If you’re anywhere close to as fanatical about tea as two leaves and a bud, you’ll want to be drinking tea at all times of day. That, of course, includes mealtime.

Pairing tea with food is like pairing food with wine — you’ll want to search for the perfect complement and balance to what’s on your plate. However, if you’re afraid your tea-tasting palate might not yet be up to the task, have no fear! Here’s our beginner’s guide to pairing tea with salty, fried, sweet or rich and creamy foods:

Salty, Fried Foods:

We’ve all had that experience where we walk into a Chinese food restaurant and are offered tea with our meal. Not only is tea the traditional beverage of choice to be sipped with Chinese food, it also happens to be the perfect complement to salty, friend dishes seen in Dim Sum and other Chinese staples.

But what type of tea should you choose? The answer here is as simple as it gets: just sip on Jasmine Petal green tea. The light, smooth, vegetal aspects of green tea layered with the sweetness and aroma from the jasmine is the perfect balance to salty, fried flavors.

Rich and Creamy:

Rich and creamy foods deserve a tea that’s a bit milder and won’t overwhelm the palate. Look to simple green or white teas like our Organic Tamayokucha or Organic White Peony to add an extra layer of flavor that goes well with simple, straightforward cheeses and other creamy foods.

Organic Tamayokucha will complement the mild base laid out by your food with hints of vegetal tones and some light sweetness, while Organic White Peony adds layers of subtle savory and sweet notes to your palate.

Dessert Time:

Ah, dessert — the meal period when tea most often makes an appearance. Since you’ll be offered tea more often than not with dessert, you better have the perfect pairing ready!

The perfect tea pairing here is actually again quite simple: The bright astringency of two leaves and a bud’s Organic Darjeeling plays the perfect balancing role for sweet, rich desserts. You’ll find Darjeeling to be a perfect palate cleanser, while also mellowing out the sweetness of dessert.

We’ll end our beginner’s guide to pairing tea with food with a couple of questions: Do you enjoy tea with food? Or do you prefer tea on its own? Also, have you discovered any interesting pairings of two leaves and a bud teas with your meals?

To order two leaves and a bud retail and foodservice cases, please contact us at (800) 835-5943!

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